: Warwick Loses his Point and Click Ult
Akali with a skillshot ult? Hell no. Keep it point & click.
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Budsbam (EUNE)
: What does make your main OP?
This assumes you're playing top lane. {{champion:6}} [Extreme] poking power. Should he reach full build he can burst down almost all champions. His grenades translate into guaranteed kills lategame, and his ult can shut down every hypercarry in the game. He also has strong defensive strength as he actually used to be a tank. {{champion:82}} Lane bully that excels at 1v2s. As he is a juggernaut he is very immobile, but unless his opponent has extremely unbalanced base damage (hi {{champion:122}} ) or extreme mobility (hi {{champion:92}} ) or a mix of both (hi {{champion:114}} ) he can win almost any lane matchup, though melee matchups are his best. One drake can allow you an instant baron nashor because you can use drake to tank nashor for your team. {{champion:266}} Though immobile, if played right he's a decent counter to most early game bullies ({{champion:122}}, {{champion:420}}, {{champion:157}}) through his mix of CC and lifesteal. Still unviable due to his extreme kiteability, which is on juggernaut level. {{champion:44}} Provided he has mana, his high base damage and constant shield spam can beat most duelists in a straight up 1v1, provided they lack the mobility to get away. Essentially a juggernaut, he becomes extremely tanky but extremely kiteable later into the game and relies on his team to follow up on him in fights. Can either be a game-changer or a liability depending on the enemy team comp. {{champion:119}} Excellent counterpick to {{champion:420}}, {{champion:62}} and {{champion:41}}. Provided the player knows what they're doing, he will absolutely demolish his lane and often their jungler as well.
: Looking for toplaner in silver/bronze flex
I'm a top laner. I would love to play with a team. I just hope you play often. Please add me, i dont know at what hours you guys play so its better that way.
: add me when chat isn't lagging out xD :D
Oh, just restart the client to fix it. I've accepted your invite, and i'll wait 10 minutes after posting this to see if you see my reply. When the 10 minutes are up, i will start another game myself.
: @Meddler I think other toplane mains with myself included would agree that Fiora is a pain.
Fiora is still better than champions like Trundle in my opinion. Then again trundle cant necessarily oneshot you for the rest of the game if he gets one kill.
: any sick madly good supports around silver 5+ + + + + + + + ++ + ++ + + ?
I'm a top lane main, but support is my secondary. I can play, if you want?
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: Lifesteal and armour vs health
I'm going to go out on a limb here and guess he played Riven? Because in that case, Thornmail is likely the better choice against those champions because a good Riven can get several 1000's of HP worth in shields, which means thornmail is going to work just fine against on-hit champions like Renekton and Ezreal. And i figure with her extreme mobility, Lee sin has to rely on basic attacks quite a lot as well. I dont see how it would work better WITH lifesteal, but AGAINST lifesteal it functions the same way executioner's calling and Morellonomicon does - its essentially the tanks' way of disabling on-hit lifesteal, because in most cases you'll be losing the same amount or more HP than you gain by basic attacking a thornmail wielder. But hey, i dont watch pro players or streamers. This is just wild speculation. Edit: Jungle Only came up with a possible theory - the healing from lifesteal is unchanged no matter how high your health is, so that means you'll benefit more from armor if you have very high lifesteal because the enemy will have to deal more damage to you to reduce your health, but you will still heal as much as ever.
: Lifesteal and armour vs health
: Daily Reminder: ADC's can play every lane
Mid: {{champion:202}} **~~MID {{champion:22}} ~~** :^) Go check which champ that is
Wannes (EUW)
: Summoners age 40+
Holy shit! Old people! Awesome! ######I'm just kidding, i dont mean to be mean###### I'm not even half your age, but can i play with you? I figure you might have a much better attitude than most of the players around my age.
Hansiman (EUNE)
: Maybe I can try Yasuo for the very first time. I don't even own that champion. Or maybe not, because he's not my style. =)
Please dont, Hansiman. Please. Keep your dignity. A lot of people like you (me included), please do not betray our trust by doing something as undignified as that. I know, it lets new players try Yasuo. That IS nice - and like mentioned, it makes no difference on the matchups - what DOES happen, however, is that there are a LOT more one-sided games because new yasuo players fail miserably. Its a double-edged sword.
How that initial splash even got out of concept art is beyond me. BUT HOLY SHIT THAT NEW ONE LOOKS ABSOLUTELY GLORIOUS
: You just did
Because nobody else did. _..If you want something done right..._
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: I have queued up into a team that i only thought existed in legends
No, No, No, You want to go ultimate cancer. Go for maximum tilt on the enemy team, pick {{champion:17}} (or if you want to make the enemy bot lane ragequit while staying in meta, {{champion:143}} ) ######_Que "Teemo supp is viable" comments_######
: DDOS In a low plat rankeds game??? RIOT how about you look into it..
Was it flex que or soloQ? If it was flex they were all playing on the same router, and said router crashed / their internet provider experienced problems. Its not a hack, its just bad luck.
Milan Tomic (EUNE)
: I just deleted LoL because of the community in this game
You think people change in other games? They dont.
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