: Where is gutted Irelia?
well, Irelia's main problem was being able to comeback in games. 0/5 Irelia could easily comeback with one kill. But now her this power has taken away from her. Yes, she is still strong on 1v1, but with proper gameplay and pressure you can make her fall from the game.
shadowaw7 (EUW)
: fix the %%%%in rank system
Do you really think level show everything? :I if they are 160 lvl and in the same division with you, it shows you have similar skill levels. Unless you are boosted or too lucky you get to higher ranks in placements
: Was not given my gold boarder?
Because now borders only show rank of 9th season. Not prevoius
: Get a Pennalty for being AFK
Sadly, reasons can't acquit this. I mean, yes, you have a real reason for it. But it causes your team to lose or having hard time.
: Honors to me not appearing in post-game.
[Clikc here to submit a ticket.](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/requests/new) They might help you to solve the bug.
Rioter Comments
: I need a second main
Why not both? Leblanc is awesone for early game pressure. Cassio is one of the best options for late game carry
KhaIid (EUW)
: Permanent Banned For Negative Attitude
[Click here to send a sticket](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/requests/new) Good luck with it.
Mártir (EUW)
: It is truly impossible, to climb in Honor
Remember that you must also honor others, not only receive honor. In the other hand, getting to checkpoints is really hard in general. So keep working I would say.
Pixelbits (EUW)
: Are you kidding me? Sure I complain about supports, but "Support must shield us, not ward the map". Amumu would ask himself afterwards: "Hmmm.... I wonder how we've lost..." :-/
And he Q-died many times entire game. Btw, about the topic, you mustn't complain about blind pick. In that gamemode you pkay support if you are not enough fast ro type role :P even me, a support main played Zoe support there. And once we were arguing over support role and everyone was shocked :D Anyways, good luck in your games! {{sticker:galio-happy}}
Pixelbits (EUW)
: Can it please stop?
Oh God, poeple always have a reason to complain about support. This reminds me an Amumu who was complaining about me getting vision in enemy jungle when we were not fighting. And at the end of the match, that guy just said me "Support must shield us, not ward the map". I couldn't really say a word.
Shamose (EUW)
: The two teams that played the Russian Female team got punished.
: What does LoL mean for your life?
It is a world where I can enjoy many things. I mean, I don't only count game itself. All this universe - characters, events, wars and etc. Whenever I want to escape from reality, this world gives me a lot possibilty for it and makes my life better.
TorgenPl (EUNE)
: I'll disagree. It's very normal to express emotions (or it should be. even tho i'd say its more of a philosophical question) and it's very easy to mute those expressions in League of Legends by a "mute" button. It's as if this button is made purely for no reason. And I agree that its very honorable to be able to chill your self. I wish I could do that every time and I honestly do that in around 75% of games (approx). But if we talk about something that cannot be acquitted with any reason, I'd say that "trolling"/"inting" should be number one in this topic. It's a ranked game. It's meant to make people give their best. It's not about having fun, not about feeling comfortable. It's about being in a battle of emotions, other competent players who want to win by doing their best. I'm sure this Nasus didn't get punished. It's unfair that he will run away without a punishment. It's a very common problem in this game recently - inters/afk's don't get punished the way they should be while "evil chatters" get perma banned / 2 week banned and so on. Wouldn't it make more sense to ban those who tend to give up or make games unwinnable and restrict chat for those who are not able to control their selves in chat thus are way more sportsmanlike than the first ones?
You are right about trolling and inting. I am not against it. What I say is you must express your emotions with right way. Not by flaming and etc. I also get tired of it sometimes but all I do is typing "sigh" in the chat or something like this.
TorgenPl (EUNE)
: Unsportsmanlike conduct
You are right that you may become emotional. It is a human thing. But losing your self control can't be acquitted with any reason. There are too many people who gets angry but still chill himself/herself. Tilting... Well, it another thing and very different from being toxic.
Pega (EUW)
: I don't get the joke.
try to play support on rankeds
Sonnjk95 (EUW)
: Looking for a Support Main to play alot with :) Currently B2 :(
If you play lane bullies, then supports like Karma, Zyra or even Brand would be more proper to you. Because how hard you push and damage output you are able to make in low elos, that much you get advantage. P.S: b3 support main but lack of voice chat. (and deserver diamond at least :P)
: Never One Contest Entry: The hunt ends...?
