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: I play better with certain skins
You having more fun = you playing better, naturally. Not necessarily that your mechanics improve per se, and maybe you even play exactly the same to a third party person, but you just 'feel' better and that's always good.
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jacktjong (EUW)
: Morgana Icon still old one
Kept telling them >:( I hope your post breaks through
Patchys (EUW)
: rework bring back old katarina
They reworked her for 2 reasons. 1. She was incredibly weak in lane, since 3 of her abilities were AoE. Which means 2. She was incredibly strong in team fights, cleaning up everything with random button mashing and no skill or planning So now her laning phase is strong, with ignite and a proper combo you can roughly 80-0 someone at level 3. And her team fighting isn't weaker, but it's not as mindless as it was before. .. .. .... ~~Please rework her, I want the old Kat back~~ So that's why they'll not rework her.
Pοro Ward (EUNE)
: About that "Meow, meow" all chat thing you did
But in all honesty, what do you say to the enemy team if not random banter? (Not talking about you specifically of course) Most all chat conversations are as useful as going meow meow and bark bark xd
: Need 40RP! Can someone help?
I've seen League art being done in Paint in like 20 seconds worth of drawing and they still got free RP, so just make absolutely anything!
: Is this really worth a 10-game-chat-restriction ?
No way! The great Linda de Mol got restricted :O
brutąl (EUNE)
: i miss the old rank embles
Emblems and ranked borders as well. I made a post suggesting improvements to the loading screen cards a few days ago, there's a lot of adjustments that can be done
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: Wards are WAY overpriced.
Yeah, it should at least be 639 >:(
Rei1 (EUW)
: LF ppl to lose vs AI ( EUW )
Gotta get that 2BE right
: Im unhappy with the new missions. (RANT)
I absolutely love the new missions and love the light-hearted joking attitude. It fits the April Fools theme and just makes me want to laugh along with them The only thing I miss is the Nexus Blitz mode. Would have loved to have done 1000 ms Nunu in Nexus Blitz as opposed to SR
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: Am I the only one who's scared to write anything in the chat?
Any complaints about being banned with their chat logs posted were never mild to me. I've been on the boards for 3-4 years now I may have seen a few unjustified bans cause of 'intentional feeding' where the guy just had a bad game But all the bans for toxicity were always justified
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Lari (EUNE)
: Give us 1 free dodge in promo games
That's why you play 3 games and win 2 out of them. And if you lose you get a free win. The system still lets you go through with a bit of effort in case of any more Lethal Tempo Nautiluses.
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: Riot should add a feature where you can only play x number of games per day then account locks
Aargus (EUNE)
: why people cant learn how to spell? its honor not honour
_Lean_ to spell yourself Also correction: **it's** not its
: did this also happen when you had an afk midlane and trolling jungler?
Doesn't matter, as a matter of principle you should never surrender. The amount of LP I saved because of this definitely helped me climb
Murdarici (EUNE)
: Honors
Yes please
Murdarici (EUNE)
: You are right - honor use to always catch my eyes, was nice to see 3-4 or 5 players having honors, now seems like a small bug in there, is very tiny barely catch someone eyes on the back of the card and so small dimension. - also mastery level was nice in old loading screen and when you ahd 3-4 all 5 mastery level 7 seems nice, sure mastery level have nothing to do with skills on champion but was a nice thing, now its place on back of card in middle of it it seem like just slap her with no design in mind. - borders use to be also impactful now are so thin that the brain just ignore them don't catch your eyes give no feelings, also I don't get why if i chose to show my level instead of armour the border also disappear, make no sense that I can't show both - the thing you need to click on every card is also time consuming instead of just having a flip all button, lucky some players take so long to load the game and its time, but if game wont load fast as it should be it's no time to click all then click back, and when chat will also be added it will be even less time to chat + flip 10 cards - when chat will be added all cards will be even smallest so honors, borders they will be even more tiny Overwall it's weird how now you have 2 sides instead of one and things look more crowded and just slapped together with no design in mind then before and nothing catch our eyes when in past where so nice placed that look to fit together and catch our eyes better, honor, borders, mastery level, summoner icon, all on one side and still feel less crowded then now.
Yes! I forgot to mention the Champion Mastery being at the back as well. It should definitely be together with the champion, not with the summoner icon.
: Perhaps buying a pink ward at least once every 100 games, might prevent losing to early game kayle with flash ghost Darius. Big LOL. No but legit, you're probably the first plat player who never even bothers to buy a pink / match. Quite fascinating. It's surely the season's / game's fault that you fail at laning and probably die to ganks every 3 minutes or less.
That's the most aggressive post I've ever seen you make xd it's like you're nice to lower elos (the children) and then punch the adults in the face
: I love these Ranked games!!
The amount of times we won with our Nexus being open from 20 minutes can't be counted on my fingers. Season 9 is the season for comebacks because of the gold bounty changes.
