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: League has actually become a lot stricter towards flame and afk. Just climb the ladder it's a little bit less toxic the higher you go
except that many high elo players stated exact opposite of what you just said.
: Tribunal took 3 months+ to punish someone, new system takes 15mins top according to riot.
and it is completely garbage and removes all human factor and context from the process.
sirDarts (EUW)
: LoL is free to play, there is sadly nothing anyone can do to prevent people from creating new accounts.
korea does, but they don't even ban afking there
: I completely agree with you, im having the same experience, especially in rank. {{sticker:sg-soraka}}
then use the fcking mute button and don't make others hate you. if you tell someone "wow you really %%%%ed up" instead of saying "better luck next time" well expect a huge "%%%% you" back and depending of how long has the person been tilted for, you can also expect an int as an icing on the cake
: Toxic players
wanna know why? because the bullshit punishments at the moment do not reform us. only make us hate everyone even more and asociate everyone with people who made us snap and got away scot free(and the longer you play the game, the more you get affected by it thus the community of toxic people grows). because you get banned for what you say without any context and as long as riot employee does not review footage from support tickets, you can't get banned for inting. personal experience 20 games of trolling and inting - nothing. the moment i said THREE LETTERS i get 14 days. do we need tribunal? sure. do we need harsher punishments? %%%%% you can litterally say three letters and get 14 day ban, next time permenant. so %%%% you

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