Let me guess... Zoe has one shot you many times and a least you hate her.
: Zyra's plants should stack Conqueror
If it stacks Darius passive (idk if tho, haven't tried yet), then definitely must stack Zyra plants too
Klyinnix (EUW)
: This guy kind of sums up silver for you. I'm Silver 1 currently, was Gold 3 at the end of last season. It's honestly impressive how good some Silver players can be and I'm not talking about smurfs in the elo. You'll be able to tell if they're silver because sometimes they're mechanically gifted but lack proper map awareness or have no real knowledge of wave manipulation, jungle pathing and jungle tracking, objective times, etc. They're just really good at fighting. Things like that are dead giveaways of Silver/Gold players who are good at one thing but lack the necessary requirements of the other things to progress further onto the next elo. And on the flip side you do tend to get people in Silver who are just not that good. That make you question how they got this far and why you're in the match with them. Do not fall into this trap. Everybody has bad games, sometimes you go 13/2 and other times you got 2/13, it happens. Do not judge another by one single performance. Instead, focus on yourself. If you lose a game, try to figure out why, and find a new approach. Something akin to a remedy, before you enter the next match. As a support main myself my biggest weakness that kept me trapped in Silver for so long was my inability to play aggressive properly. I was always a passive support because I was afraid of taking risks and trying to get the upperhand when the situation clearly screamed that it was my time to make a play. You have to find a balance. The only reason I reached Gold 3 last season was because I started playing forward, and not back. I took time to develop my playstyle and adapt to each matchup I came across. It's a long, lengthy road, and there are too many things to learn that will set you aside from other people in the game. But one step at a time, slowly you'll grow, and you'll come to see that when you look back at how far you've come, you won't even recognize the player you were before. Keep grinding, @Linda de Mol.
Exactly. I started to play enough agressive and here we go - I can win matches much more easily.
: Scorch should be given stacks
I think scorch meant for early game. Like you give up from Upcoming Storm (if I am not mistaken the name) for it. Otheriwse you take Storm for late game. It is pretty legit I guess.
: Are there big differences between Silver & Bronze/Iron Elo?
Let me answer your question as a support main. For the first, support role is always hard, no matter your division. You will need to play protective support in the future. About divisions. Iron and Bronze are very similar, but Iron is really another level of fiesta. Silver... Well, it is a place where you can see all kind of skills: good combinations, good cs, good map control, fail flashes, missing nearly all skillshots, cancelling auto attacks about 7 times in a row, flash-heal towards enemy... P.S: I added you in game. We can play together time to time
: I am so close to unsinstalling this game
[Click here to send a ticket.](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/requests/new) They will surely help you. Send them what they will want and let them check the problems.
Hajrulla (EUW)
: What about totally carrying them and Ezreal trolling? Calling me a feeder and flaming me and Talon for trying to get first blood, he also flamed Zilean the whole game for the reason he picked Zilean as a support. Mocking me the whole game calling me is Zilean your girlfriend, are you guys gay or what? Doesn't he deserve a ban? Impressive.
This is not we discussing here. And we are gay or not, it is not the topic either and not your business. We discuss here if you deserve ban or not. About Ezreal, yes, he deserves ban too.
Scarpino (EUW)
: The way i can tell that people are inting is that even after they have died against their enemy laners and they have 0/3-0/5 in stats they still dont play safe and they still think they can win fights and just keep on fighting untill they are 0/12 and have lost their lanes completly... nobody tries to play it safe and wait for a possible gank or anything like that. Im not throwing shade on anyone that has a bad game, that happens to the best, but if u think u have a chance to fight a guy u just died from 5 Times and he is obv much stronger than you by now and you are obv much weaker. Then why in the world would you continue with it instead of playing it safer?? But thats Just my thoughts on it...
Remember, there is no safe playing for lower elos. They don't know what it is. They see in streams that Yasuo ults (for example) and towerdives and wins it, then flashes out. And they think they also can do it. You can't help with it. And for some this game is just fighting game.
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: It doesn't match you with bad players after a win streak. Why is it so hard to accept the fact that your luck simply ran out. Why do people expect to go on infinite win-streaks?
