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: you guessing stuff and saying i think/guessing? you made it sound like the 10lp was a bug and they were fixing that and the server when the 10lp is intended when ever there is loss prevented active. calm down lil one
I litterally said that it was probably because of the server issues they were having that they did that and that the guy shouldnt hope to get the 'missed' lp back. Where in the world did I imply that it was a bug?
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Spearki (EUW)
: no its intended to only give teams 10lp if they win when servers are boom cuz they can't check every single match going on and ask players if they had issues or not so everyone just gets +10lp on win only to make it fair as you technically might not deserve the win if 4ppl on enemy team did dc or had problems due to the servers. millions of games going on no way to check them all.
Thats what I said you doofus
: Just want an honest answer please.
While I think that you were not positive or kind towards your teammates, I dont think this kind of chat should be bannable. I believe League is one of the most competitive games to play, in the sense that a lot of people take it very seriously and want to win, during ranked especially, often resulting in chatlogs like this. Players can be toxic if things are not going their way or if their team is just annoying them, but Riot tends to have a 0 tolerance for any form of offensive chatting, which I dont completely agree with either, but you just have to accept it. The main issue that bothers me is the inconsistency in their chat bans, but its hard to draw a line as to what extent you can be "non-positive" while chatting. In your case I deem the ban to be quite harsh although you DID say stuff you can be banned for, like others mentioned, thus resulting in your ban. If you care for your account though, try to avoid typing in caps, using wtf (or similar words), avoid appealing for reports based on teammates performing poorly and avoid calling them iron/trash, ... since the next thing that follows a 14-day suspension is probably a permanent one.
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: This game is a scam and robbery
When you download the game you have to agree to their terms of service in order to be able to play. You might think its unfair but if you actually read what they wrote in there you would know that they can do this. If you receive a ban, they can restrict all access to the account for you and if you put any money into that account they are not obliged to give you the money back or provide you with the amount of rp on a different account if you decide to make a new one. As is the case with most online games.
: Ranked LP
The same just happened to me after my ranked game, my guess is that its connected to the ranked queue issues they are having right now. I think they will try to fix whatever is causing this but I wouldnt count on getting back the amount of lp you actually should have received.
: Honor level
Leveling up in honor level does take a while and from what i understand is that its meant to be a season long kind of journey going from honor lvl2 to honor lvl5. It goes much slower than last season from what i have noticed. If you keep receiving honors after games you will make progress after a while im sure. Note that if you get a ban or suspension of some sort that you will drop to lvl0, which goes even slower to level back up again since you have to prove that you redeemed yourself.


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