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: Why do people think OP = more money? Most people buy champs with IP, and it probably cost them more to pay the wages of people who put in extra time to try to balance OP champions in a reasonable time frame, than the relatively small gain.
Well, if a champ is strong, more ppl like him and tend to buy skins. Because if you dont like a champion, you dont buy a skin for that. So he's actually not wrong about that statement.
Mimr (EUW)
: 1. Hmm, I dunno. Could be a little shorter, but too much and Worked Ground becomes meaningless wth enough CDR, which Taliyah loves already. 2. It doesn't add anything to a direct 1v1, but it has amazing utility. Use it to block or gapclose when your jungler gannks, oir even better, **roam**. Your roaming pressure post 6 is insane. Enemy makes one wrong move on bot lane and boom, they have a 3v2 on their hands and an 6 second duration wall, and unless the enemy mid is playing someone with an equally extreme range there's nothing they can do about it. 3. Again, passive is really useful for roaming or getting to where you want or need to be in general. Having it activated in combat would be way too powerful in small corridor fights like in the jungle. 4. I can't remember J4's ult having a 3-6k range and walling off half the map. Taliyah's ult is **extremely** powerful if used right, and deserves the CD it has, especially considering how easy it is to get CDR with mage items right now. Having said that, I'm not sure if Taliyah is OP, UP or balanced right now. Not enough data yet. Any undertunedness certainly isn't caused by her base kit however. She's a lethal roamer in the laning phase and midgame, and has the potential to be a very effective teamfighter with her ult having the potential to mold the battlefield to your advantage (separating squishies from their frontline, blocking off escape routes, the list goes on) and her basic abilities providing a steady stream of dps and CC (at level 18 with 40% CDR her QWE has has a CD of 2.4, 4.8 and 4.8 seconds). If any tuning needs to be done, it would simply need to be to her raw damage or HP/magres/armor numbers, but at the moment I'd be very careful with that because's she's a quite complex champion that no one really has figured out yet.
1. I'm not sure what you mean with it becomes meaningless. The current mechanic is a pain to deal with as it limits you extremely no matter where you play. 2. You can't roam if you can't push. Honestly, the only thing you can do if you want to push is to max your E, and that spell has retarded high manacosts, a low range which leaves you vulnerable if you try to farm and doesn't provide enough damage to actually trying to kill someone. The W is too clunky and slow to have a 100% chance to hit someone with it into your spikes. So you're only left with your Q, which you can't max since you can't push then. You see the problem? 3. I don't think so. Simply moving is still one of the worst forms of movement. Supporting an otherwise extremely immobile champ in that way would be a step into the right direction. Yes, she probably were a kitemonster in the jungle - but honestly, kalista is still in the game. 4. Basically, you never need the 3 - 6 k range. You have to wall off a lane, which requires not even 1k range. However, I do understand that the spell is extremely powerful and I won't say much about that. > her basic abilities providing a steady stream of dps and CC (at level 18 with 40% CDR her QWE has has a CD of 2.4, 4.8 and 4.8 seconds) Her Q is on a low cd, but you can't use it that often in teamfights since it becomes futile on worked ground. It simply doesnt deal damage, its a spell with 140 base dmg and a 50% ap scaling. That's nothing, noone will recognize that. Honestly, I think that the worked ground ability is the worst thing about taliyah at the moment.
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: Dude dont comparise Diana or Leblanc they are mobile champions and have variety of use of their skills and escapes, Annie doesnt have any mobility at all and have to get in range and dies very quickly, she must burn flash to pull out combo so all she have is damage, also rest of the team must follow or shie dies in the next 2 seconds. What about Fizz or Grave you wanna talk about real broken champs? Stop qq just because you got smurfed, s4 is old and dont even comparise it to s6 fast burst style. What you talkin about is about 40% of the champs in current meta, oh just wait you meet Zed with 2x ult or Fizz.
So you clearly didn't understand what i actually wrote. If you did, you wouldn't talk such a nonsense. Zed and Fizz require skill, and i don't have a problem with a champ which can "oneshot" if he does it because he is damn good at what he does. I wouldn't recommend zed to a bad to mediorcre player. You have to be damn fast with a zed, and those shurikens have to be placed properly which isn't easy. However, every RETARD can play annie. R Q W is all she has to do. Zed and fizz have to do WAY more to achieve this effect.
: I think most people agree Annie is kind of a problem in her current state, because of her very low counterplay style of just instant bursting people and CCing at the sametime. Though your reasoning and comparisons are so ridiculous that its hard to take you seriously. Comparing a bunch of champions base damages and AP ratios makes no sense when you aren't counting in their other big strengths that set them apart as champions. Anyway, Annie will probably get reworked sometime in the future, there are just other champions Riot wants to focus on currently. She might get changes in the Mage Update coming soon.
That perfectly makes sense. What sets those 3 champs apart, besides the range, which was mentioned earlier? You can perfectly react to any of those champions. You can react to the ultimates which all have a "windup" time in which you can use zhonyas. You can't with annie. However, i just picked those champs because they are known to scale nicely into lategame and all are considered as mages.
Karfuss (EUW)
: All the champions you listed for comparison have one thing in common: high range. Annie doesn't have that, no matter how much people delude themselves. As compensation for her being forced to enter a range where she can be melted by everything, she has a strong burst combo. That doesn't mean to say that Annie doesn't need a few hits, not at all, though it does justify her high AP scaling and base damage. Her niche is that she can out trade most mages, it's her reward for managing to get into range of champions such as Syndra or Xerath, who will shove her out of lane and outfarm her because of their range. In most cases, that requires her to Flash too, leaving her wide open to ganks due to lack of mobility.
But not even ap champs which have to go close range have such huge scalings. Diana doesn't, for example, and she isn't the most mobile champ either. Also leblanc dmg isn't that strong, also she has to hit the chain which isn't that easy.
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