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JayCoww (EUW)
: Evelynn's New Voice Acting is Unneccessary and Inappropriate
"I understand that the heavy majority of our player base are teen boys," Nope. most of the playerbase is 18+. over twenty if im not mistaken.
: euw server + MEO (disconnected)
cant even log in. unable to connect to the pvp.net server
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: AP Malzahar Jungle (Lvl 3 Dragon Solo and you can solo Baron)
he can also solo herald at levels 4-5 depending on itemization
: My adc training. (help appreciated)
Thx everyone for their advices ^^ they're very helpful c:
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: Reported for harassment... Bye. Stop following me as well you creepy wierdo.
: Thats amusing stalker because I did actually manage to kill him myself but that wasn't the point. I am not at all, I have principles, even if you don't.
wether u killed him or not is irrelevant. and i doubt u did. he still isnt ur concern and u are clearly extremely selfish. its obvious in 9/10 comments u make specially wen u speak about ur support gameplay. i wont comment on the last thing u said cuse its just a plain insult.
: Because I notice things that people do and it makes me laugh. Some people are just so impatient, so selfish and so greedy that they literally destroy the game for their own team. Its that kind of self-destructive behavior that makes me wonder why so many people play this game.
selfish behaviour is u claiming u wont save ur adc because its not ur "job" as a support and ud rather they died. u are intentionally fucking over ur team. selfish behaviour is u claiming u wont help ur adc cuse its a tristana and u have something against tristanas. that is selfish. it isnt selfish to miscalculate ur damage on an enemy because the enemy isnt a normal well known matchup to the player. edit: as a karma u shouldnt even be worried about galio. he isnt ur target and u arent his. he is the adc's concern and maybe the top laner MAYBE the jungler's but not ur concern. why would u try to do damage to him anyway? its a tank and ur a support.
: Reported, calling me dumb is a childish tactic... I will not respond further to your ignorance.
Says the guy known for making racist comments and insulting other players all the time .
Bombardox (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=LadyParallel,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=FOV2ujkB,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2016-04-14T13:31:50.447+0000) > > No worries. Invalid reports are harmless. but still , this shows how some parts of the community are really stupid
Yeah stupid people are everywhere. Unrelated to the game itself. They are just everywhere on the planet xD
: I am not interested in making friends with irrelivant people I will never see, that don't matter at all in my life so why should I be forced to make friends with these parasites just to have a fair game of league?
Just made a quick search throughout many of ur accounts u have played with the same people. Repeatedly even with at least one of them. U are part of the group of players who play in premades xD (not always but several times)
: Communication outside of the in game chat is not seen as cheating. Why are you so angry all the time?
Cuse too much NaCl
: > [{quoted}](name=StarfleetPony001,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=Abj5upkX,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-04-14T13:21:25.708+0000) > > Seriously, these people are communicating outside the game, they have an advantage... they are cheating so get rid of them Riot. I am sick and tired of groups of friends getting an easy win because they are on ts or some other voice client and can call for help. Non- bronze/silver players will down vote you because they don't know the struggle. Dynamic queue is downright detrimental to the health and longevity of low Elo ranked play ( bear in mind this is 70%+ of the total ranked player base)
He's not even level 30 bro. He isn't talkin about dynamic queue xD
Bombardox (EUW)
: So i got reported for banning ekko
No worries. Invalid reports are harmless.
Eveninn (EUW)
: http://cdn.themetapicture.com/media/funny-gif-inspirational-sun-positive.gif Times will change, so just look forward to the better ones! \*hugs* \\(^.^)/
Omg ur seriously so adorable xD but ur preaching to the wrong person im afraid he wont listen to u :/ (always worth trying to spread positivity though :p )
: No, they really don't. My parents taught me to be as blind as you but experience and life has taught me otherwise. The world is full of corrupt, selfish people who will put their own desires above the needs of society. Those kind of people disgust me. I don't associate people who have previous criminal convictions because they will always be that way to consider doing something illegal in the first place. And I have a spotless record because I'm a law-abiding, normal person.
A spotless record except for all the bans uve had on both boards and probably in game too yeah? XD
: ***
Its not facts its not even logical. As for going away. Sorry but nope. Too much fun catching u lie. I'll go away wen u learn to behave. Good luck.
: ***
More lies. And racism too u just can't resist geez. I took nothing out of context I said exactly wat u said. But this is pointless.
Goodnigut (EUW)
: Friendly advice buddy, which should help with your life as well: stop being so superior and toxic.
This is like his 6th account or 7th. He always makes posts about the same topics (he has talked about this one as well before) he is always toxic and always finds himself superior. I'd link u some of the worst but I wish not to bother u any longer.
: The problem was that people don't know how to counter the new champ. (even if it was bloody obvious to anyone playing sol how to counter sol)
That is true idd. But I dont think that's why they nerfed him.if I had to guess id say it has something to do with his ability to jungle and insane ganks. Idk might be wrong would have to do more research on the matter but I'm feeling lazy xD
: Solarium wasn't op not even in high elo.
