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: Please enlighten me about the build you get an 800-hp shield every 3 seconds with. I want to try it out.
> [{quoted}](name=C 0 o k 1 3,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=A008Tkos,comment-id=0008,timestamp=2015-08-29T22:12:20.916+0000) > > Please enlighten me about the build you get an 800-hp shield every 3 seconds with. > > I want to try it out. Sword of the Occult (20 stacks) [110AD] + 2 BT [160AD] + Hydra [75AD] + IE [80AD] + Mercurial Scimeter [80AD] + Elixir of Wrath [25AD] + Baron Buff [40AD] + Runes & Masteries [~20AD] = ~590AD + 210 Base Shield = 800 HP shield every 5 sec Unfortunately, I could not find way to get both 3 sec CD and 800 HP shield :( @Skyturk Wolf "3 jumps, perma dash, a knock up a stun, The best melee ulti in the game ? that pasive is a total joke free 30 ad at level 1.." This shows how ignorant you are about Riven's skill sets (no wonder you get crushed by her) She has 1 jumps, 3 "mini" dashes, 2 "mini" stun, and aa enhancing passive, not free AD. Don't forget that she has one of lowest overall stats for a melee champs. Also, her skill CD at early level is far from spammable (11s/10s for w and e, respectively, and most Riven players master Q first). All her dashes and cc's are very short, which is ideal for hit and run and skirmishing, but not for gap closing or extended fight. Riot already nerfed Riven enough to provide a lane counter play. They gutted health regen, forced q masters, reduced shield duration from 2.5s to 1.5s, and raised ult CD - all about giving more rooms for opponent to punish Riven's mistake Learn to keep some distance away from her, so she has to use at least two of her skills to engage. When her ability is on cooldown, be aggressive, she has 0 innate sustain. Pick up few armor items early, and play champs who can sustain or tank like shen or renek. If she loses the lane and decides to roam, either counter-roam(?) or hard push the lane. You will have far higher chance to win skirmishes if you decide to follow Riven. If you decided to push, you will attract jungler or mid to come top, which will ease the burdens on other lanes and jungler (if not, that will be free 2 towers = ~2k global gold). If you can't exploit her weaknesses, than it's probably your fault for not winning against her (or opponent Riven is simply better than you).


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