LegendCZ (EUNE)
: Is saying that you should not play the certain champion a flame? ...
No, especially in normal queue. What you want to play is your choice, if you're trolling then I think it's fair that somebody will be angry with you. However if you genuinely playing a champion, like a gragas support, then by all means go for it. META does not exist anymore, so nobody has the right to complain about what you play as long as you're doing it in a way that's not severely detrimental to your team. If somebody constantly harasses you for playing a champion without a real reason behind it, then they are flaming you and you can report it!
: I know people always complain about "the same champion picks".
I feel it needs to be said. Riot need to balance their champs more to compensate for diversity in their games, especially on the pro scene -or at the very least promote diverse gameplay. Every game consists of a minumum of 5-8 champs from the game before (bans inclusive). It's like a severe case of dejavu every single game. It is too predictable and quite honestly it becomes a boring trend. I love it when players pull out champions that nobody expects. For example the recent Zilean pro pick in the EU LCS. It makes players seem more professional and creative, to showcase their ability to handle almost any and every strategy, not to mention the risk that it comes with. It is crucial! It is very annoying to see the same strategy every game. It's refreshing to see new picks and bans, and as a spectator it makes the game more appealing to watch. Is it that players are not confident enough on champs that don't have a META related kit? The whole point of being a pro is creating strategies to win games. It feels like they not even practicing or considering other strategies. For example - Galio Kalista combination with a GP Ultimate. It's virtually a game winning combo, yet nobody has even used it in the pro-scene. Do they even reach this level of strategizing??? Seriously, make proper use of the 100+ champions and its number of possibilities! This NA team that took a risk to play that set of champions, i give them a jubilant applause! It may be fun to play some of these same champions, or that their kit is equipped for more situations, however it shouldn't be the only strategy available to every single team.
: Futterwacken Tournament - Mad Hatters
Thanks very much guys :p MaD Hatters send their magical regards!
: Futterwacken Tourney
Thanks very much guys :p
EDYinnit (EUW)
: Jesus christ you couldn't pick a worse champion to hold against the current ones. Because having free double-damage in your kit, perfect waveclear that doesn't require you to be near the wave itself, and a guaranteed immunity to any 'one and done' burst champions in your passive isn't enormously strong. It's only some sort of Divine Grace that keeps me from seeing Anivia more often. I'd want to kill myself if I saw her twice in twenty matches.
I've been playing her since Season 2, i know exactly where her weaknesses and strengths are. This is why i know which match-ups are more frustrating than others. I know her counters, and her hard counters. Normally, the Anivias out there are those that actually have a good understanding of the game, and are patient players, which is why they are so deadly. Put this same player against an opposing anivia, and believe me they will beat her. The only reason Anivia appears deadly is because nobody knows what to do when they come across her because she is so rarely used effectively. Yes she has potential, but even a fed anivia can be slain much easier than a fed yasuo or fed fizz. Go higher elo, and Anivia is easily beaten. YoloQ is naturally easier when playing your main. I'm not saying she's not powerful, but she's easily exploited is very team reliant.
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Moonleaf (EUNE)
: I understand the use that more bans can have, but can more bans be exploited? What happens if all bans are targeting one role? Imagine there are 10 bans like that: Ashe Corki Graves Ezreal Jinx Kalista Kog'Maw Sivir Tristana Vayne There's a very high chance that the two ADCs won't be comfortable with any of the leftover picks. Miss Fortune? Draven? Not everyone plays these champions.
I actually wouldn't mind if every assassin champ with a dash were banned indefinitely. Makes skill-shots feel more empowered :) Since the champ i play is never banned, i will not suffer from such a change. This would reveal who your more frustrating champs are, and as such you can work to modify their gameplay. Champs that aren't banned pose no threat to this game in general. Banned champs will make people feel at ease, especially when this game constantly has the same champions in every game. Consider that ADC was completely removed through bans...gives the game a more challenging effect in that the pick bot would be something out of the META. Mordekaise + support champ picks suddenly become more popular etc. Wouldn't be such a train smash!
: Is the game really unbalanced?
Because some of us actually like to play our favourite underpowerd champions in this unblanaced tank to win / assassinate to win META...this is why we complain.
: Another bronze......
Another play {Insert easy to win champ} player, naturally going to say something so irrelevant. You don't have to be a pro to be able to make judgement. Obviously you've put so much thought into your response...typical idiot
: Is this game worth playing anymore?
