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: I love riot games support!
Why are you thanking riot games support? Anyone can get to 66666BE
Cypherous (EUW)
: https://twitchprime.leagueoflegends.com/en_US/connect You mean this one? which states may 14th? :P
No there was one on there 2 days ago which said it was there till 27th of may, why would the twitch prime link be on the league client if it wasnt available is the question really
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: Ranked LP
I'm gaining 30+ lp per win, I think it's about your win rate, the lower it is the less lp you gain per win, dependent on your rank. So if you're diamond with 49% win rate, you will lose ALOT more than you gain
: > its very frustation for a f2p player to have to look at the rewards most people are getting because they bought the pass Are you surprised that players who pay money get more than players who don't? Even Riot has to earn money somehow, so of course, paying players get more than non-payers. The only reason to be unhappy about that is jealousy. And if you are jealous about people who spend money getting more than you who doesn't...well...that is not exactly a good character trait. Who cares what they get? You get stuff for free, that is all that should matter. Just because others get more (for money), that is no reason to be unhappy about all the free stuff you can get. Personally I am extremely happy that Riot, after all these years, still manages to finance the game without any pay2win aspect whatsoever, but only vanity items (skins etc). As far as I am concerned, they are very welcome to continue on that path. I get free stuff, some others get more free stuff, Riot gets the money to run the game. I'm completely fine with that. And so should you. Greetings, a fellow non-paying player.
I think it's a P2W game now, I have around 20champions and it's going to take a few years to get them all unless I pay for them.
: That's different. There are 2 things : * **Mission rewards **: they are completely free and you get them by doing missions * **Game tokens**: You get tokens every game you play (the more you play, the more you get). Those are for the players who buy the pass since they want infinite tokens to buy a lot of loot. So missions are indeed free and have nothing to do with buying. The tokens you get from your missions are in your loot tab.
Thank you I understand it now is there anyway for me to get rid of the Tokens Stash as I don't really want to look at it, it makes me want to buy the pass but I dont want to spend money on a game its very frustation for a f2p player to have to look at the rewards most people are getting because they bought the pass
Arcade Lulu (EUNE)
: You can get 300 tokens without spending any money
How? I been doing my quests and got a total of 58 tokens rewarded to me but I can't get them unless I give real money to Riot Games
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