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: > did they give a reason too? :P Economic bs.
Economic or not.. Sadly i wont be purchasing any RP anymore now. Oh well
: [3 words in google search bar and it's first result ](
Silent Note (EUNE)
: For around a month. Riot announced they were increasing the price of RP, so they gave a lot of bonus RP for a week if you purchased RP before the price got increased.
Alright, didn't see stuff about that. Thx for the info. did they give a reason too? :P
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: you talk about mechs? you talk about match history??? Get the ban you deserve and get out of here!!!!
: Yes! Yes! YESSSS! Get the ban you deserve.
Just took a quick look at your match history.. XD It's obvious ppl didn't report you for inting or trolling.. cuz it's even more obvious your scores reflect your knowledge and mechanics.. which are below 0. Have a nice day :)
: League of Legends Match History2 week ban for Inting/Trolling/Griefing
48 hours later, Riot Support still didn't touch my ticket. Honest question, no pun intended, no fingers pointed.. did they cut in human resources or something? Because 48 hours waiting time to get transferred to a "player behavior specialist" O.o and not even getting "behaviorred" for a crime i didn't commit is really akward Now i'm kind of starting to feel like i should ask for a compensation XD .. JK
: > Players have reported you 21 times in the past 20 games for intentional feeding. This is very conspicuous. And I found [this game in your recent history]( Looks like obvious trolling to me. (Keep in mind there is no separate category for trolling.)
Pls restrain yourself from ever replying to a topic again please.. "Trolling" as in 1-9 GP, 2-10 shyv, 3-10 MF.. MAKES ALOT OF SENSE WHAT U JUST SAID HERE. I bought the hurricane cuz the game was done.. i mean.. WHAT?
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