Allosen (EUW)
: You can dodge pretty much everything with SHacos Ult, but not Nocturnes Fear, why not ?
You can't dodge it because it's an instant cast instant CC, either u will interrupt his animation and he will fear u after ur ult OR you ultied too slowly and he got it off before you dissapeared. You can dodge Damage tics on fiddle drain but the drain will still stick on you. You can literally dodge every single ability in the game with shaco ult, even redbuff tics etc.
Darvor (EUW)
: Training as a shotcaller
That seems like a really weird aproach, the reason you're in d5 is probably because your decicionmaking isnt the greatest. No offense but you should probably try nd get masters or high diamond atleast before you start thinking about this, Shotcalling vs bad players does not end up with you learning anything. You'll get a greater understanding of the game the higher raiting you climb, so i would just suggest getting better at the game first.
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: End of Season Ranked Games.....
I mean i'm one of those people to some extend, i dont think there's any reason to be flaming and such in ranked during preseason, unless you expect to go from plat to d1 or something your season 6 placements wont matter. While i dont htink people should troll but not playing perfect and getting flamed for it doesnt make sense to me, preseason is and should be as casual as league gets.
: I need Nocturne main names
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