: I agree but I feel they could have put more effort into finding a better mix between the old and new
I must have designed around... 20-30 logos in my life, and watch logo creation videos all the time, and gotta agree that the balance of the new logo is off. :( There was a funny reddit post earlier that said the "G" in the new logo looks like Google's G xd
Zee Zone (EUW)
: I've had a few vent posts in the past but one foresees the outcome of postst of that nature and not getting a legit discussion is expected so i'm not talking about those. However i'm legit curious on your approach to titles on the boards. Do you go for slightly clickbaity titles in nature, completely vague, or full out opinion from the getgo? Unless i'm the 1st to post about a topic, i don't usually get any attention on posts with vague titles no matter the subject. Slightly clickbaity doesn't do it either, i get many visits but not much of a conversation. And straight up opinion is only met with negativity or not caring visits since anyone who agrees rarely go through to post on sth. that they already agree on. They know my opinion, know that they agree and move on.
Well, as far as titles go they just have to be very clear. As you said, everyone clicks on it, but the amount of engagement depends upon what you actually write. I have dozens of posts in which my tone is very non-aggressive and very welcoming for people to reply to. If your posts gets around 5 upvotes, it goes to the Hot Page for about a day and that gets even more engagement. I haven't stalked your profile at all but, what was it that you actually wanted to discuss?
: New Logo : Slightly disappointing.
This is the trend with all the companies. They start off with a funky logo like Google, WWE or Nickelodeon, and then turn it more clean and corporate like later.
Zee Zone (EUW)
: Where can one have a legit discussion/ argument about sth. league related?
Depending on the tone and argument of your discussion, this is a fine place to post as well. Me and Shamose here sometimes post thoughtful discussions and we get constructive replies back. If your post is "why isn't Riot doing its job?" then that's not a discussion, that's a vent.
scuupz (EUW)
: How do you play ahri against akali
Stop spamming E-Q at her. Hold your E and almost never use it. Akali will always be conscious of not getting charmed and keep running left and right to avoid you. When her shroud is down, when she's cc'd by your jungler, or when she engages on you, then use your E Q W for a full combo. If she engages on you with her shuriken, ult back towards your tower and you'll bait her into your tower.
: Uhhh....help
You got low priority queue from 1 afk game? I must have disconnected from at least 15-20 games in my life and never had low prio Your crashes happen often?
: I got permanantly banned and i don't think i should have
The Worst Pläyer: report me idc wont get banned pam, pam, pam, parararam, pararararam, param, param
: Done. I quit.
Play FFXIV o/
asom121 (EUW)
: The truth
You. Cant. Handle the truth!
ExoFiddle (EUNE)
: I created a random skin selector
: Discussion Thread About Riot's Envisioned Future (Please Join To Give Your Opinion)
May this post get 100k upvotes It was also so cleanly written it was a pleasure to read it
Masla (EUW)
: I hope there will be more usefull things like chromas atleast :D Prestige points are hard to get and if it will have that price for icon or ward that sounds not fun :D Also would be cool to get "exlusive " prestige skins that were just for event time (caitlyn, lux, irelia)
(Prestige skins ARE Chromas xd)
Masla (EUW)
: Prestige point tokens
yeah, it was leaked somewhere that there will be Prestige Wards and I think icons for 10-30 points, not sure when that will be though Edit: and anyways, you're gonna get more tokens through random quests throughout the year so you'll get another 100 soon :3
: But if one is pew pew pew and the other is whoosh, doesn't that make their combination a whoosh whoosh whoosh?
Yeeees :D and whoosh whoosh whoosh is Yuumi ult
Kurotsu (EUW)
: I googled it, google gave me this: Join us on Saturday, March 30, 2019 at 12 p.m. (doors open: 11 a.m.) at the Enmax Centre.
Okay, I rearranged the phrase a little, now they gave this The Worlds Draw Show held in September 23, 2019 - 22:00 CST
FlameClub (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Shamose,realm=EUW,application-id=N9uP9Byj,discussion-id=Exx2vYmt,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-09-15T19:56:11.309+0000) > > If you google that phrase you'll get the answer. i didnt get actually!
I googled it, google gave me this: Join us on Saturday, March 30, 2019 at 12 p.m. (doors open: 11 a.m.) at the Enmax Centre.
DrPacheco (EUW)
: accepting rp for anything xd
Maybe some people need their homework done here
: i main sona
: I might be dumb (which is probably the case anyway) but I don't get it
Sona ult is a glowing yellow whoosh! Lucian ult goes pew pew pew Combine them together and Sona Ult goes pew pew pew
Rioter Comments
Silent Note (EUNE)
: I don't think I have that ward unfortunately. Also, how do I check the poll results? When I select one of the options and click on "Vote", it doesn't do anything, and I can't find a thing that says "Show poll results".
You have to put a vote yourself and the results will appear Currently its SG - 8, PJ - 1
Zounatic (EUW)
: You know I'm also a dude right? :D
I saw in one of his posts earlier he was looking for a girlfriend ;)
Zounatic (EUW)
: I suck at Ranked.
Stop thinking about ranked as ranked. It's League of Legends, that's all Your rank reflects your current skill level, so if you're getting stomped, that's great! Let it keep happening. You learn less from wins anyways. Karma is ridiculously strong in the right hands, so keep going!
