Dodgem (EUW)
: Is this offensive?
People report for nothing. i usaully don't get reported but the moment people in enemy team start crap talking and insulting people and i say they should stop and mute them after i get reported for either verbal abuse, offensive language or negattive attitude and it is really annoying me
Kandaon (EUNE)
: FFA Mode !
could be fun to play with freinds. but i think they should make a whole new map if they want to make this work and that's the problem the effort that would go in to it is just to much at the moment i think. would be cool though a map with depth and stuff different levels and chambers ^^
: A request to RIOT
i don't really get the point of playing offline to be honest when people try a champion they're usually online and just bought the champ besides bots is not really THE best way to practice anyway.
: The state of tanks in league right now
To be honest i don't really agree i know that ammumu and shen and mundo are different from Braum but i play him full tank as well it's easier because playin support indeed means that you're with two people all the time but when i get split off off my team when i get chased i'm always able to escape. I think a lot fo people are in some cases used to building the same build and so fixed on it that they seem to forget you can build a lot of things that counter enemy champions in the tank arsenal. I do believe that tanks are falling behind the last two seasons but that doesn't mean thay became unplayable. {{champion:201}}


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