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: it happened to me today, i got 14 days ban still doesnt find the email :o
FeelsBadman #
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: 1.33 can't be 1 second no matter how much you twist it around, 50% bonus or total arm. pen is a HUGE difference. _Man if you always count on counters you will stay in the same Elo_ Not true. _Mostly it depends on your teamplays, teamgame and your skill to outplay the enemy/enemies and to kill him/them._ Right there, you just said what you need to defeat a good team (or Yasuo in this case). If your team is not good enough well, you're where you're supposed to be. Yasuo is a fighter after all, not an assassin thus at least 2 defensive items are required to not get blown away. What made "Tanksuo" that popular lately are the items, not the champion itself. Same goes for Fizz and Ekko, blame Rito for that, not the champion. Also to utilize most of the builds it requires the understanding on why building this or that and when. Most scrubs will copy them without any understanding and fail. His core build is about getting crit to 100% because he gets the most value per gold from it, after that it's situational and should be built depending on what the enemy team consists of and what your team needs. _So yea Riot knows ~~his ~~ ** their** job but In my opinion Tanksuo is Op -ofcourse if you are master with him_ If you dedicated a lot of time, understand really good your champion's kit and know what to build and when, every champion is OP. There's no exception with Yasuo.
Ok, I agree man but still in my opinion he's a freaking BEAST if you are master with him.
: I never said that. And I wont waste my time playing against you.
As you wish but thus we can see who will win :p
: First, from a "_diamond 5_" I'd expect more knowledge that what you're showing to us. So I call bullsh.t on that one, tho I could agree with your name as a reason if it's true indeed. Second, he's **FAR **from OP. His Q caps on 1,33, not 1 second and his ult gives him 50% **BONUS **armor penetration, get your facts straight before trash talking. He has a lot of counterplay, CC being the most obvious one (_and what doesn't CC destroy?_) as he's likely squishy up to mid game as he needs his core items to deal any damage. There's a lot of champs that counter him, I think it's not even worth mentioning it. By reading your trash post I assume you either got owned by a good Yasuo or you're just bad and got wrecked instead. He's actually one of the champions with the highest skill cap alongside with few others. Sure, every bronzie can play him and hasagi everywhere, eventually ulting 1v5 and dying in half second. However, it takes a lot of time to master him and get out the best of his kit, so stop bi*ching as there are more broken champions right now.
Ok , Mr Sherlock Holmes I wasn't correct it's 1.33 sec but it is still 1 sec .... and yes It's 50 % BONUS, mb here ...missed it.. Man if you always count on counters you will stay in the same Elo . Mostly it depends on your teamplays, teamgame and your skill to outplay the enemy/enemies and to kill him/them . Ofcourse every champion is countered by CC and I think you missed the part where I wrote when he gets tanky and has some items ( - I forgot to mention it and will add it that Tanksuo is op. If you haven't tryed it, you must and this "squishy" thing is bull#hit - all champs start from lvl 1 and again it depends on the runes,masteries and skill and yes If you go full dmg like a retard you will be squishy . I know there are broken champs now like fizz,ekko and other and Ekko got nerfed patch 6.11 ... So yea Riot knows his job but In my opinion Tanksuo is Op -ofcourse if you are master with him (Example build - Mercury's treads , PD,Infinity Edge,Spirit Vissage,Sunfire cape and Thornmail )
: Yeah dia5 :) sure
lol :D .... when you are so pro and smart gold 2 we can 1 vs 1 just need some more ip to buy the champ in the West server
: Well in Silver 5 maybe. He is easily counterable. For example Malz or Alister.
Man division doesn't matter I can be dropped in bronze 5 but In Nordic I have diamond 5 account .... I am talking in general - this champ is op ... DOn't you get it , he Q every 1 second ... this is nor URF mode ... I'm sure i'm gonna beat you vs what champ you want to pick .. on lvl 6 with the 50 % armor penetration you are dead . If you always count on counters and you cannot play the champ you will stay in the same Elo .
: Well i would say: "LMAOBOOSTED!". xD
Come on man, you cannot deny he is damn op ... if you cannot play him idk .. He is Freelo
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Eambo (EUW)
: Hi LMAOBOOSTED, Lee Sin is currently on sale in the normal store, and historically that has caused this issue. Once Lee Sin is no longer on sale, you should be able to purchase these through your personalised store :-) (That should be later today! ^_^)
Thank you very much EAMBO :) :)
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