: i got the same problem myself on euw. Perfect internet connection but the game keeps on giving me a sign saying "Unable to connect to the server. Please check your network connection and attempt to reconnect to your game." but like i said perfect connection so that's not the issue.
Yeah, my connection is perfectly fine too. Riot, step up your game. Please.
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: Yea I had this problem ,but I restarted my PC and cleaned my disk it didn't appear again. I don't know if I will find it tomorrow!
I always fully turn off my laptop, though, when I'm done for the day. And it's been happening every day. I don't think it's about cleaning the laptop (or PC) either.
: Why only 2 tries on Odyssey?
Yeah, I don't have friends either. So no free Ziggs skin for me, lmao.
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: Make every new champ unavailable in ranked till the next patch
There's this thing called PBE where most people get to play the new champions in advance and learn them if they so wish. c^: I agree 90% of the people who pick her are first timers, but I know some friends who were actually mad dedicated to learning her as soon as she hit the PBE. Don't judge, look the person up. And if the enemy picks her you have a higher chance of winning, right, since they can be first timers just as well?
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: OK, why is it unplayable? Is it the lack of mana regen on kills?
Broken. I just played Xerath to prove a point (I suck at him) and I did better than before this update. Way better. It's ridiculous how you can have 800 AP with 3 items + Deathcap.
: Assassins main detected.
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: Do you like Supports?
I love it, my main role. Hard to climb, though.
: No Aurelion Sol skin yet?
Dark Star J4, but no Dark Star Aurelion Sol. I was pretty damn upset to say the least. J4 makes no sense.
: who got the lowest winrate-competition
I had a solid 30% winrate after placements. That's about it. :D
: > [{quoted}](name=Kyrose,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=W8YAHu8k,comment-id=000c0002000000000000000000000000,timestamp=2018-02-06T13:17:58.416+0000) > > Answer my question. Say "please", LOL.
: ***
Getting upset now when you're realizing you're not right?
: then why are you in gold.
Because I got promoted from Silver.
: > [{quoted}](name=Kyrose,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=W8YAHu8k,comment-id=000c0000,timestamp=2018-02-05T16:07:07.910+0000) > > I am good enough. Keep denying reality and blaming "elo hell", lol.
Will do, because it exists.
: You are just not good enough to climb, thus making petty excuses. You ARE where you belong, live with that.
: No one cares and none of us will ever start caring for some kid crying because he cant climb. UR JUST BAD. Accept it, most league players are bad apart from high elo and no gold isnt high elo.
Arzzo (EUW)
: You're making up excused, you're trying to justify why you can't climb, why you don't win so many games. Everyone who does that is either ranked to high or exactly where he belongs, so that's it
I know exactly why I can't climb and that's the only truth to me.
Arzzo (EUW)
: Jungle player with 55% winrate and 71% winrate on his main spots a crying delusional ranked player who can't accept his bad *flies away*
: "This game makes me mad and sometimes I wish I could beat the shit out of these kids that I get in my teams. That's how bad they are." - No. This is how bad you are as a person
True. I don't even feel sorry for saying that. I hate people.
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: Getting discriminated and treated differently because I'm a girl?
No, no one's gonna get you RP to change your name.
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The fact that we get yelled at when the ADC is in base and we last hit UNDER TURRET. Minions that they would lose anyways.
Findagon (EUNE)
: Currently 16W - 9L (64% wr) Gold III 0 LP. Just finished promos. Got placed in Gold 4 which is kind of interesting considering I finished in Gold 5 last season. Overall, a very good start, but I'm sad about the fact that I have a 37,5% wr on my main champ. I've been forced to play different champions and they're not as fun as my boy Thresh.
I remember having a similar winrate with an old main (Ahri I think, but this was back when she wasn't very good) and it really ruined my mood... D:
HSBunny (EUW)
: So.. how are your Ranked stats? Good or Bad start?
My placements were horrible (2/8 W/L), but now I've managed to get my overall winrate back up, sitting at 53% winrate~ Ignore the ASol; I'm a support main, mid secondary. https://gyazo.com/555cd6d119728eb63ba3ad3e9e4a7ce7
ade7c (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Kyrose,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=6BH7YAaT,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2017-11-28T21:57:01.452+0000) > > And then a bunch of Diamond players with bigger ego than their shrimp sized %%%%s come in and tell you to git gud when you can't climb. I wonder why that is. I gave up on ranked because it's impossible to get anywhere and individual skill isn't rewarded like it should be. If it was impossible to get anywhere you wouldnt be gold V, you simply have reached your rank where you belong and need to get better at the game to start climbing again, judging by the amount of your ranked games, you most likely didnt reach your actual rank.
True, I didn't reach my actual rank which is somewhere between Gold 3 and Gold 1. I keep my goals realistic. I've been trying new champions / roles and my skill with those champions isn't Gold level. Low Silver at most. Also note I'm a solo player, even in Flex, so it's really hard to climb because of the reasons I gave (should add that I mostly also get inting teammates who definitely don't belong in their elo).
: You are making the game unplayable for other people.
And then a bunch of Diamond players with bigger ego than their shrimp sized %%%%s come in and tell you to git gud when you can't climb. I wonder why that is. I gave up on ranked because it's impossible to get anywhere and individual skill isn't rewarded like it should be.
Arrived (EUNE)
: In the same way as LoLking profile? http://www.lolking.net/summoner/eune/21841264/Arrived#/profile {{sticker:sg-janna}}
Mmm, I guess yeah. I just hate having random champions on my background that I don't actually even play and just wanted to try out. And I feel like this would be something that could be added really easily and would make the profile feel more like your own.
: Champion Icons as Profile Icons!
I still want to have the option to be able to select your highest mastery champions as your profile backgrounds (you could put any skin splash art as a background as long as you own the skin etc).
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Rismosch (EUW)
: lol The old system was way more worse than this. First off they weren't really impactful, and secondly YOUR RUNES WERE LOCKED AND YOU UNLOCKED ONE SLOT AFTER THE OTHER. You had to be level 30 to fully use your Runes and Masteries. If you were below level 18 you couldn't even select a Keystone Mastery. In conlusion, you wrote a bunch of bullshit in this post.
Not even what I'm complaining about. I think the system is great, but not for fresh accounts. Read what I said above.
Hansiman (EUNE)
: The idea is to make it easier for new players to learn. I don't think Riot really cares how you feel when playing on a smurf account in these cases.
It's literally telling me that it unlocks the runes and shit for me on those levels and it really doesn't, because I'm STILL stuck with the presets. I can't make my own even though I just unlocked the option to do that. Do you understand where I'm coming from? It's misleading. The earliest level I can actually start making my own pages is at level 15 by the looks of it and even then I don't have all the paths available (Inspiration unlocks at level 17 which makes no sense whatsoever.) Why not just unlock the whole bunch at once at level 15 instead of unlocking random parts of the system when you can't even do anything with it? I understand it's for "new players", but I don't think anyone's that handicapped.
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ChefSauce (EUW)
: Since Preseason has hit; more toxicity/trolls/afks/ppl who neither listen nor care
You can't climb in preseason. All the apes come back to ruin your games.
Proppa (EUW)
: What's your Age / Rank?
19, ended the season in Gold V in both queues.
: Same here
I don't know if you already fixed the issue, but I found a fix: switch to any other server in the login window and switch back to EUW. Should be able to log back in again.
: Same here :(
I don't know if you already fixed the issue, but I found a fix: switch to any other server in the login window and switch back to EUNE. Should be able to log back in again.
patofna2 (EUNE)
: login fails
Mine's just stuck at "Authenticating..." at login client.
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