PixelzGr (EUNE)
: EUNE players
40 percent are wins you really don't participate much in 40 percent are losses you really don't feel responsible for 20 percent are the games where you can really make a difference I have a feeling this goes for every team game though, some games are just lost if you as a player are on about the same level of your enemies and teammates but the enemies are too far ahead some games the enemies lose and you get too far ahead.
Ritzkind (EUW)
: Bind accounts to hardware ID against smurfs
Bind hardware Id's to account makes no sense at all, people would just do this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Idm1YoqSt04 ######you can literally change your hardware id in 3 minutes while legal companies like internet cafes get screwed over because they will lose acces to lol after 1 player decides to smurf on their computer. Also If you are going to talk about using algorithms to sniff out trolls you really need to provide evidence, like in video that you are even remotely able to do this.
: Hey Riot, I some genius people have made a video about your Tribunal
This has literally nothing to do with the reporting system and even though I don't like many modern education systems I can't say this video makes any sense at all.
Nipeks (EUNE)
: Account inactive for 2 years hacked into
Your account was probably hacked and sold, the guy that bought the account and used it to play games on it got screwed over for illegally buying an account. Happy ending overall. edit: your account was probably brute force hacked or somebody you knew reverse engineered the name. Just make sure your password is at least 16 tokens long and random.
: Botting again...
I usually just report them for using 3rd party programs and write "bot" in the description. But you are right, the bot problem is %%%%ing atrocious in bot games.
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
I know that, but I really doubt they check on ancient latin considering it is a death language.
: Help me
You could try flaming in latin :) also no, english flaming always has a chance to be picked up, there really isn't a way to get around this.
: Trolling vs flaming
Troll's if caught get punished with an instant 14 day ban followed by a perma. It is not that it isn't punished more heavy, it is that it is harder to find out if somebody is trolling to begin with.
Infernape (EUW)
: It won't ever. True damage cannot be mitigated or reduced by any means. He's the only champion, whose damage would benefit from Gargoyle Stoneplate.
Yes and That is something that you should change in my opinion. If this item is supposed to reduce all damage you can't simply ignore one type of damage.(that or you could make it so that gargoyles stoneplate hp doesn't get calculated into the max hp)
wingzerzzz (EUNE)
: didnt this item also reduce your damge by 60% or something hen you use it ? Idk :/
it doesn't for true damage yet.
: > [{quoted}](name=Afelers,realm=EUNE,application-id=yTagKVTg,discussion-id=FLgK04j1,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2017-05-04T07:56:10.415+0000) > > And then you realize there are tanks that can almost oneshot you with only tank items. tell me which tank can ONESHOT you with only tank items on teamfight?
new cho gath. They forgot to lower true damage on his ult when he uses the gargoyles item
Byakurän (EUNE)
: I disagree. Stuff, like "buy frozen heart for vayne", 1 3 1 splitpush, fake baron, peel for Xerath, save ulti for Rengar, not Talon, buy mr, enemy has quadra ap team comp etc etc .... I could keep going on forever ...
well my logic for muting is this ________________________ #if they are assholes 1. this player is an asshole 2. This player does nothing then feeding/flaming 3. I mute them, for they have nothing good to say. Flamers provide no useful information, at best they provide you with jobs that they should be doing. (like build tank because they want to play full ad jungle) ____________________________________ # If they are idiots. 1. This player is an idiot. 2. listening to idiots is dumb. 3. Mute him ________________________________________ #if they are neither 1. then they are not muted to begin with. I used to play without mute and I have yet to meet the player that was both flaming and providing useful data.
: I Think i just played with Toxic Liam Neeson
> Toxic: WHERE ARE YOU FROAM? it is the froam that truly makes it terrifying. :)
: Dear Riot (another low elo crybaby thread)
If they add a warded ping and a about to ward ping I could drop the chat altogether. also, looking at [this](https://euw.op.gg/summoner/userName=Sinisteris) for you to climb: 1. play jax 2. play yi 2. play fizz again 3. drop kassadin(high kda low winrate) 4. only play tanks when really needed, you seem really decent as a carry so use that power.
: > If you can't type in game you don't get banned As the OP made very clear, this is about board suspensions and completely unrelated to ingame behavior.
wtf, he got 2 board accounts banned? I didn't even know they did that for anything else then posting things like porn.
Téglagyár (EUNE)
: 2 accounts already permabanned on Boards, this one got the final warning - Still no regrets
Ass (to check if it get's censored because writing a55 looks weird) Just disable your enter with a ahk. If you can't type in game you don't get banned. As for the feeder system I just report them and see what happens, no sense in getting angry about it(understandable if you do get angry).

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