Riddarn (EUNE)
: So does anything in this patch actually work?
I'm sure the transfer of $$$ to Riot's bank account still works fine, from the newly released skins. This is all that matters to Riot.
Not xPeke (EUW)
: Okay but let's assume that FNC beats IMT but then loses to GAM (or viceversa), that means GAM goes through? (just an example for argument's sake) That would be unfair no? Obviously FNC had a higher chance to drop a game since they played 2 games and not just a best of one. I see the issue you bring forward with teams ending up 1-1 scores but.. would still feel cheap to get kicked out like that by playing 2 games and losing one.
That's the advantage of having the first round bye. If FNC is really a better team than GAM, then they should be able to beat GAM after beating IMT. Otherwise GAM would be the better team. Yes a single game doesn't really prove that one team is better than the other, but then again this tie-breaker system isn't perfect. Its just as close to a fair system you can get.
: go to reddit and hate there you moron G2 played well especially Perkz on Ryze they had to play against the 3rd and 4th best team and came close any other group they are 2nd and first in group D and Trick is leaving if you actually kept up likely because G2 got accepted into NA LCS or just a roaster change if you actually kept up with the team instead of spewing out bullshit
What is with this explosive reaction? The OP makes a legit point, the korean duo of G2 has always been the team's weak link. And personally I would like to see them go as well. This has nothing to do with the team's overall performance in the group stage of Worlds.
GAM had the fastest wins, so they got the top seed in the tie-breaker. Of course this system is not ideal, because an early-game focused team isn't necessarily better than a late-game focused team. But a bracket format is the only way to resolve 3-way ties. If the 3 teams all had to play each other again, all 3 teams may well have ended up with a 1-1 score. Then you'd still have a 3-way tie and still not know who should advance. Yes it is not ideal, but its definitely the best way to solve 3-way ties.
: Why is Immortals 3rd seed and Gam 4th?
Because of the tie-breaker series. Seeds for the tie-breaker were determined by average game length of the team's winning games. GAM had the fastest wins, so they got the 1st seed, followed by FNC (#2) and IMT (#3). Despite IMT and GAM having the same standing of 2-5, GAM had a higher tie-breaker seed. Therefore they are considered the 3rd team, and IMT the 4th.
Kraungard (EUNE)
: Which Arcade orb do you think is the most worth for it's value?
At first I would say Mega Orb has a lower value than the Great Orb, due to the Legacy skin pool containing a lot of low quality skins. However, I opened 3 Great Orbs and got Fnatic Gragas, Shamrock Malphite and Urf Kench. So even the Great Orbs have a decent chance of dropping low quality legacy skins. Honestly, from what I've heard, it really doesn't matter. Because all you get are low quality or duplicate skins anyway.
xxPunk3R (EUNE)
: Chroma Skins
Ninjawusmen (EUNE)
: Chroma sale
Was looking into it myself yesterday. The last sale was in March, and Chroma IP sales happen twice a year. So expect the next IP sale sometime in September.
GLurch (EUW)
: Does that really matter? I buy skins when they look good and I really want them. I don't just stop buying them because Riot is "milking" them.
I already got Arcade Ahri, Foxfire Ahri and Dynasty Ahri to use. Why would I possibly want another Ahri skin? I'd much rather get a new skin for, I dont know? Swain? So I don't have to use Tyrant Swain every single game I play him. Or God forbid, a Yorick skin so I don't have to use his default skin every game.
Klordix (EUNE)
: year isn't even that long since ahri have already have alot of skins compared to yorick, aurelian, illaoi, swain
Yea, I meant that a year is an incredibly short timespan, considering the champions that haven't gotten anything decent/at all in the last 4+ years. Champions receiving a skin once a year is already overkill. Now Riot has decided to go even further and reduce this timespan to less then a year.
Klordix (EUNE)
: your right mf has 9 and about to get 10 and ahri have 7 and about to have 8. lol
Not just MF. Ezreal is already sitting on 9 skins (including an Ultimate) and received a 1350rp skin not even a year ago. Soraka is sitting on 6 skins, with 2x 1350rp and 1x 750rp skin in the last 3 years. The only one who arguably deserved a skin out of this set was Syndra. And her skin is by far the worst.
Klordix (EUNE)
: Stop giving ahri more skins
It hasn't even been a year ago since her last 1350rp skin, which I keep mistaking for a Legendary skin due to how detailed it is. Meanwhile, a ton of other champs (with varying popularity) get completely dumpstered when it comes to skins.
Eveninn (EUW)
: 4-1 surrenders are the worst
I don't care about winning in Normal Draft. I care about having fun. Surrendering and starting a new game is a lot more fun than the tilt-fest that is a one sided stomp.
Meanwhile still waiting for the Yorick skin that was promised....
: Competitive meta
Glad I'm not the only one who feels this way. The mid-meta has become incredibly stale in pro-play. With 7.12, Corki came back to the midlane, introducing a 3rd steady pick. However before this Syndra & Borianna were picked for a large majority of the games. And even with Corki, they are still often picked. Syndra's damage is just disgusting. Her ult lets you delete a squishy instantly, and still remain relevant for the 4v5 yourself. I'm amazed Riot has still not done anything about it (similar to Caitlyn in the ADC position). It's about time we see something of Azir again. I would love to see something crazy return to midlane, like Lissandra, but I don't see that happening. Heck, at this point I even prefer to see Varus back in mid over Syndra and Orianna.