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: RE:ZERO season 2 HYPE!!!!
No freaking way!!!!!!1 And awesome that I found out through League boards Thank you :DD
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Voldymort (EUNE)
: except you can also prepick something else and then ban him your prepick doesn't get locked in as soon as you select **1** champion
You can't. Think about it. You get 15 seconds to pre-pick a champ. All the champs you see in front of you are for pre-picking. Then you get 30 seconds to ban. All the champs you see in front of you are for banning. You can't go back to pre-picking until AFTER you set your ban in.
: April Fools Skins
There will be no April Fool's skins, April Fools! We were kidding, of course there's April Fool skins, it's Golden Superhero Teemo Prestige Edition for 100 points! April Foooooools
: Ranked Queues Ban System
While I agree and want it to happen, I think the problem is, if I accidently pre-pick Jax and want to ban him, I can't do it anymore. Because he's pre-picked.
: I think as a person I'm more susceptible to want to prove that I am not at fault for a situation. Especially in a competitive environment like league, where this type of conflict will almost certainly happen
Why? In like 20-30 minutes you'll never see nor remember them ever again.
Nycklex (EUW)
: K/DA Akali Prestige Edition Feedback/Request
I sort of agree. I have the skin already but it feels a bit odd that a Prestige skin isn't in the Prestige shop.
: Why ban your teammate's champion in ranked?
I hovered Ahri mid once, and some guy banned it. I just politely asked "Was that on purpose or accident?" He replied "just testing to see your reaction" In another game, our support banned "xxDravenMainxx" whatever his name was, she banned Draven. Oooooo boy that Draven flipped out so hard. He picked Nunu adc and just stacked doran rings all game and inted into tower and stuff. Needless to say I got a quick notification that he was banned. So don't go bananas either if someone bans your pick, it can backfire on you.
: Permanently Banned - A story of the 0.006%
I tend to notice a pattern of really long arguing texts resulting in some sort of ban. My own texts are usually never more than a few messages a game, and never anything counter-productive Also I like what a Rioter once said. He said something like "Yes, I get angry and I feel enraged at the game quite often. But I never type it out. I can even say it out loud, but never type it."
ItsNarsty (EUW)
: Im banned. What happens now?
What happens now? Look outside the window. See the sunshine? Step out, listen to the birds sing and enjoy yourself. I'm kidding. No one does that anymore! Sorry for your loss
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: Are there some people who just can't get better at this game?
Old habits die hard. Depending on how long you were stuck you might need to re-evaluate everything you know and start as if you're a new player. I did that, and instantly climbed a division higher. Also I say this from experience, tutorials mean nothing unless you do what they tell you to. It might 'feel' like you're following them, but at least in my case I ended up breaking a lot of my own rules and paying for it. Have to cement yourself.
Galvaman (EUW)
: Pls let people buy more than 1 tear again
My friend did that yesterday. Did they remove 6 tears in 9.6?
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AllBear (EUW)
: I don't know what to do
I mean, there's a 1-trick Sona in NA challenger. It doesn't have to be just those 3. Play what's fun, and you'll have a much better overall experience. Don't overthink it, focus on personal growth.
Takumaron (EUNE)
: The problem of unequal skill
What you're complaining about is simply game-knowledge. Super high elo people are more aware of every role even if they dont play it. Whereas lower elo people are not aware of certain things in the game and thus stay in their true rank whatever that may be. But some people's mechanics are better than game-knowledge, whereas other people's mechanics are worse but they have amazing game knowledge. So the two 'different skill' people end up in the same elo. They're not that different, they're just strong in their own ways. Making ranked all random would break the game, and we would be complaining way more than we did about Grave's cigar.
Qenk (EUW)
: share your opinion
He looks like Will from fosters home for imaginary friends
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Dispret (EUNE)
: Review this.
You started off great :( just keep being motivational and cool about everything. Yea it's a little justified, the ban, cause you lost your cool and decided to type it out. (Note, even a Rioter said that he loses his cool in the game but he just doesn't type it) But you seem super cool so stick with that!
: Can i run LoL with decent fps on this PC?
I ran League on a worse computer than that. My biggest problem was the client lagging, not the game. Though that was 2 years ago, but still, you should be good to go!
: How do I discourage my jungler from ganking at a bad time?
Well, the game's factors aren't under your control. Only what you do is under your control and you can influence that. It can be as futile as telling your bot "dont feed" for example. So just keep playing your best and if your back pings dont work and he goes in anyways it's his fault. If he says something, mute him and keep doing your best. Just never tilt and work with the circumstances that unveil.
: Sexism in Video Games are still real
: Just got chat restricted :)
Hope you feel better after venting, now after your restriction go back into the game, do your best and don't talk to anyone Goooood luck
: How is this possible? is she cheating?
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