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: When you play first time rank your mmr is around gold, that's why you get placed with gold players. The mastery points or level does not matter in match making. Also placements are a bit messy and crazy so early in beginning of season.
maybe they should stop resetting everyone and just leave the ranked ladder, then the matchmaking wouldn't be crazy and frustrating.
DenBettes (EUW)
: That's why there is so much rengar in pro-play right? /end sarcasm
newsflash, 90% of the playerbase is NOT in pro play......
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: Don't forget that 911 was an inside job and osama bin laden is actually barrack obama.
notice noone is agreeing with are in denial
Robjen03 (EUW)
: LoL is just pathetic now
couldn't agree more, this trash matchmaker makes games super 1 sided then %%%s you over when you hit promos. its a complete casino. and too many bs champs who just one shot you and have stupid mobility, makes flash kinda useless nowadays
: Ranked Aram please
how can you base rank/skill off a game mode thats random champions....that makes no sense. its pot luck who comes out o either team, and how good he/she is good at that random champion. i hope you get what you ask for, but the ranked system wont make any sense, nor be accurate
: Vocal chat with casual member of our team
itl never happen.....because it should. thats rito in a nutshell
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: I honestly dont know whether to laugh or cry. Riot 100% dont give a flying %%%% about their player base. They will let this game die because competetive scene isnt going to carry League alone
looks like they had a stupid person who also shouldn't have been in there with you
: its not connection dude trust me, in cmd show proper connection, like i didnt timedout for more than 3 hours, i think its not about my IPS they restarted my router from there base state. I restarted also manual i did lot of things and its still there, it like server over flooeded or idk, on EUNE i didnt face this problem tho.
connection to your ISP might be different to connection to riot. secondly a ping test isn't going to pick up on irregular spikes. its only rly testing then and there. so dunno what else to suggest. your not using wifi are you?
: am I the only one
Sounds like your connection, your ISP will tell you what you want to hear. a good connection and connection quality are 2 things, the dropout is caused by your unstable connection rather than your speed
: What is wrong with ranked?
changing the matchmaker to win rate is such a bad idea, because the matchmaker wants you to be as close to 50% as possible. so everyone is mainly 45-55 anyways. how is that accurate
YobiRaion (EUNE)
: Everything wrong with League [HELLISHLY LONG-ASS POST]
Arcade Lulu (EUNE)
: So why are you complaining about being matched with silvers then? If rank doesn't matter And everyone in your game had a similar MMR and that's why you got matched together So i still don't understand how the matchmaking is bad? Your mmr was similar, your ranks weren't far apart. The matchmaker is doing it's job pretty damn well
my mmr is bad because 50% of games im with utter monkeys.........because of the ranked system
Arcade Lulu (EUNE)
: If people got LP based on their performance, we would just get a ton of kda players And good KDA or the end score doesn't always tell if the player was actually the best in the team So nope, bad idea And you were gold 3, which isn't really that far away from silver 1. Only 2 divisions down. So it's not really that big of a difference. And the skill level between silver and gold isn't THAT big And your team had only 1 silver 1 player, meanwhile the enemy team had 4 silver 1 players. So shouldn't you just be happy that your team is higher rank than the enemy team?
the point is, we were NOT higher ranked, because the mmr is based on win/loss and NOTHING else. so iv seen players in high bronze play MUCH better than half the morons in gold......BECAUSE its not based on skill. KDA is NOT a game decider ofc, you need map control. objectives ect, but it damn well will be more accurate if KDA was taken into account, because it would certainly put feeders, and players who like to get carried up the ladder in duo queue where they belong....
Arcade Lulu (EUNE)
: How is riot matchmaking supposed to see in the future and see who's going to feed and who isn't? I checked the match and all of you were really close in ranks Silver 1 - Gold 3. And your MMR is close to each other too, and that's why you got matched together. Matchmaking matches based on your MMR
because riot should be improving the LP system to take into account how you did because im sick of being dragged down with the ship because all i can do is watch my team feed. also my MMR, looks matched because i get put with idiots 50% of games, so ofc its going to look like its balanced, im in elo hell. and i only win if we dominate the other team full of idiots, and i only lose if i get the idiots.........the numbers mean jack shit, the game quality is DIRE! why am i being ranked with mid silver when im NOT silver....that makes no sense. you honestly telling me riot couldnt make me wait a few more minutes to get people who ARE within my ranked level. i was gold 2 88lp. and lost EVERY game down to gold 4, got back into g3 and now g4 again, the game is so irritating, no wonder ppl flame
: Support in ranked
my advice is prepare to lose, as theres nothing you can do but watch your team feed, and you will sharply drop the ranked ladder.....season 2 +support main on wards
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Dagòn (EUNE)
: Why is this community so toxic?
its toxic because the elo system based on win/loss and nothing more is stupid. and you busting your ass doing well and being fed and outsmarting your lane....THEN LOSING.....and you lose 22lp and the feeder looses 22lp too. ALL your efforts were for NOTHING. thats why
: > [{quoted}](name=v4lge,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=oPlUaEEt,comment-id=000100000000000000000000,timestamp=2019-08-24T14:07:36.431+0000) > > Very often actually In the mind of the flamer who is always ready to blame the random player of his choice, yes. Always, not even very often. For someone who understand the game and can read it, most often than a game is won and lost as a team, not as one.
