3rd Age (EUW)
: proof that this was the reason for your ban?
His story is pure bs. He just _supposes_ that the reason of his ban is the gift, for unknown reasons.
: No Loot for Restricted Players (Upcoming, Mastery Crafting system)
I got a hunch this will increase toxicity, as most of them will probably just rage more since they got "wrongfully banned". Nice idea though, let's see what comes out of this.
Coreil (EUW)
: also is trolling at teammate expenses and going afk intentionaly against the rules... btw the summoners code is bullshit. but no we got the flamer , he rly hurts my games. yeah you should report hard flamers but this thing is getting out of hands now that it is automated. and you going for reports like shopping spree.... well i dont risk since i dont use chat unless with my friend in duoq over skype. soo yeah nice chat we have.
You're talking about trolling and going intentionally afk... How do you even know OP did that? Don't assume, please. > btw the summoners code is bullshit. Care to elaborate? Also, you're talking about reports getting out of hand. Reports themselves don't matter. It's the actual ban that does. Can you grasp this? Report someone a thousand times, if he hasn't done anything wrong he **won't** get banned. The "automated" (it's not fully automated, humans have a say in final bans also) system is better at spotting offenders than the players (see tribunal).
Coreil (EUW)
: it changes nothing, if he trolls does rry bad he'll get flamed by almost everyone. and why u accepted his friend request? he alredy knew. this isn't a game about who can get more toxic players reported. consider this why i never get flamed? mby happens once in 100 games. and what i was 1/7 cait a guy said i suck....well YES i do suck he's right for going 1/7 i really did suck dick that game where's the flame???
> it changes nothing Irrelevant. We're not arguing about whether it changes anything or not. > **if** he trolls does rry bad Don't assume. > and why u accepted his friend request? Again irrelevant. He could hope for a conversation, or anything. It doesn't add to the report anyway, since only the in-game chat logs count. > this isn't a game about who can get more toxic players reported. Noone argued that. > why i never get flamed? We can't possibly know if you do. > a guy said i suck (...) where's the flame? You don't know what the banned guy said to OP exactly. Don't compare with your own experience.
Savage Devi (EUNE)
: Let's just hope they stick to the free part, when I hear "keys and chests" I get vietnam-flashbacks about all that business in pretty much every free online fps ever.
You will be able to get them for free by playing the game, or buy them
Ludovico (EUW)
: Well done Riot, well done
Yeah the chests are a nice addition. Can't wait can't wait :D > I´m sad the harrowing didnt happen yet The harrowing has ended, the skins are on their way.
: zack stupid op champion
> or i wil dods riot for ever until give mony or nerf zack stupid chempion idiot noob team **We need more of this**
: Can We All Just Agree That ARAM Is Only For Fun!?
> I hate people that > I hate people that > I hate people that [(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TgqiSBxvdws)]
: > But Rito cares not I'm sorry but how the hell is this riot's fault that the Koreans are better than the rest... Riot can't do anything about it, Korea is better than everyone at video games in general.
People like to blame Riot for everything. What, there is a huge storm outside? "gg rito, only care about money"
PepijndM (EUW)
: Hoping Japan joines next year. They are as talented and competetive as Korea, so we might have a Japanese winner for season 6. Would be a change, however small.
They are as talented and competitive as Korea in completely different genres, mainly console fighting games.
MistWind (EUW)
: Write here what you learned from your last game!
I learned that "ta mere la pute", or something like that. I don't know.
: > -Teemo, why are you AD!? -Teemo, why are you never mid when we teamfight? Teemo proceeds to get 3 towers and inhib top -Teemo you suck, look at your kill participation Teemo proceeds to have 350 minions minute 30 -Teemo we got all killed because you weren't there! Teemo gets 2 towers and inhib bot -Teemo pls come help Baron! Teemo gets Nexus turrets and ends the game -Report Teemo pls guys Is this real life!?
: Afraid to play ranked!? :O
Well I had people on my team who seem to can't even properly use their keyboard+mouse and they were high silver, so yeah, you might want to stop caring and play. Worst thing that can happen? You get demoted to silver V.
: W10 bad optimization of Lol
And this is in Community Creations because...?
Opt1mus (EUNE)
: Orriana Fun Art 3D i think,at least i tried :D
Nice one! I really like the perspective.
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
Because, [insert conspiracy theory here].
: Leagues most overlook/underplayed champions, (Your Opinions Please!)
**Taric**, by far. I've only seen him in a game, like, two times this season? He was top support tier but now he doesn't exist. Everything he can do, others can do it ten times better. I miss him : (
: > [{quoted}](name=Shiwah,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=EwZJv7YK,comment-id=0000000000000001,timestamp=2015-09-23T09:52:13.707+0000) > > http://forums.na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=2634235&page=8#post29912561 Zileas wrote: >We don't ban for that. But we do collect the data and **_use it for a few things_**. > >There should not be a punishment for being bad at the game. However, **_we do want matches to be fair_**, etc. It's one of many data points we can collect. So it affects match making after all...