Silent Note (EUNE)
: SG or PJG Soraka?
I have both, and ever since getting pajama guardian I never played the normal star guardian again Especially with the SG Pillow Ward is just so cozy
DrPacheco (EUW)
: i need friends
Was about to recommend MySpace but that was 15 years ago
: think of nerfs as trains
/r ShowerThoughts
iaapvper (EUW)
: i love the fact 80% of my posts are removed LOL
I've seen a lot of comments of yours, and each time its covered in downvotes and is something unnecessarily a-hole-ish
Silent Note (EUNE)
: So in group stage there are 4 groups, and teams are put into there based on the place they got in their regional. (So for example the 1st European team can be but in the same group as 2nd and 3rd place from other regions, but they can't be put against another 1st seed.) Then they play a bunch of games, all of them being 1 match games, and the top 2 in each group advances to Play In Stage. That means there'll be 8 teams remaining. The 1st place of each group will be first matched against randomly a 2nd place from any group. Then they play a best of 5, the loser team gets eliminated, leaving 4 teams. Then they also best of 5, you got 2 teams remaining, and that's the finals. It's also a best of 5. (At least that's how I saw it from last year's Worlds.)
Wannes (EUW)
: Just got my honor LVL5 rewards!
All the downvoters probably wont be reaching level 5 anytime soon
Rioter Comments
: https://i.imgflip.com/3aju7f.jpg
Literally that
DeejayF (EUW)
: Hello?
Tips for not losing your cool? Here is a big one, but it only works if you actually do it. /mute all The second one I already mentioned, do lose your cool, just dont type it There's no way I can diagnose your temper or give you any sort of advice like that, I personally drink a lot of green tea and am just a chill guy, not a single report notification in my life For you things will work differently and only you can figure that out. But I'm not kidding, just for 3 games, do /mute all at the beginning and leave it like that. Then dont mute for the 3 games after that and see which one is better.
ShacoOrTaco (EUNE)
: Why zoe has?
Zoe Prestige will have Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan Zoe Prestige Hextech will have a rinnegan on her forehead
DeejayF (EUW)
: Really? I never looked at it that way. It's just kinda tough to do to bite the bullet when you LP is on the line :/
Yeah but come on! You're winning and losing 50/50 **no matter what**. LP comes and goes all the time. **You** just need to be good to push your winrate to 51%+ and you're on a highway to high elo If you're losing your temper often, that's fine! Lose it as much as you need to, just dont type it I get the whole point of your discussion here, but you'll find a lot of hostility against your questions (as you may have already noticed) I usually never reply seriously to toxic posts but you seem kind of cool so I don't know
Rioter Comments
DeejayF (EUW)
: yet being humiliated by these trolls feels just as bad when you have to swallow it all instead of saying anything at all. It's true though it's not making them play better
Disagree, if you flame them then you're being humiliated. If you stay calm, then you're showing humility, which is an adult thing to do. All the flamers and trollers embarrass themselves because they cant control their emotions, but all the relaxed people who stay true to trying to win are the ones to look up to
DeejayF (EUW)
: Why is being toxic so bad?
Well, because if I gank you and die to your enemy, I feel horrible! I just made my fellow laner's lane harder by giving his enemy a kill. So I feel bad, and then on top of that you flame me and tell people to report me for inting whereas it was just a mistake that had good intentions. So now I feel bad 2x harder. And sure I can mute you, but from that point on the damage has already been done. Inting is just as reportable as flaming, its just that their system probably doesn't track it so well. These aren't Riot's rules per se, these are our rules. The Universal morality rule can be summarized as: dont be an a-hole. We, the majority (you included) want to not be flamed. Riot, as the platform of our co-existence, wants to make sure we get what we want.
: > [{quoted}](name=Ebonmaw,realm=EUNE,application-id=yTagKVTg,discussion-id=slJUNBAx,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-09-11T20:57:45.361+0000) > > Twich > gunslinger/wild. > > Ult that stacks poison *-* If I get burned for calling Lux an imperial, then why is Twitch a gunslinger and not a ranger?
You weren't burned for it! It's just that Nobles and Imperials are direct opposites so it was a bit funny. Twitch uses a Tommy Gun so gunslinger is appropriate too
Rioter Comments
Rioter Comments
ryandub (EUW)
: ha ha ha. Did you end up letting him mid or did he play top/bot with a troll pick? ha ha. I hope that was not ranked!
It was in ranked, and I wasnt part of that conversation
Rioter Comments
Jesi Oni (EUNE)
: Ask on your real account mr health potion!
He replied on one of my earlier posts and inspired me to write this xd
: Just lost 16 in a row. It doesnt matter what you do you will loose anyways.
The amount of times I've proven people wrong when they say "ff at 15 its lost"
Rioter Comments
ShacoOrTaco (EUNE)
: Good or not so much?
Any thouts? Yeah, lots will come running after you with this skin
Rioter Comments
: hey its not a refill potion look closely true its not a health pot either bu its the best i found.
What the heck! You're right, there's no proper red potion icon
Rioter Comments
: Is it a good idea to flash for kills?
Its worth early cause you snowball from your kills, late its usually not good not because a flash isnt worth a kill, but because a flash often means you're chasing/overextending and might die for it, at which point its not worth
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