well. lets see you win after mid is 10 mins in with 10 deaths. lol
: > [{quoted}](name=Anna Sassin,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=oPlUaEEt,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2019-08-24T08:32:21.576+0000) > > so we just accept how broken it is and enjoy it for being broken.........? or play something else? the point is they are successful enough to make the damn game work, this is such a good game, developed by people who dont give a fk. It's not broken, it's just that if you want to be able to win it by your own and only merit, this is simply not the game for you because, barring REALLY lucky breaks, this game is not made for one player to singlehandedly win it.
it is broken, i dont want to win single handedly...i want teammates who should be in gold with me, to have lost games we COULD have won, and won games we COULD have lost. is that so hard to ask for.
ryandub (EUW)
: 100% agree. I win 10 games in a row and then i get a multiple games in a row where i get insane inters in every other lane to the point to where i am like... no point in playing this game. Not balanced at all - based on luck. They wonder why the game is so toxic? They create the toxicity by unbalanced matching, punished people for flaming inters/trolls and afters but not the inters/trolls and afkers.
its not just me then, thats reassuring i was gold 2 88lp. and now im gold 4, every single game, trolls. i totally agree that riot sees the frustrated players pointing out the flaws , and hits them with the ban hammer.... as much as i disagree with toxic players and agree everyone deserves some respect, i believe theres some genuine reasons for people to be toxic at unbalanced teamates who continue to 1v1 at 0/5 early game 10 mins in. because they SHOULDN'T BE THERE
v4lge (EUW)
: 1 tip: stay cool and stay chill. You will win more and be less mad. Dont let the game be a chore. And the climb.
Dude I’m trying so hard to keep my cool. But all my efforts are for nothing. And I can only stay cool for so long :(. Well. Here to luck on the rift
: I don't remember one day when the game has been different. If i don't find it as frustrating as many people does, is because at the end of the day i get my cut of free wins exactly as my opponents. The point, for me, is that if you don't like the fact that you can (and will) be screwed by your team most of the time, then you should really not play this game because, you know, it's a **team** game. That's all.
so we just accept how broken it is and enjoy it for being broken.........? or play something else? the point is they are successful enough to make the damn game work, this is such a good game, developed by people who dont give a fk.
Ashylton (EUNE)
: Not the point . What I am saying is you will get hardcore trollers so no matter what you do you will get demoted and mmr will keep droping . It's a one way trip. I am not talking about the mmr anymore, just go in the game and you will see . I am 100% sure that you willl start losing after promos(cause you get the lowest of the lowest in promos ) The point is , no matter how much you try you will fall because you can't carry a team with 1 afk or hard feeding the enemy team
EXACTLY!!! this game sucks. riot dont give a shit. in riots eyes we are just flamers, but they dont listen to us......
: If you are the most intelligent person in the room - why do you play exclusively healing supports? Also, why do you always build same items? Like, try to change your playstyle - try to play Thresh, Naut or Braum support. Or even better - play mid, jungle or top to actually be able to carry the games. Play better. If you play support, you are destined to follow team's destiny, you have almost no influence over the game's outcome. While playing jungle, two kills on a lane basically free win said lane. As top lane - either splitpushing or bringing/tanking damage to the teamfights will influence the game greatly. As mid lane - having the best damage in game is always a good way to make sure to stay relevant. TLDR - you don't get to whine about anyone when you play healing supports because your role has literally 0 risk (And 0 reward)
i really appreciate the advice on things i can try, I REALLY DO. the reason i play the same thing is because its my main champ, and im trying to get out of elo hell. im never the feeder in the games, my build does an insane amount of healing, (which gets mentioned by my team when they dont feed and allow me to build it to mid-late game). id change my build if i noticed it wasn't helping my team, but it perfectly suits my play style. and im adamant its not the reason im losing. i can play every role except jungle. but i just find that i enjoy support the most, Lets just say i play mid for a change and ditch the support role to get where i want to be. i just get 0 ganks, and top goes 0/15 and the game is thrown. top laner (whos now fed) just comes down and deletes me. Trust me when i say, im always up for criticism, and im not pretending to be a pro player here. Bu i have the logic to understand when my play style/build/champ choices are not getting me anywhere and i can always reflect on myself to what im doing, Im utterly convinced its genuinely the matchmaker and the elo system failing. because its honestly not just me who's saying this. i hear this stuff all the time, and not just the toxic kids who fill the behaviour section of these forums. Id honestly LOVE to see anyone play my account and just to see where im coming from (obviously im not actually gonna allow that, because its not allowed by riot and im not an idiot on getting my account banned). Ill hold my hands up to say i was heated when i wrote this But even after calming down to my usual self. im CONVINCED my points still stand true, even if it still sounds like your average flamer. On a system based PURELY on win/lose, its doomed on measuring skill, theres been plenty of times ive been ADC or mid or top. and been like 7/2 or 11/4 or something carriable like that, but i just look and fine the rest of the team on scores like 0/7 3/15 0/3 5/10 and its uncarryable. So its got to the point where i just play the champion/build i enjoy playing, and just wait to see what teammates the game decides to give me. and by taking a step back, i can CLEARLY tell when the game is fkking with me, just by looking at the loading screen, and 9 times out of 10. the expected outcome happens (i still try my best to not see that through) if i look on porofessor and see someone on the enemy team is in their promos, my team OBLITERATES that team, because i know the same thing happens to me when i hit promos. the game needs to take into account personal performance when taking and giving lp. Only then will this game be based on skill. and only then will the flaming stop. because you wont be dragged down with the ship for doing well and it NOT being accounted for. Sorry this was a long painful read, but there you go. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
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: Annoying champion sounds
you can mute champion voices in teh sound settings. did you even look?
