: multi-season diamond support LFT
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ExileSorrow (EUNE)
: use thunderlords decree its better keystone for mages
I do use it right now, and no, if you are playing a poke champ like zyra, touch is a lot stronger alternative. Sadly, it does not work for the plants atm.
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: When will ghost games be fixed?
Another ghost game while taking a break from studying. GO GO MOTIVATION!
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KönigP (EUW)
: What the .... is happening with the D5 ladder ?
I've had this issue for about 50 games now, and I've contacted Riot support about it. Of course, they refused to tell me anything about it other than my MMR is bad (I drew this out of their replies). An interesting thing you should note is that just by having a positive W/L does not make your MMR good. Even more so if you duo a lot. So, their answer : keep winning, it will fix itself. They are trying out some new stuff MMR-wise, but hush, it's a secret.
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