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: "It's Just a Normal."
To all of you obnoxious people in normals who try to give people LoL lessons ingame and rage when other people don't take the game as seriously as you do, kindly %%%% off over to the ranked queue, it exists for a reason. Hugs and kisses, a filthy casual normals player.
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taxinatra (EUW)
: Client stuck on 0 zero at ban fase
That sounds like connection issues.
: Ekko, khazix or rengar
uchiha sami (EUNE)
: didnt work :/
If you haven't done it already, contact LoL support (Top of the screen). They can usually fix issues like this.
Doomley (EUW)
: buy a new mouse...
Buying a new mouse won't fix ingame issues.
uchiha sami (EUNE)
: my left mouse button work + ..
Try repairing. Just google "repair league of legends" and follow the steps.
ezeewins (EUW)
: Just trying to be conversational
Reported for verbal abuse. /S
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: There is a timer what more do you want, the game is getting more noob friendly by the day with the introduction of buff timers. I can get that it's particularly visible and having the old icon would be better. It's not hard to press tab every so often though is it, you should be doing this anyway to keep track of what your enemies are building too.
This has nothing to do with whether the game is "noob friendly" or not. It's about a design flaw that got through PBE somehow and has a simple fix. Icons are meant to be visible, that's the whole point of them. If they didn't want them to be visible, they would not have the icons to begin with.
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