shamanity (EUNE)
: have the excact same issue now. Runes are reseted and skins too. and summoner spells reverted to ghost and heal . every game..
It just happened to me again. Maybe if riot's staff stopped being a bunch of predatory assholes with the current toxic working place they have there and actually focus on the game then we wouldn't be having bug problems like this.
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: People only play this game because they are addicted
I'm only addicted to the game just because of Kled. When I get 1million points on him then I'm out. I will return to league later in 2019 or at least 2020.
Kled is very hard to play. But in the hands of a main he is strong but not unbeatable. When he loses Skaarl he becomes the slowest champion in the game and is the easiest gankable champion in the game. Kled deals less physical damage when dismounted, he loses his main Q, E and R when dismounted. His Q gets replaced with a pocket pistol which is very awkward to use. He also struggles against bully champions unless he gets lucky and beats them in lane, he sadly will have to buy a ninja tabi and thornmail which can be a pain in the ass for me especially when against quinn. Kled can only target one champion. His ultimate is like sions but he cannot steer it which can lead to him missing it and he can't cancel it like sion to. In the heat of team fights trying to keep track of your moves and executing them quick and perfectly is hard to do. There are some bugs that riot still hasn't fixed like his ultimate getting trapped in a corner if a terrain creator champion puts a block at the right point. After his TP you shouldn't use his E or Q because they wont go where you want them to go but instead will go in the direction to where the kled's base is. Kled in the past was able to pistol recoil through the jungle gromp wall but now it's near impossible to do but sometimes you can do it. If you CC kled hard then he'll lose skaarl and be easy to kill when he's left alone. I'm not a main of Irelia but she doesn't fit my play style but I recall her 2 blade stun move requires a good set up predicition and has a delay. She can only dash again when she executes a target, her R can be a pain but if you're using an escape champion just get out of it, also most people tend to make an effort to escape from her ult anyway then return to the fight later.
freaksN (EUW)
: Looking for a group for Onslaught missions ( Augments, Same champs etc.)
I only want to do that free ziggs skin shard achievement. I've beaten onslaught as Sona but someone had 5 or more augments equiped. On onslaught mode im one tricking sona, I can play the others but I work better as assisting the team's movements and survival. Ziggs I've found to be pretty useless because of his damage per second is inferior compared to the others and his augments don't benefit as good as the other champions. Onslaught mode I did get close to the end with Jinx, Malphite, Yasuo but no luck with my Ziggs run.
GW170817 (EUW)
: Teach a friend looking for another player to do this quest
There are two more missions you have to do after that one and for both missions your low level partner needs to remaing at level 15 or below so if he/she reaches level 16 then your other partner has to bust out a smurf account or just keep on fishing in the sea of Coop vs AI. I tried fishing in the Coop vs AI games but nobody was talking to me, I even tried sending friend requests and party invites to the low level players and got no response. So (unfortunately) I had to get my bro to use his smurf then I had to do vice versa for him but bad luck for my bro that my smurf reached 16 after we did the first mission so I had to rent his smurf. I should mention these accounts haven't been touched since season 5 when I was nerfing my self so I can play with my newbie friends. (just incase some rito staff are asking me why i was smurfing.) Glad I got the cute poro emote and sent my account back into cryogenic sleep. Alot of new players are just possibly scared to talk to experienced players or just don't know how to accept invitations especially from a random stranger which is understandable.
: why can't we permaban toxic players?
Alot of people even myself are toxic in the one off or few matches. But the ones that really get the ban hammer all hammer happy on banning people is when people rage quit too many matches, constantly flame or say certain words or sentences that go too far (like racism, convincing players to commit suicide), Intentional feeding. My bans have come from constant big list of griefing players who in some matches have triggered me to get angry or in some matches i've had a bad day or got angry at some matches that I take it out on others. League of legends keeps track of your reports for nearly a week, if you continue to be a jerk then Riot will show you a chat log from previous games that you were reported on. I got a 2 week ban from early last month when I got so angry at a bad play when i should've kept my mouth shut and be cool and say sorry but nope i went full angry ahole on my jungler. Then last match before the ban I was in a lobby verbal fight with someone who triggered me into a arguement, it went on from the lobby to the whole game to post game lobby and yes League does keep track of your abuse in lobbies and post game lobbies so for you readers here please keep in mind that those chat sections now count towards your ban. When I got back I've been all chilled and I normally stay chilled for most of the year.
