: No LP for game !
Same here! Not acceptable, how do I know when my next game like that will be? And starting your league on 0LP that win is needed to hang on into the tier division you're in.
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: You seem to be at a MMR with a high salt content, i can only recommend trying to swim higher because the heaviest blocks of salt will usually be closer to the bottom of the sea. And they do not dissolve because the sea that is the league community is already saturated with salt.
That is a beautiful and so real personification
: Dude, im sorry 'bout what happened to your sister but Riot only wants to make $$$ and not to make a great game, i got flammed, trolled, wished to get c*ncer 20 milions of times, and know what? All of them were reported and 0 got banned, thats the fair sistem of riot $$$>Good Game
I can't agree with this enough, such a low morality company
Jaboo (EUW)
: Easy/Ez/Izi
If you've been trash talking the enemy in all chat throughout the game and then you lose and the player you trashed talk said "ez" and then you follow with a report, you're pathetic. This player literally wished cancer on my family cause I aced+quadra with Yi, I just try harded the nexus and whilst hammering away at it I typed "Ez ;)" That player then said in post game lobby "HA Yi, you're reportable now for saying ez" What a flippin' kid. Just overcome it, it is the pettiest flame there can be when hitting a nexus. I can't believe some people have actually annoyed Riot enough to make it an offense. And it isn't the root of all toxicity, it's so petty. If it makes you feel better, why don't you just openly out loud in your bedroom say "Easy" after you win each game? It'll make you feel accomplished, and you're not flaming. Win-Win situation
: instant feedback report 5 times in 2 days! happy or sad?
Yes, season 7 is by far the worst for player behavior. And there generally will be one person to report per game. It's actually getting ridiculous, I have to adapt such a stable and non-tiltable mindset to play ranked games now
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: Just don't talk to them and act selfishly... Look I was midlane : got first blood even , Seen top lane struggle so I went top to help because he was feeding. Turns out the guy who was playing {{champion:23}} vs {{champion:67}} was just huddled by the turret scared, he had ulti but for some reason he used to it to escape rather than engage... you can't help people like that, no matter how hard you would try because the moment you leave lane they would feed and feed all meanwhile your neglected lane regains power. Or another example {{champion:39}} vs a {{champion:86}} ... anyone knows that {{champion:39}} is weak early and there is no way she can kill a tank like that but that guy kept pushing and getting ganked no matter how much I came to help... Same goes for bottom lane that I successfully ganked at level 2, they just kept feeding after I left , And alongside with that we had a midlaner who did not build penetration and just kept whining about how I did not babysit the lane that he kept recklessly pushing. Just accept that some games you would lose no matter what and these people that you won't see again are not worth your anger.
Hey man thanks for replying! even though it was 3 weeks ago ahha! I'm glad to see I'm not the only one, and I've adapted the mindset that sometimes there is nothing you can do.
: Mute everyone since start and do your thing. If u are a jungler can be a problem, otherwise go for it without thinking about it a sec.
Sadly I do Jungle, and that's why flame can get to me, since you know, blame the jungler and all of that -.-
: How do you overcome immature trolls/flamers?
PS. For now I'm just going /muteall I hate that, I feel like I could miss so much vital information of the current state of the game. But witnessing petty-extreme flame is something I can no longer bare
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