Morrhen (EUW)
: Imagine RIOT nerfing their precious Yasuo {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
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: Try killing an ekko late game lmao.
Trust me it's not that difficult and by the way this patch seems to be rolling out, you don't really get to late game as from what I can tell, games are ending quite faster. He's very susceptible to cc, at which point he can't use his Dash or Ult.
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TheSkrypt (EUW)
: Update: I realised I can just turn off the Battery Boost and it unlocks my FPS fully. Thanks for telling me about this setting in the first place though {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
No problem, sorry I never replied I just got the notification now for some reason :p (Same guy btw, just changed my name xD)
TheSkrypt (EUW)
: FPS Locked at 30 on Battery Power for New Laptop
If this hasn't been fixed and since your using Nvidia type in Geforce experience in your search bar, a program should appear. Then you want to click on the setting tab and go to games. To the right you should see something called battery boost and a scrolling tab beneath it to change your frame rate so that it extends the battery on while gaming without it plugged in. Change this to your frame rate... Hopefully that should help.
Saif Sherif (EUNE)
: Ekko
I honestly don't enjoy the way his kit functions, ever since tank Ekko was a thing and people began abusing it, they changed his ratios, base damage effects and the like. Everything used to work together really well when you played him as he was meant to be played (AP). Now with the nerf on the passive that was introduced, (the removal of the slow on targets), using his q and working around his cooldowns feels out of place, in my opinion. Especially the w had a small nerf with the duration even though it is a hard ability to work around. The interaction with the ultimate & w has never been useful to me and honestly if they just buffed the time it takes for the Q to return back to Ekko, i would be happy. In attempts to balance out the nerfs he recieved, they buffed the majority of his ratios to incentivise AP building, but I felt as though it just pushed him into a mid/late champion to deal significant damage, compared to the more snowbally Ekko that he used to be prior to the changes. Every time I play him It feels like I'm missing something and me getting ahead is just keeping me afloat in games, definately wouldn't mind for some changes and skins would be nice, but I'm happy with what he has right now.
sahbae (EUW)
: weird lag spikes, i cant fix
I can't do pvp at all, it's weird cuz bot games are fine custom games also have no problems but the moment I jump into a normal my ping skyrockets to +5k. I know it's definitely not the wifi or the adaptor on my laptop because they work fine in other areas and when switching to a hotspot on my phone the same occurred. I've been getting lag spikes earlier on in the week but now the game is unplayable.
: GP barrels are too much Rito
I played against a GP, maybe he was bad or something but he didn't hit me once with those... a little trick they might do is have a barrel that is already on its last life bar, and bait you into fighting them at which point you walk into the barrel he just placed and he sets off the one that has been pre-placed chained with the one that has just been placed, which sets it off immediately, so be careful at that, they may also have some hidden in bushes so if he runs into one when you initiate it's usually a bait. They may seem on a low cd and do a lot of damage but for a gp player I'm guessing he's actually very difficult to play with, if you can bait the enemy gp into setting off his barrels for no reason you'll soon find he has no mana and is open for fighting. Hope this helps...
: State of Khazix jungle
I play Kha'zix top ;-; ... I'm different ._.


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