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: Ironicly, they making it more toxic that way.Instead of shitt taliking in chat, people are straight soft int and troll to release there anger and frustration.
Exactly, and its the people who confront them that receive the ban.
: > Surely if it was the things that I had said, that got me banned then I would of thought a chat restriction would of been punishment enough. No. If the behavior is extreme enough, the initial punishment is a 14 day ban. Some kinds of behavior are just so completely inacceptable that you get a very clear warning right away for it. This kind of behavior includes but is not limited to racism, homophobia, real-life threats, telling people to kill themselves and similar stuff.
Yet it seems like the players who straight up ruin a game will very rarely receive any kind of punishment. Whether its passive aggressively by soft-inting or just straight up trolling , it hardly ever seems to make a difference by reporting these players given the lack of any report feedback. And I can kind of understand the ban for unacceptable typing, but considering it was one game, and Im sure this would not be the first time that those players/many others have ruined a game given their attitude, just seems a very unbalanced way of doing things to me.
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