High elo players i heard about disagreed... But maybe we heard it from different players and they themselves dont agree xD
: The Nerfs (are they already applied in 6.7?) were bs, oh ult down and stun duration even tho it was in no way excessive. And even i he WAS op, this would be post nerfs meaning that claiming he is op now because he was nerfed is just ridiculous.
He was op in higher elos when used to full potential. And riot can't exactly not Nerf him just cuse in low elo he seems bad or balanced. Its like katarina a long time ago. She was never strong in high elo because they have the knowledge to counter her very easily and she just wasn't even picked but in low elo she completely obliterated people so she was nerfed.
: ***
U cannot be gay as u said it was a choice. If u were ud know its not. And you can't be autistic as I've spent years of my life with people who suffer from it. I know how one acts... And u are definitely not one. I can recall many other blatant lies. Like u saying u only dislike lee sin but not the player. Few weeks later saying lee sin players are all foreigners and bad people and watnot. There was also ur riot loving phase where u spoke nothing but good things of them and then... Well I think ur answer right there shows how u truly think about them. U also called them American pigs. Remember that one? Made jokes about bombs and Islam and how foreigners are ruining everything and ur country is so much better and all the others have no morals.
: ***
U listen to no one that doesn't agree with u xD. Besides its only annoying because ur lies are always caught. And u lie alot. like saying ur gay but ur not. Or my special favorite: Saying u have autism to gain sympathy and upvotes on the boards. Disgusting.... That and the racism doesn't help much.
: ***
Dismissal. Offensive language. Rude in general... And racist. Good job.
: League of Cowadice
Glass cannons... They are squishy they get killed by any burst mage who won hid making phase or an assassin with decent damage. U clearly know nothing of this role and to speak without knowing wat u speak of Is quite annoying to others. It's hard to correct u wen I dont even know where to begin. So much is wrong in wat u said. The making phase of an ADC is made up of partnership. There is no I there is only we. Both the ADC and the support work to win the lane and that bullshit of saying we have a god complex is insulting. Specially because every role has people who think they are the best. It has to do with their personality not with the role. Mobility is not exclusive to some roles and every champion has some sort of ability to protect himself. Whether it be in the form or mobility or cc all champions have it. If ADCs were all immobile they would be far too dependent on their supports throughout the mid and late game. That is not good. Supports must help other people too. A good example is kogmaw and the whole protect the ADC comp that tends to surround him due to his lack of mobility and weak self peel. If all ADCs were kog maws there would be no diversity. It does take skill to play ADC. It takes skill to play every champion in this game even though most would disagree with that. Positioning is a hard to learn skill and so is last hitting perfectly with an ADC. The decision making process of an ADC isn't easy. To chose to split push with one can be a death sentence and wen it comes to champions like vayne Lucian and draven the micromanagement of their abilities and positioning (dodging abilities) is very intense and highly rewarded if done correctly. Thing is. All this can be applied to other roles and champions. There isn't an easy role. Or a useless role. Its a team game. It requires strategy. And yes creating a 5v1 situation Is good strategy. If the enemy were a good player he would have avoided it entirely. If his team was as good as the other one they would have grouped to defend him or split push while the others only get a kill at best maybe one tower. This is getting downvoted because u are wrong. That's all. And because as usual u refuse to listen to anyone who disagrees. Ur the one with a god complex. Cant take.criticism and always dismisses others opinions. Always believing u are correct. Grow up.
: Karma's inconsistent damage...
Hiiii diamond ^-----^ And no its not inconsistent at all. Don't make stuff up. Just read the numbers. c: As a karma main u should know there's a difference between hitting it directly and with the second hit or only hitting one of them. The splash damage +delayed explosion will also do different damage obviously. As u didnt hit them directly. Might be wrong though^-^ why dont u go check this kinda shit to wiki or try it in a costume game before claiming riot has to fix something that ain't broken? C:
Maíko (EUW)
: Each Champion is a good pick in each elo when played correctly :|
Not really no. Each elo has a group of champions that are more suited for it. Ashe loses strength in higher elo for example as there are better options and people know how to counter her quite easily.
Dota2Pleb (EUNE)
: Is ashe broken ?
You are correct. Ashe is very good in low elos. Not broken but a very good pick indeed.
: New Taric - Some concerns... His design and possible pressure to change him from his LGBT Status.
except being homosexual is not a choice at all and u just screwed urself over. if u were gay ud know. ur born like that. the lie is proof of attention seeking in its most disgusting way plz dont do this again. riot doesnt care about the sexuality of their characters. with the exception of a few who are married or have an in-lore partner. no champion is necessarily straight or gay. theyre sexuality doesnt matter for the game. its a MOBA game not a single player story ridden game. taric was never gay or straight. leona and diana are not gay or straight. no character (with small exceptions) are anything at all because IT DOESNT MATTER FOR THE GAME.
