WolfX10 (EUNE)
: So why Dunkmaster Ivern?
Because of his long arms and legs, he was the perfect champion to make a tribute skin to Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. They even made the hair, beard and glasses resemblance: [https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/d/de/Kareem_Abdul-Jabbar_1974.jpeg/1200px-Kareem_Abdul-Jabbar_1974.jpeg ] Why now? I don't know, but since you asked why Ivern Dunkmaster, well, this is the reason.
Kalvix (EUW)
: So about Hecarim.... again (I wont stop...)
Well, not a huge thing, but he has buffs on the pbe right now.
: Leona's E should be blockable by minions
The difference is her E does not drag you to her like the hooks do, she just moves to you. If you let it be blocked by minions, the only times it could be used would be too dangerous for her. And yes, her all ins are powerful because its the ONLY thing Leona can do to try to win the lane. The moment she and her adc are behind, the only use she has is to try to stop the enemy laners and jungler from reaching the adc.
: Same error for me... And I´m ranked (solo)
Do you have at least Honor lvl 2? You can't play clash if you don't meet that requirement either.
Bluezreal (EUW)
: Summoner is ineligible to participate in Clash
It is probably not and error. A player cannot play clash tournaments if he is unranked, i guess that's what's happening to you or your friend.
Atillaoi (EUW)
: Single hand champion
I remember when i started playing lol i almost didn't use my left hand to the point of being able to hold the phone and talk while playing. I played master Yi back then btw….
TTekkers (EUW)
: If you make the time too short, it's useless. If you make the time too long, it's abusable. And how is it abusable? Lvl 1 invade, Elise takes E, team finds nothing worth shooting, changes to W and is actually able to clear her jungle.
Make it so that you can't change it if you have already used it. And for the timer, i think 10 seconds would be more than enough.
: am i the only one who has not seen this champion in ranked or normals in like ages?
He was hurt by the nerfs after his rework, but he sees play in competitive, so I don't think he will get any buffs soon unless the new jungle has affected him the negative way. He is my second most played champ after my pseudo-OTP Rammus and I have been playing him lately to train for clash :) If there is a champ I have not seen in a very very long time is Rek'sai, I'm talking of months here, I don't know what is riot waiting for to buff or rework her.
Blactorn (EUNE)
: Honor levels
I don't think the exact rules of how honor progresses have been released, but for what i have seen and experienced so far, playing regularly and not being warned or banned is the fastest way to improve your honor lvl. The game modes you play may influence too, i don't know. I just reached 3rd check point in honor 3 btw.
: Turret missile perishes
Its is fair because it is the same to everyone. It is rational and logic because a tower shot is not a knife, its a magic projectile, so when the non-living source of that magic (the tower) gets destroyed, the projectile loses all its strength.


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