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: Brawler-sorc, 6 brawler-hypercarry, brawler-assassin, Noble-hypercarry. That's the meta right now. Keep playing, you'll get better, no one ever was born a ''pro''.
Ranger/glacial/phantom/knight/guardian is really good, especially with at least a statik on ashe and varus, and varus has glacial item
: [SummonerSchool]( is more educational intended and might be exactly what you asked for. [/r/LeagueOfLegends]( also has a welcoming TFT category. {{sticker:vlad-salute}}
thanks ! I will check them out {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
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Omaeka (EUW)
: TFT Glacial and Demons broken interaction with...
won against glacial using a versatile comp : 3 noble, 3 blademaster, 2 gunslinger, 2 imperials, 1 exiled. Using : lucian, fiora, vayne, tristana, aatrox, draven, katarina, yasuo (and was still leveling for a swain for 2 demons buff). I had little items at first, had a lot at bird camp phase, but gave a cursed blade to lucian and draven, which helped a real lot
: Vitality vs Fnatic: Facing up to expectations
Too bad there is not a paragraph on nemesis vs jiizuke
: I always get the champs i need eventually. Just the items are RNG. The champs aren't bad.
the problems with items is that you have no control over it. in a tactics game, you should have some control over a feature, not just luck. hope they will rework it soon
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sssShade (EUNE)
: TFT strategies and observations
There are economic strats to take in account, for each ten gold in your bank, you will win an extra gold as interest each round. so there are 3 strats and not 2. There is the rush champs, rush levels, and the greed. Greed is when you start by saving at least 20 gold, and try to never get under, except for all ins when needed. In greed, when you start the game, you only buy the champs you want without re-rolling until you get more than 20 golds. but playing greed means you know your strat, and you will commit to it no matter what. You can buy random champs to complete the roster if you don't have any luck with your composition, but there is no point in leveling them, so you will sell them as soon as you get your characters, unique or not. For the store, I find these options are too different from what was already implemented, and would make creeps useless, I actually made a post a few days ago trying to give new ideas to balance items and make it less luck and more strategy according to what was already made. I will remake it, along with other changes could/would fit the game mode. as for good comps, there are also wild + imperial or sorcerers Nonetheless it is a good post, good job !
: TFT Gnar
I won with a void assassin combination, no gnar, and destroyed the ones opposing me
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: > [{quoted}](name=Vaanss,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=qWTPnprb,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-07-06T21:40:50.659+0000) > > If only there was some marker indicating the amount of shield he will get it would be kinda cool since i wouldn't be surprised with a 50% hp shield. You mean like the white bar below his HP bar that does exactly that?
If some people don't see it, it means the visual feedback is not effective enough
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: LEC 2019 Spring player rankings check-in: Who’s lived up to expectations?
I think the Fnatic roster is like a diesel engine. It took a while to get warmed up, but once to temperature, they rolled on everyone. They really all stepped up. Even nemesis did really well against caps in their last game. Caps may be smurfing, but the end of the split proved he was still overconfident in many ways, and it cost them too many games.
Smerk (EUW)
: , but if you reported them after game then making a ticket is rather pointless
there are better chances to ban them by going over the top
Smerk (EUW)
: You have to either report them after game with "cheating" option or send a ticket to support with all info you've got. By posting their names there you're breaking boards rules and thus risk to get banned from there
I removed names and found where to do a ticket, but riot needs to get way more agressive against scripters and people who ddos.
Smerk (EUW)
: You have to either report them after game with "cheating" option or send a ticket to support with all info you've got. By posting their names there you're breaking boards rules and thus risk to get banned from there
I did report, how do I send a ticket to support ?
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: Hey there! Seems like the login service went down just now, There should now be a service status. They're working on a fix :) You can follow the service status here:
Hey, I had to do an update of about 4MB, and then I could not connect, perhaps you guys made a hotfix that made the login bug.
: Can't connect
Same for me, the game made me do a 4MB update, maybe this small this broke the game ?