: >no idea why I'll tell you why! It's the tendency of the human species: no matter what you do, how you behave, what you say or what your interests are, there will always be someone who finds something to b!tch about. Even if riot develops a game where everyone wins everytime and every single feature (skin, champion, whatever) is free from the start, people will still be unhappy. A sad truth of existence is that you can never please everyone at the same time.
> [{quoted}](name=The Cream Reaper,realm=EUNE,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=QJUuwBOz,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2018-07-12T16:21:57.181+0000) > A sad truth of existence is that you can never please everyone at the same time. +1 It will never change sadly. :(
: About "League is dying" discussions
It's because league is an old game also I have to be completely honest that I'm not on board with alot of their reworks removing some of the charm of their champions. I used to love playing retro warwick but then they turned him into some cyber BOW resident evil style werewolf monster. Gangplank though I still play the reworked one because I have his captain skin for free. I prefered the more jollyish pirate than this edgelord GP. Also Riot has removed Crystal Scar which for me is the closest to an Arena battle style mode where I just love going bat shit crazy attacking everyone I also use it as a training mode for champions I don't normally play for team fighting or juke practice. Then they ruined the map by destroying the bottomt section of the map, then did the biggest sin of all by removing the mode because it's unpopular and alot of people don't consider that map to be "League of Legends". I'm only sticking around on League because of Kled and Ornn who are the most funnest champions this game has. I still play other champions still. I have asked Riot to make cheap skins for reworked champions to wear clothes or accessories that came from their original models back in the day. I know this is a nostalgia cash grab but I really do love alot of these goofy old models. Another champion I like is Twitch I have no problems with his rework but I actually did enjoy seeing the fat old twitch model which was pretty humours for me to see. Reason I play Kled is because he is a hard tank engager, he's very goofy with his psychotic attitude person put into a yordle's body. He also has some tricks that only the biggest kled mains will understand which makes him more appealing and is considered my win card to win games. Ornn is a very calm and collective champion (also very handsome with those muscles), a very strong kit. He has this mystery to him since he is this very old god who's lived like thousands or hundreds of years. I wont quit league because of these changes but this game again i must mention is old and over time people will become bored of the game and leave it for another game. There aren't that many multiplayer games I like playing except just Fighting games from big game companies or indie fighting games. The only multiplayer non fighting games I still play to this day are TF2, Dota2, LoL, Paladins, Unreal Tournament, Resident Evil Outbreak (dedicated fan servers).
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: I'm talking about true janna mains/one tricks
Well recently I can relate to this for once since i came across a platnium janna main who was super toxic af in a normal match and treating others like a bunch of idiots when people just want to play the game. No need to downvote me I was one of the people who tried to up vote you to at least give you some mercy of keeping your thread at 1 point at least.
: Why are janna players so toxic?
Excuse me? I'm a Janna and all round support main and this offends me. A good Gnar, Udyr, Alistar, Tahm Kench, Ezreal, Twitch, Vayne, Jinx, Caitlyn, Lee Sin, Ziggs, Riven, Wukong, Yasuo can deal with her pretty easy and this is only a short list of champions that can beat her in late game or in lane phase.
shileka (EUW)
: when a fed Camille ults
{{champion:150}} {{champion:223}} {{champion:106}} {{champion:26}} {{champion:115}} {{champion:429}} {{champion:12}} {{champion:27}} {{champion:53}} {{champion:122}} {{champion:412}} {{champion:44}} {{champion:203}} Then these guys knock you out of your own ult, save ally or out sustain you.
