Perilum (EUW)
: "plz giv meh honur i m get promuteit sun" That is why.
like that would work .., I see, instantly, people who are forcefully trying to be nice on chat, it's sweetly disgusting :C
Happee (EUW)
: THe new honor system questions
yeah would love to know that too
: > ow the hek I suppose to honor somebody if I can't see the score ? Since none of the categories is about the score and actually the entire system is not about performance but behavior, you don't need stats. I think you misunderstand the purpose of this system. It's about social behavior, not skill.
I probably bit misunderstood it, yes, still I would like to reward my teammate for performing well, because it makes my and everyone else's experience much better and since it's only 1 vote I would prefer to give it to one with most damage dealt or most kills etc and when I get to that vote screen I'm usually "woot we had ziggs too ??? this master yi, he definitely won us that team fight, but also remember 5 man zyra ult ..." so which one should I vote for ? :D well if it was like this intentionally so we can't judge by performance I don't have issue with that, just wanted to share what I think about it ^^.
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: Beekeeper Singed
Yes Q would be bees swarming and this liquid slow thing would be honey ^^
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Hazafrios (EUNE)
: hobo riven *
poor riven :(, literally
: HAha, this one is very good (we need a Yasuo and Teemo one to)
I may come up with something xD like Edgy Teenager Yasuo xD
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Firya (EUNE)
: This is NOT Katarina anymore.
oh please, more tears, less qwer panta kill and more tears, how does it feel when you have to play a champion that requires minimal planing before facerolling ? Kata's rework is nice, she got more damage potential and is less annoying to deal with, also now you can actually outplay people contrary to pre rework when you just q>e>w>r and then smash keyboard as hard as you can hoping to get some random reset
: Wood League Warriors: Champ Select
No nononono it's not the friendly players who win 27% more games, it's other way around, when your team is wining 27% players are friendly, remaining 73% are still toxic even on wining team
DarKNe0n (EUNE)
: Plants! Why? [Angry post]
FMSonto (EUW)
: Nemesis Draft 1v1 in Customs
so second to pick always can pick champion that is weak against one you picked being 1st pick ? no thanks
Stelllo (EUW)
: [Champion Suggestion] Surrex, The Chaser.
sounds too complicated, therefore nobody will pick it in lcs, therefore it will be forgotten and never mentioned again, we need something like Q does tons of dmg + sustain, W aoe stun, E tons of damage and gap closer, R stun/gap closer and tons of damage that would be something that would be 100% picked/banned, it would have millions of mains and skin sales, man think about skin sales
: Riven
noobs gonna noob, riven is most useless champion in this game, she is free fish food before 6, has huge spike at 6 and then falls of into oblivion, she is NOT MOBILE well she can close gaps or open them but in order to do so she has to waste her whole kit and by time she reaches her target she can hit few AA's, just try to play her in ARAM where people are prepare to kite/peel not like you noobs who go all in her at lvl 6 with half health and then QQ how OP most overnerfed champion is NOOBS
magkas136 (EUNE)
: One Piece Skins
Luffy zac, Nami Nami (lel), Zoro yasuo and usopp gangplanck ? :DDD, well would be nice but the chance is somewhat 0% that to happen due copy rights, personally I would like to see more skins related to something, but again COPY RIGHTS

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