: UK Support Main LF ADC for DuoQ
haaay i can duo with you ^^ im gold5
Maraiste (EUW)
Im a support main gold5 if you are intrested
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: I would join you on your road to challenger from time to time. And I would be happy to take the jungle role ;P
> [{quoted}](name=Rptro,realm=EUW,application-id=Mpd1UjGe,discussion-id=REuhE82U,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-01-27T21:03:36.527+0000) > > I would join you on your road to challenger from time to time. And I would be happy to take the jungle role ;P awesome just accep and we can start to duo
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gandalf123R (EUNE)
: Save essence for both of them chances you'll get another skin for your main are pretty low. So I advise you to be patient and save essence for both.
oo thats really smart thanx ill defnitly do that {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}} i owe you
: > Zarene was a great fighter and became the leader of all fighters of the void. she and Kassadin were very close friends Hold on, how can she be on the side of the Void and its denizens, and yet be an ally with Kassadin? Kassadin's daughter was sacrificed by Malzahar to the Void. Kassadin, on the other hand, while corrupted by Void's dark forces, is still on the side of Valoran, and will fight against the Void at every turn. Another issue I see is the image you provided, where she looks, well... human. All of the champions to date that we know of to have been touched by the Void have been altered in some way. Take a look at Kassadin and Jax (I can't remember if someone else was corrupted by it). > Once the people of Noxus found out she has turned evil I fear you may have misinterpreted the prevalent ideology in Noxus. Labels such as "Good" and "Evil" don't really hold much merit there. You are either strong or you are weak. If she had brought power, she would be greeted by praise. That doesn't mean Swain wouldn't send assassins in secret, or try to use her is some way to strengthen himself, but I'm pretty certain she wouldn't be treated exactly in the way you portrayed it.
ok i changed it ( i also changed name because i sow of Zirene is already a champ idea) so tell me what you think about it now
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MacDeath (EUW)
: Tell me how many other champion concepts have you read through and left a well-thought-out comment? I say it is very fun and easy to create one but it is barely rewarding to read it. 1. You might not like it. 2. The author did not think it through. 3. It isn't fun to read at all. It takes insane amount of time to read, understand and make an opinion about something like a champion concept and if even _one_ of those 3 points applies all of your already invested time is pretty much wasted.
i know its time wasting but why are you on the board if you dont want to waste time ( people thats boared or use there time to listen to people) go on board not for time wasting ( i know there is alot of champ ideas but atleast i do something not just comment bad things or braking the peoples soul down. all im asking is why people go on board not answering (ik its time wasting) but dont go on board then)
: You named your concept after a [NA LCS Shoutcaster](http://lol.esportspedia.com/wiki/Zirene)? (I know one letter is off, but still) Love ya man, that made my day! ^-^ I'll check out your post as a sign of courtesy. :) Best of luck on the Rift!
lol thanx i guess ( just want to know what is this about ?)
: >why is there a board if no one will answer Do I really have to explain this? Look around on the boards. 99/100 threads here are flame, qq, look like a dyslexic Gerbil wrote them with his nose, are not a discussion but looking for confirming yes-men or are about topics that are outdated/wrong/boring. Why would anyone in his right mind waste the time it takes to write a response on that? This isn't facebook.
so what ur saying is my idea is sht ? ik i asked for comments but i never asked for humiliation mate all i asked was why is it that people not comment ( if you go take a look people like 80% of the new persons will ask things here you will get flame asnwers or you will get no asnwers how do you want people (new peopel) to use the board if the comments is like you just a total sht of breaking everyones day. mate just think about how many people is there that ask legit questions and noone anwers or flame them when it actualy was a legit question everyone wants to know ? pff people like you dont belong on the board ( if i cant be honest)
: I just downvoted your comment. Just saying because you like it when people leave a comment.
that really true but not the real thing i said this i said this because what is the use we post things if people doesn't really care about our posts ( anyone like comment) but doesn't mean its only about that i just want to know why is there a board if no one will answer ( i had a discussion on for 5 years but i only have 2 comments 2 likes) with 5.3k views so that's what i mean
Zurkrem (EUW)
: Leaving a well-thought-out comment takes time and energy. People are lazy (that includes me). I think you get it by now.
yeh its true xD thanx for comment{{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
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Cryptidian (EUNE)
: You put 3 - one after another so: - -- --- Also, you should specify if the champion is Melee or Ranged.
oo yeh thanx alot for ur help
Farce (EUNE)
: I don't give a shit about the kit or lore. The image is enough for me to upvote. 10/10 would main.