: For those talking about taking off Autofill
Basicly people in ranked who have experienced a good amount of matches in the role they are bad in and they have to get forced into the role/s that they suck in a ranked a game. I understand people should "Git Gud" but some people are ment for some roles. I know this may sound wierd to you but im a support main, top and jungler to. I have played quite alot of mid and adc and i admit im complete garbage or i dont feel like i have great control of a match. As an adc and most mid laners (unless im ziggs or twisted fate or the old fizz of years past) I don't feel that i have a strong impact in ending a match. I may get fed yes but most of those champions have almost no useful kits to split pushing to the nexus or any moves that are great for scouting, juking or having a strong support ability that gives the team that pick me up. There is ezreal and tristana but they can get pulled if they try to jump or blink. Recently leblanc, talon have been improved to be even more mobile but honestly i suck lemons with those champions. I became a support main back in season 4 because everyone in anymode never liked playing support so i did hate the role back then but as time went on it became my main role so i always locked in support. If us the community kept our mouths shut about lobby wait times taking 1 million years to start a game then we wouldn't have this bad auto fill feature. When it comes to ranked (which is 10% of my overall games in league) I want quality, not quantity. Good things do come in time, i shouldn't get rushed and thrown into mid or adc when i don't have a strong impact to the team as them. Im afraid that we've put riot in a bad spot if they remove auto fill then people are going to complain again about wait times again then the whole cycle is just going to 180 for both sides. This is a shame because I want to take ranked more seriously now but auto fill has been putting me in roles im complete trash at. I have to suck it up and do it but i also have to deal with people who just lose their minds so easily and i have to calm them down or they afk. Because of this auto fill and i couldn't get anyone to trade that this has cost me 4 loses in the placements. when i did get jungle and support in 2 games i won because i was right at home in my role, with my jungle match i had to calm my top laner who wanted me to camp which sadly made me lose dragon but i was powerless because my top was gonna afk and he was trolling a bit in base so i had to beg him to stop and thank god he did. after that we won the game thanks to cooperation. yeah so im 4 losses and 2 wins in placement matches of all places. I'm not gonna take my chances with auto fill untill it get removed. If this was in normal draft then thats fine. but in ranked i want to take it seriously i dont want to f around with something im bad with.
no0kiee (EUW)
: 9 wins 1 loss BRONZE 1 HELL F****G YEAH
Happened to me in the flex mode but i got bronze 2 :(. first time i ever got placed in bronze and let me tell you. its hell to deal with most players there X_X oh dear.
: I'm quitting lol...
Oh i had this song prepared for this occasion for nothing then
drablack (EUNE)
: AFK in every ranked game
dont play past 10am (uk time) I only play ranked 6am to 10am and im doing fine climbing for the past few days and i just went back to ranked. At this time there are less players so both teams have a low chance of afks.
: my Placement Matches
If this will help you: when you reach silver 5 you will never get demoted to bronze 1. (went on a hard tilt)
Father Tios (EUNE)
: Matchmaking is not based on the ranks, but on hidden mmr. Basically, if you had 3 unranked players, they probably had quite a few wins in their placements which means they're around your level. My tip for this, is to ignore ranks completely and never even open such sites as lolnexus. They oftentimes make your attitude towards them biased and makes you expect a loss/easy win depending on which team is higher ranked, rather than focusing everything on winning.
100% true and agree on ignoring ranks because it makes players either overconfident that they can beat their opponents or ally team members will be afraid that their ally is unranked.
HatefuI (EUNE)
: Problems logging in since patch 6.9
It was like this in patch 6.8 riot are useless and don't know how to fix anything. They should hire actual fucking professionals to manage the servers not some retards.
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Drakun LCS (EUNE)
: You won't drop to bronze from losing, although you can drop from decay.
Well thats a relief because i went from silver 3 to silver 5 weeks ago T_T RIP lol
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Dabbadoo (EUW)
: Getting more assists over kills
Assists are still good, your still given about 75 to over 100 gold its still good. I dont mind supports, junglers or anyone taking kills, i dont own someone's online avatar death. I do hate it when i have to say "Dont worry about it, i can still get money plus i got assist gold, and you can get more damage or anything" I just say that to put a support player's mind to ease because i know how it feels as a support main here. Sometimes I have to intentionally ks if my adc is at 60 hp and the enemy is at 120 hp I will ignite that enemy and use a move on them. I rather have my adc live than just die, waste his time repsawning where if i ks'd the kill and gave him assist he has more time to clear up the minions and get more gold then recall back to base. Sadly not many adcs take too kindly to any ksing which just blows my mind on some of those selfish A'holes.
: So boosting is okay, according to Riot
Dont really see any harm in boosting. I still see bad players in high elos. I still have nightmares of diamond rumble mains who dont know how to rumble. (rumble main here) THE HORROR!!
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: Same. Don't matter who wins as long as we havin' fun.
At the moment i've lost my bacon at ranked so im having fun in normals. Only touching teh ranks with premade 5 for now on (with the right champion picks of course)
: I agree with the 'having 10 champions at level 4 or 5 before rank'. I really do. It stops people from playing normals until they are level 30 or have 16 champions total, and it leads to seeying less people who only have 200-300 wins in normal, and a thousand wins in rank. Like come on man, the normals are there too! Normal mode - Fun Ranked mode - Competitive play Play some more for fun people!