> [{quoted}](name=gabbekung95,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=NTNMAmn7,comment-id=000d00000001,timestamp=2015-08-29T10:43:33.470+0000) > > you are just bad Play Anivia or lux or zilean mid against some assassins...you'll quickly see why people complain about champs coming out with full HP. Yes these champions can stun under tower and deal huge damage or survive temporarily. But when you have Yasuo with a wall that blocks skillshots + high speed, wide ranged and long ranged CC, doubled with shields and dashes, add in an Ekko with untargetability amongst his ridiculous dashing kit, did i say fizz...zed (although zed actually requires some skill)...i could insert more rubbish here, but you get my point. This game isn't built for some champions, and this is whats causing a lot of frustration. Now theres tanks that simply don't take damage and stick like glue on no escape champs. Ashe...hah what stun, she's so easy to kill its laughable!! Champs are SUPPOSED to have counter mechanics to their kit. If you do this, i could suffer this (Risk mechanic). 99% of champions being released don't have DISTINCT weaknesses that can be exploited. Aniva - Slow, now escapes, spells can be dodged, wall, lowest in-game HP, slow spells, ult that can be blocked by CC, egg that doesn't work anymore...every one of her spells has a disability attached to it. This is balance!! Kennen, have you heard of this champ??? Every game it's the same rubbish (Lee sin, garen, yasuo, skarner, riven etc). Over 100 champions and no diversity. Riot must balance out current champs and stop releasing no brainer champs with everything installed in their kit! If you can point out a weakness on Ekko that actually makes sense, then be my guest. The only way you beat these champs is when they make a mistake or when players having bad days. Other than that you can't lane properly. Have to sit, wait, survive and rely on other lanes. This is not how this game was meant to be played. If defence play was so important, then weaker champs would be given the opportunity to excel too!
: Anivia
Anivia needs improvements somewhwere. Not my job to determine where, but all I know is that she is falling behind! She is menat to be the predator, not the prey, it's feeling ridiculous!
: Anivia
> [{quoted}](name=Shiroe x,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=mvqfEneK,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2015-07-18T21:08:24.260+0000) > > Why fix something that isn't broken? Because everything else is either broken or capable of doing much more. Riot mentality = more speed, more damage, more dashes, more excitement. Anivia right now = slow spells, slow movement, low HP, no dashes....vulnerable and delicate The obvious conclusion...anivia needs to be brought up to speed. I am an anivia player for the past 4 years, but she needs HP and MS buffs now more than ever! Attach a passive to her W (because that spell is on High CD, and is good/bad for the team) Increase Armor/level Attach Healing to her kit. Grant her no collision. Something, she needs it! Her combos can be prevented, so she can essentially lose all her damage for one wrong move. Too much risk, too little incentive and reward! Juggernauts now don't take damage from her. Evidence she is falling behind to this system! Her current kit is perfect, but not at the level it should be! SHE SHOULD NOT BE REWORKED, simply updated! Too many counters out there.
Jagdtigerx (EUNE)
: Anivia
> [{quoted}](name=Enjutsu,realm=EUNE,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=v1y4P7No,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2015-07-30T11:55:19.550+0000) > > She is strong. They told you to change because they either don't know what they're talking about or because they know that anivia is a really hard champion and not for first timers. Anivia is strong...i agree, and she is also balanced. However the game in its current phase renders her a sitting duck. Against noobs nad low HP champs she is deadly, but with the Juggernaut system, and eckos and yasuos and fizzes and (insert dash champ with speed, hp and more dmg), she is easily countered and rendered useless unless the team around her knows how to play to HER strengths. It's becoming increasingly frustrating to play anivia in this game. Her egg is awesome, but with all the CC, and high damage fast paced action, sitting in one place is more of a curse than a blessing. I'd rather have more HP on her than this passive, because it's far too easy to penalise an anivia for a missed spell than anither champ especially when playing assassins. Take ekko for example. Damage, speed, dashes, untargeatable, shields, decent health, good farming. His only weakness is low HP (but with all his pros, this is literally not a weakness). Compare this to anivia, and you see why I am seriously doubting riots current plans, especially when it comes to anivia. There is no balancing mechanics attached to recently released champs. They all seem to be coming with everything in their kit. She needs MS and HP buffs. low HP lack of dodge champs with slow moving spells simply don't work in this game anymore. Yes she is strong, but anyone who knows anivia can easily beat her in lane.

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