Mada (EUW)
: You do realize that the support is the dominant laner in bot lane? ADC is just along for the ride
You do believe that my supports that im playing with are Diamond and dont know the basics? marksmen are to bad for a 1vs2 lane..
: 1) Bot lane is a duo lane because it has the best option for dragon control. Sadly in low elo players don't even understand this and I have seen first drake being taken at 20+ minutes, even if bot lane had full control+ahead. 2) Marksmen have been successful as solo laners, but not all-but very few; an interesting thing is that most of these have a dash/jump/tumble. {{champion:67}} {{champion:42}} {{champion:18}} {{champion:236}} have their abilities to reposition themselves or to escape and other than them, very few have been successful as solo because they have no escape ability and mostly depend on {{summoner:4}} for it. It doesn't mean that no-dash champions won't be successful, but they need to be played extra safe and should position better always. 3) Most of the Marksmen scale well and are there for the "Attack Damage" or "AD" they provide. This means that even when behind in levels and items, they can kill opponent solo laners as long as they don't die to their attacks; with proper build, positioning and help from support- they can "Carry" the game. They can do the most damage to any objective (kills, turrets, drakes, baron). 4) ADCs can scale, while supports don't scale usually. Also with warding and roaming, supports are getting less experience-but ADC players(especially in low elo) can't play safe during this time and go feed by pushing 1v2, 1v3. This not only puts ADC behind, but the support as well-because no matter how good a player plays in support, if ADC is continuously feeding like this they can't do anything. Ideally,first objective of an ADC is to maximize their cs and try to hit like 90+ cs in first 10 minutes. In case of ADC missing the cs(which is more common in and around silver), the support should take the cs- so that total gold obtained is higher. If anything dying puts them behind, so not dying often should be the second and most important objective.This is because solo-laners can literally farm less and die more than the ADC+supp and still be ahead of the duo, or simply kill one or both of them in 1v2 to get exp., and gold after some point(where level+item difference is there). Making something like "support gets less xp" (apart from roaming, warding) will actually punish the supports hard; already in low elo playing support is hard due to most of the adcs being soft inters and it is hard to play adc reliant/team reliant supports there.
Couple of days ago on my game I had a support who was autofilled..while I was trying to def my lane and play safe and farm my support was taking a walk on the rift and he was inting..I have a screenshot I sent a ticket to riot and I told her why is this happening when all of the others have their main watching support players playing like this you believe that support role should be a thing in the game? You believe that marksmen should depend on their supports when most of them dont know the basics? I lost lp from this game does anyone cares? You also said "they don't die to their attacks; with proper build, positioning and help from support- they can "Carry" the game" "help from support" im actually laughing because most of the games that I played on my elo(diamond +) or higher support was not existing..solo Q is not like lcs believe it or not..
Arcade Lulu (EUNE)
: Well what's you suggestion then? How do they make it so that botlane doesn't have to share xp?
What if supports could get automatically exp (like on aram) and maybe minions could drop also exp like how it works with the ANCIENT COIN item..the ad's will get more exp ( solo exp) and supports will have their own as well..but only supports not mages(zyra / velkoz)..think about it if someone will pick mage on bot lane they will have to share the exp together and they will stay also behind on level but imagine if supports and ad's could have their own more mages will be needed on bot lane because if you share the exp you will stay a bit behind on level..
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