: Wishing Cancer or some other Deadly plagues should get INSTANTLY permabaned
I agree people should instantly get a 7/14/21/31/61/92/... ban for such statement. They are still human with VERY MUCH HUMAN behaviour since there's not even one person that didn't sin except Jesus. It's awful to curse other people. Words may bring life or death. People that curse usually are already dead-inside because of their own problems. Your hatred is also moved by the same death. Someone died for You and all other so that not only You can be called human but also a Son. Evil can be easily defeated by showing Love and mercy - nobody said it's going to be easy though..
: Riots opinion on the current meta?
They play Rock Paper Hammer Bow Dagger (Same principles but more varibles). Assassin kill squishy targets (ADC / Mages) | ADC **should** kill tanks | Mages should kill sth.. idk in current meta mages seem so avarage.. There was a time once when if you failed to dodge/counter a mage you would die - NERF There was a time when ADCs could kill Tanks - NERF (by buffing tank META) and so on..
: Who's gonna give me some luck too? Still 3 chests and 0 key frags
3 chests.. my chances should be around 11% but I didnt receive a key since around 14 wins or so.. the luck aspect is a bit too high imho... Please increase the chance with each subsequent win without a key..
Tenchev (EUW)
Please Riot... avarage of 85 wins to get all 12 keys in a month is A LOT. (That's like 40 hours of playing non-stop) Avarage meaning you can get all 12 keys in 12 won games and in 150 won games.. What do we do with the leftover chests then? I got it fair and square ;d but since I won't get keys to them I'd like to get any kind of advantage for actually earning them.
: Club for Hextech crafting
IGN: KuroiArt (add me) {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
: I'm confused, what is this?
Public Chatrooms | To join a chat room you have to type in the name of the chatroom. Type in "sr 1" to join chatroom with people willing to play normal SR with new ppl. Type in "aram 1" to join chatroom with people willing to play ARAM together and so on.. All chatroom codes are here so that people can actually find new players to play with when all your friends are offline or busy in-game.
Chay Kun (EUW)
: Better Mindset - The Secret to Gaining Elo and Enjoying League more.
More players like that please! :D {{summoner:31}}
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XaNí (EUW)
: I did open all 4 crates last month,now i have 2 crates. Its easy to get 12 key fragments if you have consistently a 5man premade group and you actualy win. Also a little known fact is that you can drop a maximum 12 key fragments each month,so you can open those 4 crates. Key fragment drop rates reset every month,for EUW it is the 20th or smthing like that
You have no life that's all I'm about to say. How many games did You play last month? Premade 10~12 hours a day? {{summoner:3}} Even if a key frag. dropped every 5 wins (with current MM and you're pro ofc you had to play 7-8 games to get 5 wins) 12 key frags *8 (ratio is not real ofc cause you would be LCS champ) = 96 games (av 30 min each.) - 48 hours in a week? 48 hours / 7 days = almost 7 hours of playing lol with this **high ratio of Drops that do NOT happen**. So you had to play whole days of 12 hours daily to actually get 4 keys in a week or week and half. If that's the case you'd better go find a job and earn 5$ to buy yourself keys. {{summoner:3}} {{summoner:13}}
: The key fragments have a lower drop rate the more you get during that month until the chances are it will be almost impossible to get one. Currently I got 2 Hextech Chests but no key fragments so I am sitting there still waiting for to get the fragments -_-
I got 4 chests leftover - got 2 keys overall (6 fragments) over a lot of games. _(and that's 1 key per monthly reset)_ 14 won games in a row with no key - playing premade 2-3 {{summoner:14}} Why the heck give me chests if I can't use them and if I don't get enough keys in month I won't even be able to open them later. It's freakin annoying stupid shyt buRito is trying to sell. You can buy packs of chests/keys so buy it if you want, but make this freakin feature a free one not no-life farm like. Curve my ass :D - i got 1 key this month - now I need what 40-60 wins to get another? (that's freakin 60-100 games to be played with current MM) **They should have made it so that the longer you don't get a key then higher is the chance to get one so that: win 10 games without a key? np! Next game has 80~100% chance to get it. You got 3 keys already? won 10 games? np! Next game has 25% to get it or sth.** If you need 20-40-70-100 games for 1-2-3-4 keys (total of 230 games in a month = each games 20~45 minutes av.35 but for ease let's say 30 min) It's 115 hours of playing in a month non-stop. That's over 2 weeks of no-life playing 8 hours each day. {{summoner:6}} {{summoner:6}} {{summoner:31}} If I am not to get keys for the "free" chests don't give me that shyt or let me do something with them. I just hate when they promiss something without execution. just f..{{summoner:11}}
: No key fragments
key drops are sooooo freakin low you have to win 10~20~30 games to get a fragment! (so around 30~90 wins to get a key depending on how much you already have found). {{summoner:14}} 4 chests a month? chest a week? - forget it - if you open 2 chests a month you should be happy. Opening 3 means you have no life - 4 get a life. System was crafted so that people will waste money on buying keys/chests and get champions/skins they don't need or even want. Would have been awesome system with the right ratio.. {{champion:74}} Oh yeah we get it free! {{summoner:31}} yay.. I'd rather have skins exlusive then trying to cheat me I can get sth i want free. {{summoner:11}} (without the system I just had fun - this is not fun when you could but are not rewarded.) {{champion:77}}
Altiverse (EUNE)
: Lookin' for people to play normals with :D
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Eveninn (EUW)
: dat^ If you think it is because you see no prgress, it often happens that Events like this need some time to update their progress. ;)
Yeah thanks - it actually updated the 2nd objective while 1st wasn't done and it updated to the ammount of assists i had from highest assist number game only - Thank You for kind anwsers. C u in Bilge
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: Todays my 18th birthday... (not a thread to ask for gifts but a question)
Most of extremally casual users are actually using date of birth as their password! Beware it's a trick to hack your account! ^.^ {{champion:245}}


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