: When does honor 0 go away?
Yep, same here. Got chat restricted 3 months ago. Have played 150+ games since then. Not a single bad word, not a single flame. Only positive chat from me. Also honored someone at the end of EVERY game and got honors many times. I am still stuck at Honor Level 0 Checkpoint 1. Its just not progressing. I'm starting to feel like its bugged, when I read other people go from Honor 0-3 in 3 months. I am actually starting a new account now because I'm tired of having Honor 0 with no progress.
: Nope, this is normal. You're still being punished for what you've done. Be nice, don't flame, and you'll go up with time, but don't forget, it takes a while.
How long?! I've been nice and haven't flamed ONCE in months now. What is this ridiculously slow rate.
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: Yeah, you're just being neutral then. That's enough to level up your honour, but not enough to do it fast. To level back up fast you'll have to actually be positive and reformed in chat.
Hey, your comment is 4 days old now. I wanted to let you know that I've been doing what you said. I played 5 games a day for the last 4 days. I was being extremely positive in chat constantly. Calming down my team, wishing people a nice day, saying good job and joking around with my team. I honored every time and got honored on at least 10 of those 20 games. Didn't get a single checkpoint.
Antenora (EUW)
: When I got chat restricted I literally unlocked my honor and rewards in less than 15 games.
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: There's not a specific timeframe when it comes to climbing your honour ladder. You just have to keep playing and showing positive behavioural patterns, all whilst avoiding getting in trouble. Eventually, you'll start climbing back up. In the end, it all depends on your behaviour.
> it all depends on your behaviour. I've been either silent or positive since months now. This system seems flawed to me, another guy further down in the comments said he got back to Honor 2 within 2 weeks.
Cakeski (EUW)
: I was chat restricted for the first tier punishment and made dishonourable at the beginning of this year. During my restriction, I was always attempting to morally support my team by cheering them in and getting them to chill out. I played ranked and a little bit of aram, but I'm a very frequent ranked player. After 2 weeks of continuous positive reinforcement and feedback to my team mates and gaining two honours in most games, I got to honor 2 again and have been trying to keep and prevent negativity from affecting games. It just depends on how well you can lead a good example to others through positivity, leadership and being able to make an innovative play that can win a fight.
> After 2 weeks of continuous positive reinforcement and feedback to my team mates and gaining two honours in most games, I got to honor 2 again Seriously? Then I don't understand this. I dropped to Honor 0 in January or so. Since then I've been nothing but positive. And I'm not even close to Honor 1 again. Could something be wrong? I don't get this.
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