hahaha thanx man
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: I saw that you're looking for help with the form of your post, so I thought I'd give it a go. I hope it helps. ^^ **Zarene** - _Keeper of the void_ --- **LORE** _Zarene was once a great Noxian soldier, when one day she saw a dark light shining towards a cave. Her curiousity got the best of her and she decided to investigate. The light was a part of a void gate, which once she came close enough sucked her right in. The darkness turned her into a shadow warrior, a warrior of the void. She battled for loyalty and trust of the void keeper. Each of her fights was like a shadow dance. Once the people of Noxus found out she has turned evil, they became determined to end her life... but as they were about to capture her, she unleashed the ultimate power of the shadow dagger and the people of Noxus retreated._ _Zarene was a great fighter and became the leader of all fighters of the void. her and Kassadin were very close friends, he taught her everything he knew about power and the void itself. As time passed she became stronger and stronger, now growing a desire to overthrow the keeper himself. She saw the other void members as weak, so she killed the keeper and took his place, empowering the void troops with her dark power and will. She rules the void with her dagger and spear as a great hero of the darkness and became unstoppable._ --- Prefered role: MID, TOP --- **ABILITIES** **Passive**: Upon killing an enemy champion, Zarene permanently gains bonus 25 Health when in Void Spear Form. With each non-champion enemy unit she kills, her Attack Damage increases by 0.5. --- ¤ Void Spear Form ¤ **Spear Dash (Q)**: Zarene throws her spear in a line, dealing damage. If the spear does not kill the enemy unit, she can reactivate the ability and dash to it. **Dark Mind (W)**: Zarene disables the team's ally vision, but enables the vision of all enemy champions for the same duration. (3 seconds) **Void Help (E)**: Activating this ability heals Zarene. **Shadow Dagger (R)**: She switches to Dagger Warrior Form. --- ¤ Dagger Warrior Form ¤ **Rapid Dagger (Q)**: Zarene throws a dagger at 5 nearby enemies, dealing damage. **Air Attack (W)**: Zarene jumps in the air, dealing damage to the targeted enemy champion and landing back to the original spot. While in the air, she becomes invulnurable for the duration. **Dark Breath (E)**: Zarene throws a bomb at an enemy champion, blinding it and when standing inside the bomb blast zone, she becomes Stealthed for 2 seconds. **Void Speark (R)**: She switches to Spear Warrior Form.
thanx so much for the help but 1 question how do i get that lines that you did ?
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Riddarn (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=D4RKSH4D0WK1TTY,realm=EUW,application-id=Mpd1UjGe,discussion-id=8V83YdMh,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-07-16T10:15:43.891+0000) > > Kobana is ranged but when she is in very short range she turns to melee What is even the point of this? Literally every ranged champion can attack at melee distance when they're close. In what way would turning into melee at close range make any sort of difference?
Is he is close her abilities will change but im still thinking to what it should change (this is just a short idea)
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: > [{quoted}](name=D4RKSH4D0WK1TTY,realm=EUW,application-id=Mpd1UjGe,discussion-id=IhhYZd0T,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-11-27T14:40:56.980+0000) > > get ur champion more attention with this new idea: > > *make the champ that it can lvl up to lvl10 example ( lvl8 is green lvl9 is pink and lvl10 is golden yellow > *if ur champ is max lvl it can also climb ranks ( liek if its lvl10 its still ahve that icon but ur champ will have that frame like if its gold yellow or so on) if you 1k mastery points you get bronze with the champ after ur lvl 10 if you 1million masterys silver and so on it goes) > *if you get plat with ur champ you get a free champion skin shard (no direct skin) a skin shard for any champ > *when ur in loading screen people can see that bronze or champion mastery points of ur champ on top of ur champ card i will try to make exaples to show you guys what i think > pls comment what you think i want to know if its good idea or not so comment down below and tell me what you think > {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}} It's really a good idea.However,i believe it'll affect many games in a negative way (hi AP Shaco support).Many players will abuse the "fill" option to play support roles and abuse games with their strategies in order to gain fast mastery points. From the other hand,it will motivate more players to main a champion more and have healthier games and more competitive.
i i had it on about games won to get masterys gold bronze and so on but someone suggested to make its mastery points on champ so i changed it but ill fix it as it was thanx for ur comment
DasTriiXx (EUW)
: I think it's a really innovative and really cool idea by itself, but i would recommend to add a little bit in your idea (for example while in loading screen there will be a small icon in the corner of your champion picture tellin your actual rank of this particular champ) and i would go that far to say, that it shouldn't be won games, it should be depending on your masterie points (for example 1 milloin is challenger and 1k is bronze 5k silver etc.) All in all a really cool idea but needs to be looked upon a bit closer
i will do thanx friend you really helped me out here now it will make more sense
OSmurfP (EUW)
: This actually sounds like a pretty cool idea, it would be something like a Champion image border not the border itself, like gold and [champion silver] could stack it would be like mastery 8 9 and 10 would of course be 4 5 6 tokens and 700 800 900 essence? {{champion:35}}
yes yes just like that i love this idea so i wanted to post it but was unsure of people will like it so 3 months later i decided lets post it XD so lets hope for the best and yeh thanx for comment
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: Q = Water Tornado W = water sprayer E = Swimming animation?? Ult = idk
the ult will be slaping in the water slapping the water with his sword
Laytax (EUW)
: Patching problems (scanning files forever, 0kbs...)