: What you called "racist", I call truthful. Now if you don't mind, I'd rather converse with intelligent league players who don't follow me around like a lost puppy. I am right about less mechanically skilled being rewarded too much in this meta and a lot of people are angry because their skilled mains are being supplanted for this cheap crap. This topic is about community favoritism and why it should not be allowed to effect champion balance, the rage of Lee Sin players at his rework a year ago shows a lack of willingness to adapt to a new situation and that concerns me greatly, since he got special treatment and my main (Zilean) got gutted and I don't play him anymore.
Don't go down that path. I have good memory I can recall all the times uve been against changes to a champion claiming they were good or balanced and then said they were overpowered or cancerous. I remember wen u said you didn't hate lee sin players only the champion and few days later made a post on how the lee sin players were "some random insult or racist comment". Mechanically hard champions are more rewarding. If u play them right.heres a surprise for u. U cant play them right. U have no idea how to play the mechanically challenging champions right so obviously u will do worse. It is absolutely ok to play simple champions. They are here to teach us to Cs to harass to position. Things alot of people who think they can play mechanically intense champions don't even know about. As for zilean. He is still good. He is harder to play. That's a good thing in ur eyes or it should be at least... Zilean is still the harass beast he was and the god like saves master he used to be. Just harder to play. He got too difficult for u so u just deem him underpowered. Lol. And dont use win rate and such for ur conclusions. Those statistics dont mean wat people think they mean. Like all statistics they are easily misinterpreted.
: ***
Just because alot of people agree with u doesn't mean ur right. I've already spotted a racist comment on this account so I'm sure u wont last. As for the stalking. Not my fault ur easy to spot. I read nearly every single post on this board everyday. And urs are just always the same. U never learn. But its hilarious to me so keep on with this. Helps with the boredom.
: Would half the game quit if Lee Sin lost a few things from his kit?
Hi diamond frostmane... Crying on the boards again are we? U could at least change topics wen u change ur account for the millionth time. Did ya get banned again for racist comments?^^
Coxis (EUNE)
: Damn, I love this post! This should be linked in-client as well imo! :P
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: >Well, as a mid/top main, I get one or the other 50-50. But when I fill, I always get supp. :P So, yeah. I get why you're troubled by it. The role-distribution is not what bothers people. What bothers people, is that solo-Q players are being FORCED to be the filler material for wannabe-LCS premades, which means: * The personal contribution to the game is diminished * People are excluded from communication * Toxic premades make the game experience worse for the players, by reinforcing each others negative behaviour * ELO Boosting is easier than ever before * Queue timers are through the roof, because not only does the system have to accomodate the role selection, but also match premades of varying sizes * Surrender-abuse And its simply not fun to be the "one guy" on the field...who is ganked by a coordinated 3-man turret dive, which is executed by people with better means of communication...while having NO WAY AT ALL to achieve the same level of communication with the 4 guys in your team, because they are buddy-buddy and you are not invited. Suddenly, you are the lynchpin of why your team is losing, for no fault of your own, and no way to prevent it. Yeah, great fun. I don't know who thought that this was ever a good idea.
I believe people have the right to have their dynamic queue for fun with friends but for the rest of us who like playing alone we really need solo queue as In dynamic we experience many of the problems u just pointed out. Dynamic queue is fine and a good idea but it NEEDS solo queue along side it so we don't feel left out basically get fucked by its system that wasn't thought out for people like us.
Coxis (EUNE)
: Well, as a mid/top main, I get one or the other 50-50. But when I fill, I always get supp. :P So, yeah. I get why you're troubled by it. However, I do think the rioters haven't forgot about it. Maybe they'll launch the new client alpha as well with it. [can't wait for that one] ^.^ Who knows. We'll just have to live and see. :)
Cant wait for that one either xD. I really hope they hurry though as a secondary support and main adc I had to change my my secondary to mid just to be able to get ADC in some games. And i really don't like mid xD. But yeah we gotta wait i guess.
Coxis (EUNE)
: Hi m'lady. Nope, no update or release date on that yet as far as I know. :)
Thank you for answering^^. Shame Im pretty sure people miss playing solo queue this dynamic thing might be fun but its not for everyone >.<
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Goofle (EUW)
: Disgusting greed.
Eloboosted accounts are getting banned. Everything u say in the post is completely unfounded.
Styfnar (EUW)
: login screen errors (it was fine yesterday)
we all getting the same problem. the server went to shit again.
Talonest (EUW)
: a NOS é a empresa com mais processos em tribunal por alguma razao. Cambada de autistas. Mas é que a mim a net nao passa dos 4 MB quando me garantiram 40.. enfim
vivendo no meio dos montes e tendo meo acredita que n me importava de ter 4 mb. mas entendote. só mentiras...
Talonest (EUW)
: Riot and NOS internet from portugal are both so disgusting..
sou meo e tenho problemas a toda a hora tb. n é so a NOS xD
Talonest (EUW)
: Euw down again?
we all got this problem. at least alot of us. i guess the servers went puff again...
: Server is down again
yep. many posts already about it.
: EUW server down
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