I see waaay too many people in ranked who take it as a joke more than a contest of what team can outplay the other. In normals me and alot of awesome people dont really care who wins.
: I do agree on this topic but not everyone have accepted that they have flaws to! Some games you just have to roll with it and the people that want to improve will actually listen you! I usually try to be **over**positive (if that's a word). Theyll think im really nice and listen and actually try to improve! Good luck on the rift! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Thanks man but it really does try my paitence. Good luck to you to buddy {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
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Evanitis (EUNE)
: I imagined them in a different way when I saw the thread title. I have a dirty mind.
Just keep ZAC out of this thats all im saying.
: > [{quoted}](name=Sir Apatosaurus,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=B7p7sgEX,comment-id=00000001,timestamp=2016-04-21T22:22:09.345+0000) > > Riven is fine, she just you know. > > Requires skill. > She's a hard champion but has massive rewards for pulling her off. > > Is it worth meeting the extreme amount of time investment and skill to learn her? > Well honestly, probably not since I would not be surprised at all if Riot came along and was like "Huurrrrrr we need to make game more accessible for newer players" and gutted her skill curve, unique playstyle and rewards for playing her well. > But she's still perfectly strong in the right hands. Tell that to my friend who is in Diamond 2 right now and mains Riven. (2000 games with her) , he can't carry with Riven anymore atm.
Well send that riven guy my way and I will make sure she is overfed with no extra charge. Compliments from the chef.
: Riven is trash tier right now. Put your Ori and Janna buffs on Darius/Garen/Xin and be actually relevant without a flash+stun engage.
What about good old nami? Im thinking more of nami if i want to mid or support with a garen, xin or darius on my team. She maybe trash in a 1v1 but with the right comp any champion with the right picks can be stupidly frustrating to take down.
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: All skins are available for grab, except the skins you had to earn like Victorious and Traditional skins.
Just said that Traditional Trundle is obtainable. However I got a reply from riot's support staff and confirmed they aren't available in the hextech chests and stricted to its limited releases of their dates though Championship Riven will still be released limited sometimes or as future rewards. I can remind people that Medieval twitch and Grey warwick skins will be obtainable in future events.
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kuzzy47 (EUW)
: stop banning taric
I keep telling the enemy to ban my Nami and Janna because F that healing, hard cc and their damage buffing spells.
Rotkiw15 (EUW)
: [EUW] 6.8 Azir/Twitch Global Warding Quotes
Someone told me this when i was playing twitch and I heard the same from my Azir mid laner. Dont know what riot is playing at here, it can't be some teaser for a champion connected to them because that would make nooooo sense what-so-ever. Could be riot just loves those quotes and decided to have them said when warding. Or... well this is my own personal theory but i think they are testing champion voice announcements on situations which could lead to a future update to some champions getting their own announcer/ping voice packs. This is something I've been wanting in this game for ages since I hate the default announcer pack and having to switch to my mods every patch also the ping feature in LoL is awful and dated compared to Smite and Dota2 which has a fast easy informative ping system.
: Rumble jungle has been meta for a little while now... it out classed top lane rumble plus ended up making its lcs debut during the split. Riot is just supporting it meaning that they deem it as healthy and are happy to let it stay in the game (which is a good thing).
Im just glad riot has realised this thats all. Great clearing jungle camps possibly one of the best (not a jungler main so i cant tell between all of em). Yeah i have to be honest in season 6 rumble jungler was better than rumble top lane after champions getting reworks buffs and ad item updates plus mages including rumble at the time received nerfs to items and his own kit which made me drop the guy. Glad to have the guy buffed back.
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: {{champion:11}} "You don't need damage when you can harass with verbal abuse."
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: Muting Mastery
It is annoying sometimes and thats why i do it to my enemies but only if its Lee Sin, Yi, Zed, Thresh, Vayne because screw those guys I see them in every single game.
Riryz (EUW)
: it should still count as a dodge maybe its a visual bug for you? riot didnt announce it so you should definitely have lost the LP.
Nope because when i got a legit loss in my next game at the time i lost 20 lp standard lost points. Another game lost more lp because someone doing some silly out of meta tatic that didn't go well with my team. So I think there was a bug with the dodging system because i didn't lose any points for that tho its kinda silly because i tend to think long and hard about what champion to take that will benefit well for my team and still be effective in fights against the enemy. Thanks for the reply.
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