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: AMA, more pictures of my Xayah cosplay !
Well done! I love them. I'm a graphic designer and marketing oriented kind of guy, and if my humble critique is welcome here, all I'd have to say to make it better is to league-ify it more. Be next to an old tree trunk, dim the lighting, play with the perspective of the camera more to show a bit of your costume and not the rest. That adds mystery and lets the viewers' minds fill in the rest. By league-ify it I meant, you would see Xayah in a forest or wherever her lore is, and not so much next to houses or buildings. So that would just complete the image. Great cosplay! Sorry for voicing a slight opinion, I really love it, keep up the good work :3
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iiSey (EUW)
: What serie is that? It looks fun to watch. So you' re saying that i make mine shorter? If so, i'll do :)
I don't remember the series, I saw it through facebook But yeah, since usually the attention span is small and people avoid long texts I'd suggest to tone it down a little. And stereotypes such as Yasuo not being desired as a teammate, using bug spray on Elise, Trynd raging, and Sona saying "..." cause she cant speak, get it? Then it's also more relatable that way when you mix those personalities with your own jokes. :)
iiSey (EUW)
: I have nothing to do so i do this.
This reminds me of a really nice little youtube series that got a lot of demand where the guy basically created conversations between characters. But what made his so successful was he utilized character stereotypes and he kept it relatively short compared to yours. I enjoyed your story :) But I guess that would be some advice for the next part. Looking forward to it!
qWraith (EUNE)
Suterinko (EUNE)
: Make muting people easier :(
I'd say make unmute a thing as well.
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: I give up
My advice would be, sneak in as much farm as you can. Most Jannas will have very little of that. So instead of competing with assists and lack of deaths, farm is something you could look at for sure.
: Need a Nickname // Maining Zed & Akali, shall combine both .-.
Twin Disciples Lethal Shadows Assassinmates AkaliZed ZedAkali AtoZed Green Zed DeadliestChampions TheTwoMasters KamaShuriken ShurikenKama Poopsicles TheTwoWorthy ZedxAkali akaliLOLzed ParadoxOfShadows ILoveAkaliZed IPlayAkaliZed Master of Shadows + The Fist of Shadow = ??? And last but not least... ZedGivesAkaliGravesCigarAndNowTheySmokin *Flies Away*
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LaserVI (EUW)
: Riot support replies
Once I left a message and they were like "Your case is being reviewed, please do not message more or it'll put you at the bottom of the queue" Then a day passes Another message "Its still being reviewed, please dont write any more messages" Im thinking to myself "Okay okay, im not" And on the third day an actual human replied.
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: [Patch 7.18] Katarina Q dagger disapearing BUG
Video unavailable :( Could be cause im in Russia.
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: rito pls
Well that escalated quickly
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Congratulations :)
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: Hello.
: My Story the reason why i'm doing YouTube channel please be my audience
Yo bro! Thanks for sharing. :D I just have a small tip regarding the post itself, not everyone would have as much patience as me to read it so include a TL;DR at the end! Best of luck!
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ˆKishiˆ (EUNE)
: Anyone else thinking of giving up being the nice guy in games?
Man's worth is measured by what makes him angry. If you feel the need to supress anything eventually it will come out anyways. I'm a chill player. I've accepted other people's rage as part of the game after 4 years of playing and never got infuriated once. As Hirai said, mute helps if you really need it, but otherwise just ignore the silly people :) You're a cool guy, you don't need to pay attention to them. So I choose the third option. Be yourself and have fun!
ˆKishiˆ (EUNE)
: Just a suggestion about honor system
I agree with the progression bar for sure. It would give people a sense of something to strive for rather than blindly waiting for it. They wouldn't make it so we can see other people's honors though cause then there would be too many judgemental behaviours towards people with low honor.
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: something seems familiar about Kayn's death pose...
: Score doesn't matter XD (Honor system)
Score doesn't directly matter no, it's about the impression you leave on your teammates. From your post I can see that you're a fun kind of guy, and after the game people remember that more than the 13/2 caitlyn so they'll honor you and not her. :D
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: Your silliest out of META pick which actually worked?
Depending on the matchup, most ADCs top. I've seen Vayne, Ashe and Quinn top loads of times.
: this feels extremely bad...
I wonder why blind pick is still a thing
Etherim (EUW)
: When you just look closely you'll realize that the only thing Riot asks us to do is to play the f**king game properly. Is It That hard ?
> [{quoted}](name=Etherim,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=3lEGsP0F,comment-id=0006,timestamp=2017-07-06T11:53:18.496+0000) > > When you just look closely you'll realize that the only thing Riot asks us to do is to play the f**king game properly. > Is It That hard ? Give this man 1LP !
: What is the best way to carry a game as adc?
As an ADC you're laning with another player. That's why if botlane wins or loses lane, its very detrimental to the entire game, because they're responsible for 40% of the players instead of 20% like mid or top. So unless you're exceptionally good you rely on your support a lot. After you've won lane and have 200 cs by 20 minutes (that's challenger I think?) then you should have the damage to group and roam and keep taking kills and pushing towers. Until your shotcaller engages I would suggest standing back most of the time, cause one Ahri E or Malz R and you're dead.
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: idea of a new spell.
I love the idea. It should stay at 2 seconds at all ranks though. Gives you enough time to escape. (You dont see the range of flash increasing with levels)
: I am one of the small amount of Support Mains?
Is your goal here to inspire more people to become supports by belittling AD carries? I've seen just as many toxic supports as ADCs. (P.S I'm a secondary support so I'd be all for you, just feeling a little conceit and hostility in your post)
qaaaf (EUW)
: Help me find my main..
I'd say you should follow a simple formula. Take 10 points. You can tweek it however you want. Comfort: 3 points Enjoyability: 3 points Fitting into meta: 1 point Personal Taste: 2 points Availability: 1 point So take Ahri for example. If she scores a total of 8 points and Leblanc scores 7 points, maybe Ahri is your go-to. Again, tweek whichever category gets more points and tweek the categories themselves to suit you best.
: "Wow you picked that champ i dont like? Gg lost ff20"
Holaka (EUW)
: Tilting In League of Legends
Well... Your tips are definitely valid and useful, but in my opinion if you rage, you rage, if you don't, you don't. You can't rely on using them every single game. Rather than focusing on short term solutions people should focus on changing themselves internally. That's a long term solution.
HateStorm88 (EUNE)
: permanently banned account
When league of legends gets political
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