MTW Viggo (EUW)
: I totally agree. It's way too strong!
on top of that, her tankyness is too strong for a 1v1 champion who deals damage, and her mana cost is way too low
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Vãin (EUW)
: So what if we had different looking maps?
this is interesting, it's actually quite close to my idea about the different half map theme system, can be found here
: If you want 2 change maps for example in normals games sure why not .But not in ranked .everything new brings new bugs and new problems .Ranked mode dosent likes big changes especialy on map .And also your change will make this game even bigger than its now already .Game must be fun i agree , but how fun game can be depends from people who curently play it , not the map theme. The most anoying thing in this game so far its minion blocks and texture bugs .I was stuck in tower yeasturday for about 2 seconds while i was just run using atack move click , same happens with minions when thay create wall of minions controls dosent react on that properly and dosent count that thare is a wall in front of your champion and you just stucking inside tham ( dats very fun from everyone who dint faced it but it is a game breaking bug )
Well, yeah, maybe not in ranked. Some themes could give an advantage due to their visuals and visibility like some skins but it would be nice to have an ever changing map rather than the same one over and over in normal. In the end, a special mode could be made (at least to test things out) but that could just be more work. ^^ the new map system isn't thought to make the game more fun but more diverse and less like the same things over and over. it could freshen up the game, even if it's just a tiny bit. Dota has a lot of maps and game modes, some even created by players. So instead of keeping the same space for years, why not expand a bit and try new things ? (riot is working on a new game mode that looks fun but is still on the same map)
: [SUGGESTION] Different half maps for more game diversity.
please leave a comment, be it supporting or trashing the idea. vote if you like it too !
Kasuno (EUW)
: Sugestion: Costume entries in Rift when having a certain group
sounds great ! it's a bit like my different half map idea (you can check). I think it's small (or sometimes big) tweaks like that that could improve the game greatly. Asking for new game modes and champs is way more complicated to make. if i have a thing that bothers me though, it's this big paragraph ^^. try making smaller ones (1 for each small idea), it will be clearer and attract the potential readers more.
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Cypherous (EUW)
: > on the other hand, it would be actually be stupid (I think), to choose a skin but not like the theme... or that would be kinda weird in my opinion ^^ yes but you're not the only person on the team :P You might not even pick a skin but if anyone else picks a skin it means you're going to end up with a skinned SR, with regards to picking the map its easy, but as i mentioned its more to do with actually getting the textures created, tested, updated and optimised etc which takes the resources and time
Well, in the end, it would be like the "all for one" game mode or the new draft champ select. You suggest something you want, you don't always have it but you can still have an enjoyable game. And I totally agree about the time and difficulty of making a good, non bugged map. In the end, it's still better to have more than 50% of the players have a cool half map to their theme than staying on the same (dull) non defined map. ( <- that was totally a subjective comment ^^) and I agree that this idea might not appeal to everyone, would be nice to have other comments to make an idea though.
Cypherous (EUW)
: > I think it would expand greatly the diversity wiyhout creating new stuff it would create a LOT of new work, creating new map textures with different themes, having to go back and adjust old textures any time there is a change made to part of the map etc, its not just a case of throwing a texture on it and calling it a day, then you would need to deal with creating a system to pick the theme and then you might have people who want to use certain champions but dislike the theme it gives the map and then there is adjusting for people with colour blindness etc Its a long and complicated process
I was actually more talking about the difference with creating game modes or champs. there is no need for adjusting gameplay and balancing but I see your point. for the system, it should be nothing more than a set of arrays classifying the champs and skins. when you finish selecting the champs, it will go through all of them and adding 1 to a integer variable related to the theme. then you follow with a switch to choose the map and this is where i do get lost and don't know much since i'm just a student programmer ^^. (seen stuff, not everything). I've been through projects and know this would be lots of work so I'm not expecting this tomorrow. on the other hand, it would be actually be stupid (I think), to choose a skin but not like the theme... or that would be kinda weird in my opinion ^^
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