Exëcutor (EUW)
: Searching for Duo
Solex (EUNE)
: Tried adding you,theres no player name Selfish Support
: [EUW] Plat III Draven Looking For A Support Main Of Any Rank!
Hi ^^ Still looking for someone else to duo with? I'm a gold 2 support main. Playing alot of ardent supports aswell and active daily. Greets, Kushimoto.
: Main adc (can Jungle very good) LF DOu.
Hi ^^ I'm a main support. You can add me if you want to play. I'm playing alot today. Greets, Kushimoto.
Brathmans (EUW)
: Support Main LF Duo
I'm playing all day. Add me :)
VitavNjO (EUW)
: [Euw] [S6 plat] ADC looking for supp (please read)
I'm a platinum support. I play alot of supports, like morgana braum blitz soraka janna etc. If you're interested send me a friendrequest :) i'll be online this afternoon Greetz Kushimoto
Kushimoto (EUW)
: LF Midlaner for 5v5 Teamranked (Plat +) / Team rewards
We're good, thanks for the responses!
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SoG Kimba (EUW)
: Premade botlane [Plat] LFT teammates for Teamranked season reward
: Plat Team looking for Dedicated Gold I+ Supp READ CAREFULLY :)
Name: Kushimoto Role: Support Rank: Gold 1 I sent out a friendrequest to you guys
MrSnaiden (EUW)
: LF chill good players to play with
Leąf (EUW)
: Looking to play ranked5's asap
Hey, premade botlane here, still need players?
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