I accept tho. Even a few moments ago I wrote someone that not all games are winnable.
: Hextech sucks!
> [{quoted}](name=StevieWØnder,realm=EUNE,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=4f1i88PN,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-02-22T07:05:27.837+0000) > > now how troll is that? Exactly! How troll is that? There are possibilities for each loot. You accept this when you open boxes. There is nothing to do about it. You are not guaranteed get a skin unless you open event boxes.
Svinjex (EUW)
: after 11 win streak
It is normal, I mean Riot tries to balance players' win rates. They want us to have 50% winrate or close to it. Probably because after each season we get MMR drops and it affects too less who has much more winrate than 50%. Well, is it good? I can't answer this. But this is the reason why you get matched with bad players after a huge win streak imo. Good luck.
: You don't have to answer to any of these because they all have the same answer and it is: ---> not possible Trust me you can't communicate with your teammates anymore in this game, if you try they will consider that you are telling them that they are bad or something, you should try to play a game or 2, I see you don't play too often so you probably have no clue what's really happening to this community :D Oh, I thought that there will be 2 times rank reset this season, guess I misunderstood those 2 guys that were putting out the video about ranks this season, my bad :D Anyways tnx for coming to my ted talk, at least you heard the struggle if you don't see it {{champion:32}}
Well, let me help you a bit while Declined is sleeping. It is my 3rd ranked season on this game. I did a huge mistake that I played just placements and 10-15 ranked games for 2 seasons and normally, I got placed to low silver in the first and high bronze in the second. I was thinking exactly same as you: it is unwinnable, everyone is toxic, I am helpless and etc etc. But this season I decided to climb up. Now I am on B3, which is low enough. I have played a few ranked games this season too and noticed that not all games are unwinnable. You just must now your winning conditions and act proper to it. Even if I am a support main and play support as well, I shotcall my teammates times with proper language and we win most of them. For example, in the last game, enemy team was behind us but they had mid game composition with MF, Pantheon and etc. I noticed that we are starting to lose and asked my teammates just be patient for a bit as our powerspikes were kicking in. They did what I said and we won the game. So if you are a support main, find one carry duo for you and climb up together. Like me. Even I have one plat in my friend list and we have played decent games together, he said that I am good enough to climb up. But I can't, because I can't carry because of my protective support role. So I need to carry one carry plsyer and he will carry me. But if you are not a support, play mid I would say. There are heroes who are strong in all phases like Syndra, Fizz and etc. Try to win the lane and help other lanes. And here are some tips: - If you get a little advantage on the lane, make it bigger. Control your lane. Low elo players get tilted easily in this case and there is a low level sinergy among jungler and lanes in lower elos; - Stay chill whatever happens, you will be rewarded for it. You might not to win, but you will have fun at least; - Have a vision. 8 of 10 players don't use minimap in lower elos despite they ward the map. You will be ahead of them; - Shotcall with proper language. Not like commanding, kinda asking. Like "please guys get a tower on the bot while I am splitting on the top."; - Analyze yourself always. You lost or win. Try to find out why did you die in last game and what was your mistake. Correct them. In lower elos, players barely can get advantage if enemy doesn't do any mistakes; - And know that you can't win all the games, even if you are far far better than them. Maybe one of you teammates will get tilted, or he is toxic and it affects you, or picks are in favor of opponent and etc;
: Well, technically, you did threaten or maybe actually troll (i didnt review the replay) > Hajrulla: I'm not carrying this Ezreal, from minute 1 toxic. > Hajrulla: ezreal say sorry or I afk > Hajrulla: if Ezreal doesn't say sorry you guys can win > Hajrulla: Ggwp guys, u can win So, yeah... i think thats definetly finger-pointing, being negative and possible griefing. It's not that severe, but i guess your title means, you did get a "warning shot" before with a chat restriction, so yeah, now theyre unforgiving.
Exatcly. Here I see only negative attitude and if this guys has been warned about it on previous games, then this mute is legit. Otherwise no
: I can't understand that o_O , even google didn't
There are some mysteries are beyond the capability of our brains. And this is one of them
Lamb Sauce (EUNE)
: Losing LP because my premade can't connect to the loading screen
There are some connection issues after the last patch. I would recommend no to play ranked games until they are totally fixed. Like that exclamation sign will be removed.
