PurpleOrk (EUW)
: I watched their performance... what exactly makes you think they are using scripts? Because choosing those names to dab on the people they stomp doesn't automatically imply they are actually cheating. For what I can see they are just abusing the cheesy twitch+lulu combo with great efficiency, clearly smurfs from high enough. They know what they are doing. I didn't see any behavior particularly strange that would suggest that their input is automated. I can't see that gank 4v2 that you mention, if you mean the drake fight they join late, I could've done that without scripts being that fed already. And I don't know what you mean by "not even farming", in lane they are doing perfect cs when they are not busy farming you. So can you point specific, particular instances of stuff they do that any good player possibly can't? I hate cheaters as much as the next guy, but this just looks like smurfing and cheesing.
I am not sure as i can't rewatch the match right now being suspended. What made me think that is that they are scripting is their match history. And if it is smurfing and cheesing at what level are they? diamond? I played with gold players and they played not as well as that. ALso don't know where the %%%%ing suspension came from but it wasn't deserved even if they are really smurphinbg as you said but that didn't answer the question in the topic. I will let the staff decide if they are smurfing or not. I will tell you again when i am able to watch this game. Right now i might not have a good perspective like you said and it's part of the topi but that doesn't answer my questions :)
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SrBluey (EUW)
: i got 8 like wtf?
Thanks you all for the explanation :)
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: Matchmaking
How to explain this? Some years ago Riot had an intern system matching you with players at your lvl. You won and lost points in an internal ranking of riot in fonction of your results. I don't know if they still use this system but if they do it explain your match up.
: Bronze/Silver elo why %70 players portugal or spain?
Can you give your sources? Because i know many french and german players in Bronze
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