same to me i also need a answer for this problem
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: My problem with this is that the system is 100% automated, by introducing a system like this, it wouldn't make any difference other than making it harder for the bot to do it's job. You can already tell Riot who is toxic or who is good through the system we have currently, that's why the report and honour system are there, albeit the honour system being pretty much useless. If you were to expand something, the honour system would be the way to go, on that account I could see the rating system being a good way of giving feedback to your teammates. Perhaps a rating system where it would ask you questions based on what they played, so for instance, "Rate your junglers lane presence" (1 star - 5 star) However, looking at them may not be wanted so perhaps a new section could be added to the forums or the game client so that you could look at all the feedback you had received over the games you had played? I do agree that giving feedback is sometimes a necessity to learn from mistakes, however I don't think forcing things is a good idea so perhaps instead of that you just have it so that after the game a popup menu appears asking you if you want to give feedback to a player in your game? If so it takes you to the menu and asks them the questions.
wow thanx dude i understand now yeh maby ill change the concept to the honour rating that sounds good thanx dude you helped alot{{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: How is this system any different to what's in place now? All that has been changed here is that you've added a rating system so people can say 5/5 or 1/5, I fail to see the difference in these systems other than that, care to elaborate on how this system is different?
the difference is that you can rate your team or enemy plays and then it will be easy for riot to see who is a toxic player or great behavior player and will be easy to get honor's or messages from riot that gives you a thanx letter for a great behavior somthing like that hope you understand
Viavarian (EUW)
: If a player seriously pissed off the rest of the team for whatever reason, then I think they will report the player on their own without additional prompt. And if they didn't piss off anyone enough, there's no need for a report. Same for the honors. Yes, people sometimes forget to honor, but players who deserve it still get it often enough.
i understand but but just think of it people just ignore it most of the time cause they are to lazy or forgot so now you can rate the player behavior and it can mabe lower the flaming rate
: I can barely understand what you say but this seems to be a good idea
what i mean is at the end of every game there pops up a forum or info setting thing then you need to rate all the players like that dude was good that honour him and if he was bad report him or if he is doing fine say normal somthing liek that and you cant ignore that setteting it will change alot of toxic players
Scrinnid (EUNE)
: Ditch the lux support and replace it with someone like nami or janna. You need hard core peel to carry yourself out of low elo as support. You need to be everywhere keeping everybody alive in trwamfights against most likely fed enemies. not to mention getting your adc so fed that enemy surrenders before the teamfights even begin since your adc is just 13/0 by 15th minute.
thanx for the advise im just bought nami to try her out as supp and your advise work i got my adc 50/10/5 the game was like 1and a1/2 hour long he played lucian so yeh thanx man ( i played her on smurf accound) thanx again you changed the way i play supp...
Febos (EUW)
: I suggested exactly this 1..2 years ago, to Riot directly (not here on the boards). My approach as a bit less invasive. You only had to "rate" 1 player on the entire game; either your teammates or your enemy, but you were forced to rate at least one. The idea behind this is to enforce the acknowledgement of positive behaviour. I believe that there's always at least 1 player diserving of an "honour". If players started to be acknowledge more often, the toxicity levels could decrease. Such system would need to have fail-proof mechanincs such as punishing anyone that tries to break it (honouring someone that's is toxic instead of positive). I also believe that rewarding players based on the quality of honours they receive would be a good idea. But that's a talk for another time.
yeh true im trying to fix the problem of toxic players cause most of the reason i loose is because of them its like noob you stole my blue ( he played kata ) and i was jungler nunu or its gank top pls then you die cause your toplaner feed then he flames you i just wanna end that nonsince
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SoulBawz (EUW)
: im a support main and yasuo main, i can play them all but i love karma and bard the most :D duo supp bot PogChamp?
wait lets be friends and play fryday i also main adc i love sivir and kog the best of them all so wanna do it ??
: Need support for 5v5
hi man i mian supp its the best role in the game add me im not gold but im good trust me i can easily carry your adc
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Mitox (EUW)
: Sejuani + Rubber duck
ahhahaha thats funny but i nice idea
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