Riot Lyte: > Don't worry, Unskilled Player reports do not show up in the Tribunal. Those reports are just for **our research, analyses and system features.**
SmashDogY (EUNE)
: Whats the point Reporting someone for Unskilled player ?
> Whats the point Reporting someone for Unskilled player ? Read the tooltip.
Keiffo (EUW)
: Would you trust a bronze or silver player to babysit your kids?
Hell no. The babysitter has to be Challenger with AT LEAST 500LP. He/she also has to be Grandmaster in chess with at least 2500 elo points and have one golden and one silver medal in the previous three Olympic Games.
Snook888 (EUW)
: My Singed art, embrace the toxicity
Toxic post, please remove. I love them. They're so, so frigging dark, especially the portrait. Well done!
Dragyen (EUNE)
: you have big ass to contain all bronze shits
Lord Emp (EUW)
: His new videos will probably make more than that. Like it's a problem for him to make quality videos that aren't about league. And dunkey is right. He put a lot of effort and time into promoting league and he never got anything from it. Sky didn't defend him. He said he got carried away and should've been banned. But he also said riot should've done him a favor. Because it would be fair. Also, trolls and feeders never get banned. Maybe riot made something now, but before you could get like a same guy 3 times in a row intentionally feeding, and if you told him to go fuck himself, you are the one who's get punished.
> riot should've done him a favor. Because it would be fair. That would be fair only if he had a contract/agreement with said company to promote it, but that's not the case. Would it be fair for a random dude who drinks coca cola in some public place and yells "wow man, this is really good, you guys should try it" to gain something from the company? Unintentionally promoting a product is something completely different. > Also, trolls and feeders never get banned. I disagree, but that's a long conversation. > and if you told him to go fuck himself, you are the one who's get punished. See, that's the problem here. Retaliating is bad, too. If I have a flamer in my team I'll mute him. If you happen to flame him back I'll mute you too, simply because you spread the toxicity. I don't want generally negative teammates and many others will agree with that. There is a notion that whoever flames back the flamer is not toxic, or at least less toxic. Well no, that's not true. You're not defending yourself, you're retaliating. Let's say someone yells at you in a store and you yell back at him and you get in a quarrel. The other customers then will get upset at you, both. Will you argue that "he started it"?
Dragyen (EUNE)
: 90% of bronze players are kids who non stop spam, qq, offend other
> 90% of bronze players are kids. >Source: my ass
: Bronze Abuse
Silver V 0LP (to a Bronze I 100LP): "stfu bronzie noob" It actually happened. I laughed my ass out at that kid.
xRaykim (EUW)
: Hey, I only read to "... love and respect in games.". Why? Because it's bullshit. If jungler is a moron that won't listen to pings or anything anyone says in a chat, then he doesn't deserve to be respected.
_Didn't care to read what you wrote, didn't really think about it, but it's bullshit_. -- xraykim, 2015
Pentium2 (EUNE)
: If it looks stupid but works, then it is not stupid
: ...not to forget "lagging"...
> never buys any wards nor places the trinket "Please supp, we need vision" "Lagggg"
: Somebody re make this in readable English...
>I hate to burst your bubble Faker and Gosu wannabes, but let's say you're Tristana. 6/2 that's good, ok you're doing good. Now I'm Yi and I'm 15/2... It's 1) **my** jungle 2) **my** creeps and 3) **my** call and no, "I'm adc" is not a reason [to give you the buff]. In fact, red probably(?) is better on ap Kayle than most adcs because she gets a hurricane so she triple procs it (and it scales off level and not ad). >And wtf is with these 0/4 Ahris that go "I need blue to win lane"... Bitch you aren't winning shit with or without blue. Even more so, if you're a lazy fucker who doesn't even stand in a bush to protect from invades in the first 1 min. >Seriously, why isn't this one of those loading screen messages "Buffs are not yours by default just because of your role(?)" >My rules for keeping blue: >1. I'm more fed than x laner. 2. I'm actually gonna use it for something like cdr for Nocturne's ulti. Spamming ganks instead of just afk farming minions. 1. I'm not gonna die in the next 10 seconds.
: can adcs and mids stop thinking buffs are theirs by default?
Buffs need to go to someone who will put them to good use (i.e poke/get kills and not die). Generally, the apc will want the blue buff and the adc the red. Unless of course the jungler is a fighter who's dealing more damage than those too and will probably need it more, or you got a zed/yasuo midlaner. Now, "put them to good use". That doesn't **always** mean "give it to someone who's owning". A 0/4 Ahri would probably have done better if you gave her the blue buff in the first place. That's subjective, of course. Oh also. You need to get rid of that "my jungle, my rules" mindset. Yeah sure, you're the one who will ultimately decide if I'm getting the blue as a midlaner early game, but please pay attention to what your teammates also need.
: That guy who can't let League of legends be a GAME
Oh man, you've just unleashed hell with that comment.
: Banned without doing anything.
Again. Don't ask on the boards. Ask the riot support. It even states so in the email you got. God damnit, people refuse to read anything nowadays.
Kageryu (EUW)
: Realistic..... Magic.... Living Stone beings...
Realistic as in, realistic physics.