: ***
And so? I am bronze because I just don't care about rankeds. Played placements and let it go for 2 seasons. But still I have fun even in bronze. If you can't, it is your problem. And welp, if it affects you that bad, feel free to quit the league. Anybody will never ever care.
: League is the worst game EVER MADE
plot twist: Doesn't know how to have fun Doesn't know how to chill Doesn't know that games didn't mean to give real life rewards. (actually, you can get various rewards if you are good enough to get to challenger, but you are not) Doesn't know that if people okay with buying skins, it is not his/her business.
: Help me!!!
[Click here to send a ticket.](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/requests/new) Surely they can help you. Good luck
: Why demacia and Garen are against magic, but garen aparently uses spells? i dont get it.
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: Why are items getting overloaded with stats?
Because if everything is broken, can we tell something is broken?
: Main support playing Yasuo
Still better love story than Twiligjt
7733377 (EUNE)
> [{quoted}](name=7733377,realm=EUNE,application-id=ETj6EdvQ,discussion-id=32JKmdPA,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2019-02-21T14:07:32.386+0000) > > oh wow - thank you for your remedy thoughts > > RIOT FIX YOUR CLIENT - THE GAME IS ALSO UNPLAYABLE BECAUSE OF CONNECTION ISSUES - NO - MY NETWORK AND PC ARE NOOOT THE PROBLEM > have a good day > we wont I am sure you flame your support or jungle in game tho
: well your comment is a fail, thats what the swap system is for.... you can pick him and trade
> [{quoted}](name=o MokinBird o,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=VYvcJNmm,comment-id=00000001,timestamp=2019-02-21T16:30:07.586+0000) > > well your comment is a fail, thats what the swap system is for.... you can pick him and trade I was first pick yesterday. I was gping to ban Yi but my teammate declared Yi who is op in low elo. I wanted to pick it and trade. But I didn't have Yi. Thanks God, he got Yi. Played awkward, but this is not the topic. There was a chance enemy team would get him and played much more better. That's why people ban the champion sometimes.
: How long until I'm honor level 2 again?
I think you must also honor others too. And when new season began, all the honor levels resetted to 2. (except who is under 2) Probably something similar has been apllied to below 2. Just keep honoring others too and know that it also affects your honor level.
Silent Note (EUNE)
: "Prestige" skins
Dude, it is called marketing strategy, which allows companies to sell their products. There is nothing wrong or weird. This makes consumers feel themselves special, because they got Prestigous skins. You must either be humble enough to not to give attention to this, or be pretention enthusiast to spend your money on this. Let Riot earn money from second type players. You just play your game and have fun.
: cheap skin for Sylas
Idea is good, but they will add a few things to skin, a new recall animation and here we go - another 1350 rp skin. I highly doubt there will be another 975 or less costed skin anymore
VıoIet (EUW)
: Chat is completly bugged, FIX YOUR CLIENT !
They are working in it, just be patient please.
: People shouldnt be allowed to initiate back-to-back surrender votes
A longer cooldown for each player might be better I guess. Like 10-15 mins. Because there have been many times that I started a surrender vote, but it failed. After a while I started again and everyone voted Yes as one. Indeed, there are too many players in lower elo who becomes 0/8 in 10th min and blame jungle, then start spamming surrender vote. But longer cooldowns mat deal with them indeed.
Wtfsame (EUW)
: Администратор
Try to send a ocket and explain everything as much as you can. VERRRRY little chance tho, but still. [Click here to send a ticket](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/requests/new)
: removed no ban option
Ban system is not only about having toxic champion or something like this. It gives you an opportunity to crrate your own strategy, like banning Thresh for picking Sona/Lux. Because who in the world would want (and why) to play against his/her counter?
: Suggestion: Price adjustments or reworking old "legendary and ultimate" skins
Masantha (EUW)
: [Fan Fiction Contest] Never One, Without the Other…
> Submissions must be age appropriate – remember that League is a game for teens and above, so no gratuitous sex or violence please (we’re British after all) Well, Teemo is a pure devil, so it seems it is not appropriate {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}}
: nerf
Only thing might be problematic with Yi is his Q. He dodges more than needed. Otherwise he is okay. Just make pressure in early game on him, then everything will be okay.
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