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RW Heaven (EUW)
: Honorable Opponent
it could be a great idea, but sometimes people would honor the enemy inter. but if it werent abused it could be a great idea.
Ranzbart (EUW)
: Nasus W is causing him to be an uninteractive frustrating champ to play against
nasus has no mobility, so he need his w to be able to kill someone.. lots of people think nasus is "a late game monster", but in the reality he isnt. late game adcs 4shot him and he get kited by everyone. it doesnt help with damage if ur not able to hit anyone, in this case, increasing the amount of stacks will not compensate for nasus to loose his w. and tbw; there are lots of natural counters to nasus, u just have to know how to play against him, early game if nasus choses to stack a cannon he often sacrefices about 50% of his hp, if nasus gets a huge kill/stack lead in mid game he can be close to unstopable, but in the reality its pretty easy to win lane against a nasus if u know how to deny him stacks..
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Kurotsu (EUW)
: Ultimate Summoner Icon Idea i see people have mentioned it already, but here is the icon i got from completing the oddysey 2aug thing
Mako2k (EUNE)
: Chat restrictions and reports.
same with me, honestly i dont think i deserve ban for this chat log.. still got restricted tho, and do u think the 0/14 inters in ranked get any form of punishment? NOPE. but what about those whos tired of having inters as their teamm8s? well lets punish those instead, gj rito [18:12] [All] LAFFEN (Nasus): ur lucky my team inted ur adc [18:47] [All] LAFFEN (Nasus): no u didnt [19:09] [All] LAFFEN (Nasus): i dont blame u, u play support, u dont undwrstand, but relax, once u reach higher elo u might get some game sence [19:49] LAFFEN (Nasus): no thats fkn suicide [19:52] LAFFEN (Nasus): just go afk [19:54] LAFFEN (Nasus): better than inting [21:17] [All] LAFFEN (Nasus): report tresh ty [21:24] [All] LAFFEN (Nasus): went 0/7, flamed, then afk [21:27] [All] LAFFEN (Nasus): im not mad [21:37] [All] LAFFEN (Nasus): keep tryharding :)
Well, i barely ever dodge games, but i just had to do it in this game. Im so tired for being tiltproof 99/100 games, and then there is one game where i call a inter something like trash, and im the one who is punished. the system is f*ucking broken
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nevermind, after 150loses i actually completed it XD
Jav01 (EUW)
man how u did it?
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