: My friend level 19 friend got verbally obliterated......
I **always** build ad thresh in ARAM and I thought most people did that too. There is no reason I would build him as a pure tank, unless I got 4 squishy mages in my team. Those people who flamed him are probably little kids who don't know shit about League anyway. Just /mute all then get on skype with your friend and have fun.
: Oh, I see what you're trying to pull here... isn't that the question they ask when trying to recover "lost" account information?
Yeah and he will steal your account knowing only your ign and the first skin you bought when joined. /s
: {{champion:99}}
You... eh... what? Give me a break please. We're talking about **supports.** There is no possible way you'll play a mage like lux as a support on a higher elo game. Maybe on some lower level normals, or even on a team builder game, but, meh. Only annie fits in this category, and even so, she's being played kinda tanky in higher elo matches. If you're gonna pick an ap champion, go bot, steal your adc's farm, never buy a sightstone or any support item and get kills, you're not really supporting. Also, you're confusing the idea of the "most important role" with the "carry" concept. Even if supports were the most important role in the game, that still doesn't classify them as carries. Even a full ap mage support, if played properly, won't be an apc. The midlaner would **still** do far more damage.
: Why? Support, when properly played, is the most important role in the game because they are not only attempting to get the bottom lane ahead, but they also roam to gank other lanes without the need to farm in the jungle, and mostly engages or uses CC as an attempt to get the entire team ahead.
I may be dumb, but I don't see what that has to do with OP's suggestion. **Edit:** Nevermind, I read that too fast it seems. Thing is, even if the support would be considered "the most important role in the game" (which is kinda subjective) it still is a support. Meaning, a support can't carry a game alone, while a carry, whether it be an "adc" or an apc or a fighter/juggernaut, can.
: hy , can I got unban !
> I say just one time fuck you You poor thing.
IkOerman (EUW)
> Plays a completely free2play game > Whines about cosmetic microtransactions being too expensive
: So... Most league players are selfish? Then they won't honor people with good atittude. Then it wouldn't work any way.
: Will i be banned for this?
No, definitely no. You are not violating the summoner's code/terms of use by just making a new account. Period. If I find the Riot post about smurfing I'll post it, for further proof. Now as it concerns dodging. You cannot be banned by that. By you will ultimately have to wait for a loooong time after dodging subsequent queues and in ranked this is even harsher.
AnimusN7 (EUW)
: A Notebook capable of playing LoL?
You can find a pretty good (for the purposes you mentioned) Lenovo or HP for about 500-600 euros.
: But why do so few girls play? I think it's simply because girls are not so competitive as guys and they would rather do something else than play LoL (or any other game) 10 hours a day.
> it's simply because girls are not so competitive Dude. No. It never occurred to you that a girl probably won't even play a game with guns simply because she won't like it?
DaeHyunn (EUW)
: Chat Restrictions for no reason?
What you're saying doesn't even make sense. If they reported you for cheating your account would have been inspected by a human team for the use of third party programs and then get banned/permabanned. You wouldn't get **chat restricted** for **cheating**.
l3imbo (EUW)
: i got 75 chat game restriction for saying GG easy It was urf we lost in 9 minutes.
: I am pretty sure that everyone would honor everyone else.
Nah man, League players are so selfish they would probably think "I won't honor anyone so if they honor me I will have more IP than them!!!1" or something similar.
Wukongz (EUNE)
: ***
The thing is, people wanting to report others for ridiculous reasons is not something new, nor exclusive to League. Back when the original DotA was the only MOBA, I remember people wanting to banlist others for countless stupid reasons. So the "community has become soft, reporting constructive criticism" argument is invalid. I mean, you guys never had the occasional "report x for noob" or "omg report" (when someone was just suggesting something) back in season 1? Also, since you, or anyone else with a similar story to tell never got actually banned (that is, for such ridiculous reasons as not picking a certain champion) then it needn't concern you.
xCillion (EUW)
: Why did i get a reply notification for that post :o I have basically been saying the same lol..
Probably because you are the OP, you will get a reply notification anyway :P
GodAngelM (EUW)
: And you think i am the only one with this problem and i know that it stays 4vs5 but the mais atraction to this theme is that i have a fuking leave buater if i leave jsu one game i think that is a little unfair and another thing don t forget this is jsut a game is to have fun if i have an afk in my team and u lose i don t care because i played and i had fun games arent about always winning you don t need 5 players too have fun
See, that's the problem here. You don't care. You're ready to go into another game when you're sure you will, again, be afk. Fix that mindset of yours. You're not alone in the world. You think you can get away with just tossing an "I don't care"? > you think i am the only one with this problem I never said that. The same goes for **everyone** with the same problem. > if i have an afk in my team and u lose i don t care Well, the other four probably care. And you are ruining their game. Do you understand that?
GodAngelM (EUW)
: So now your aaying that i cant play one of my favorite games i am almos at level 30 and i wanted to win a rank but with this conatantly lwave bsuters its going to take a while
Yes, you can't. Deal with it. Why do you only think about yourself and only yourself? Ever thought that the rest four on your team will have to play 4vs5?
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