: Can't download league of legends
do you have c++ installed? runtimes? go to ninite (google it), install all run times and try installer again. makes sure also on latest version of windows
Pixelbits (EUW)
: What is the current state of Ezreal?
ezreal state = noone knows how to build or farm with him to make a guess at an answer...the end
: keyboard input lag
are you using a wireless keyboard?
SepharU (EUNE)
: Not supporting the matchmaking of riot BUT : Having a 50% winrate is the norm. Its not rigged. You only have a higher winrate if you are climbing. When you hit that sweet spot where you belong you start losing more, and eventually balance around 50%. If you want to climb further you have to improve your game/skills or whatever.
yh just like its not rigged when you hit promos and get brain dead squirrels for teammates, secondly ive been 50-51% since iron start this season (gold last season) so i dont believe you one bit :D (back up to gold 2)
: Is the Riot Support website that hard to find?
: I asked a riot supporter and he said to me matchmaking is not my problem. we know its fcked right now but we are not planing on fixing it it is too difficult and too much work. ( in simpler terms){{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
sounds legit :D lol. on a serious note, ive been enjoying league alot more if i play for the champ, and not play to win. keeps me calm as main support i can either heal the crap out of my team to victory, or heal some noobs who will jump 1v3 to a defeat. happens
Her KhaI (EUW)
: I must disagree with you, there is not only the team comp. You can see games with an awfull comp but a player/s making it great and carrying the game. For example today I played Alistar (me), Caitlyn, Morgana, Zilean and Nasus vs Nidalee, Kassadin, Janna, Heimer and Sivir. We had much better comp, but we sill lost because Kassa was a beast. He almost got 1v5 penta (got a penta but it wasn't 1v5). This game skill was over team comp...
we are gonna have to agree to disagree then :( GL with your request.
because the game is more of a casino. if it let you climb where yu wanted to be, then there would be no grind, it wants you to keep playing to get up. the matchmaker is specifically designed to get everyone as close to 50% win rate as humanly possible. it will fk with you for 10 games or so, then let you win for a bit, then you will get dominated for a bit more after.....its built that way....dont you get it?
: My internet ping on PC is 15, my ping in-game is 75-115 (playable) ... but sometimes the ping spikes during the game up to +1000,not during the load screen and not before starting the match, I don't know how your method of programming will detect me !
obviously theres certain scenarios........ this is on about improving not getting EVERYONE sorted
Her KhaI (EUW)
: Rankeds for ARAM
this doesn't make sense in general for me, how can u base a skill tier based on pot luck of what champ you got............. theres no team comp in aram, its all pot luck on who you get and what the enemy got. sure its fun, but i dont think ranked works here, just because you picked chmps u like, doesn't mean the team comp works in randomly selected champ. i totally get why you want ranked, its so good to see progression, but im concerned because of the nature of the game mode, you cant be good at luck. if that makes sense. maybe include the aram map but go back to champ select, but aram ranked...i dont see it
NeekoMew (EUW)
: Because you rather spend 40 minutes in a 4v5 game which you will inevitably lose than to just remake a game and go next, right...?
YASS QUEEN YASSS{{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
: /remake needs to be reworked
wouldnt it be good to add a queue for disconnected players, so you can save someones match :(
: when your adc who went 0-8 in 5 min tries to give u advice about your support champ {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}
this comment tho.. so much truth
: Quinn Montage - Sick
self advertising *sigh*
: And how are you define troll? Off Meta is consider troll for some, so do you want to ban those player as well? Its not that simple to program. Its easy for normal player to judge, but as a dev its not simple. Chatlogs are quite easy to monitor. Even intentional feeding isn't that simple, and usuall a rioter needs to take a look at it. The system needs to decide for a normal behavior what is not malicious and what is griefing. And so many different factors are there to be calculated.....
program?, no.. it needs to be visually looked at by a person before perma, so they should look at context too (not excusing anything) ofc
: ANyone else getting stuck at authentication login?
Guys I had a reply from riot. There IS issues with auth server right now. The issue is NOT on our side
: ANyone else getting stuck at authentication login?
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Player 00 (EUW)
: The problem with League community
lol "ive never had trolls or inters in any of my games" then mentions times when had trolls............{{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
Shamose (EUW)
: Not me. This is the current highest level player in the world.
they mostly play bot the ranked game he was 0/5 lol
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