: There are so many items that counter adc but not that many that counter tanks...
{{item:3153}} is super meta right now. Everyone builds it, ADCs build it, top laners build it even mid-lane Syndras build it! It's the only item you need! But if that doesn't go fast enough for you, you can always add a {{item:3036}} or {{item:3033}} . You're welcome.
: > [{quoted}](name=Captain Tea,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=Tut1JiHR,comment-id=0006,timestamp=2017-07-12T14:00:33.213+0000) > > Trista got a legendary skin 1.5 years ago, and a 1350rp skin during last halloween. Now she's getting another. What a joke this means riot know that ppl buy those skins so they make them stop looking dumb and follow simple logic more players playin certain champs more than the rest = they see the stats they make skins for those champs = profit no point making skins for urgot mordekaiser when under 1% ppl play em. and so much more are playing the champs that have 9+ skins ...
No shit. I'm just salty because all my favorite champs fall in the 1% popularity category, and have been waiting for years after years for them to just get a new skin.
: Omega Squad ...
Trista got a legendary skin 1.5 years ago, and a 1350rp skin during last halloween. Now she's getting another. What a joke
: {{champion:69}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:50}} {{champion:112}} Are all going to get a skin through-out 2017-18 Riot confirmed.
I know. I'm just salty it's taking them so long, so I'll complain about it whenever a different skin releases. Honestly they should have started working on their skins earlier, so they'd release sooner.
Solash (EUW)
: More than likely they just thought it was about time to bring the Omega Squad line back and needed some fitting champions for it.
Considering the Omega Squad skin line was something requested by the community, I'm sure they wanted to bring it back. But I'd think they would put more priority on skins for champions who haven't gotten one in ages, then making skins for champions who already have a ton of (recent) skins (excluding Twitch), just for the sake of bringing a theme back.
Solash (EUW)
: That isn't how skin production goes. You don't forgoe a cool skin line that the team's been working on just cause some random champion is lacking a skin. You set that champion to one side and work on a skin for them another time.
What I meant is that they could easily have set the Omega skin line in the fridge during the concept phase. I did not imply that they should just trash the skins half-way production. I'm sure they must have been thinking "Hmm... Tristana got a Legendary skin last year, and we'll be releasing her halloween skin this month. Should we make her another skin, or should we make a skin for one of these champions who haven't gotten one in 5 years? Lets make Tristana a new skin!"
Solash (EUW)
: Well aside from Rumble, none of them are going to fit in the Omega Squad setting, are they?
That's besides the point. They could have forgone the entire theme and allocated the time to these champions.
Meanwhile {{champion:69}} {{champion:68}} {{champion:98}} {{champion:50}} {{champion:112}} {{champion:83}} are still waiting for a new skin in over 3 years.
Walook (EUW)
: Outlet of a disapointed EU fan
The EU LCS has been getting the short end of the stick for quite a while, becoming evident when you look at the number of games the teams play, as you stated. Riot has been experimenting with split formats for a while now, and every time it is the EU LCS who gets something new, while the NA LCS gets to play the better format that also includes more games. The BO2 format from last year was a complete failure, both from the players' point of view as the fans. Now they have introduced a double group system. The double group system completely dilutes the competition for teams, as the top teams can only compete against 1-2 other top teams in the same group (and once against the other group during cross-group play). Meanwhile, NA LCS teams get to play against all the top teams in the region consistently, allowing for a lot more practice and higher level of play. NA already had more money to spend on their teams, allowing them to build better infrastructures than their european counterparts. Now, that franchising will soon be introduced in the NA LCS, this imbalance will only become bigger. Franchising of the NA LCS will pump more resources into the NA teams, overall making them better. However, with franchising also comes the removal of relegation, and this is another big point to take into consideration. NA LCS teams will no longer relegate each split, therefore the same teams will consistently remain in the NA LCS. As a result, even if they perform poorly for a single split, they can easily make a comeback, and over the course of several splits, all teams will only improve because they remain in the LCS environment. Meanwhile, in the EU LCS, we constantly lose LCS teams and get new teams in return. This split we got NIP and MM, they underperform and just don't stand a chance. A good example of the downside of relegation is when we look at the team Origen. They made it to the semis of Worlds 2015, and during the 2016 spring split they made it to the finals of the EU LCS. A year later they relegate, and we will likely never see them back because of this. Had there not been a relegation system, they may have stuck at the bottom of the standings for a 2-3 splits, but have had the oppertunity to return to their former glory, as a strong team. Because of this relegation system we consistently switch out teams that are performing poorly for a split or 2, for new teams that are just not on the same level (MSF and SPY excluded). This completely dilutes the competitiveness of the EU LCS, resulting in 4-5 top teams and another bunch of teams that "are just there". Even Ocelot stated he would seriously consider moving G2 to the NA LCS if possible with the upcoming franchise (a few minutes into the video you linked). And it just doesn't stay there, the owner of SPY have stated something similar in an interview. He loves the EU LCS and the rivalries with the other teams, but "my personal preference doesn't matter in this. It matters what's best for business". If some of the top EU teams would actually move to NA because of this, it would only dilute the competition of the EU LCS further. NAgets the best teams, while EU will have to do with teams who couldnt buy a spot in the NA LCS. I find it incredibly funny how Riot decided to introduce EU vs NA Rift Rivals, to give the regions a place to battle their rivalry out. But what is the point of doing so, if the two regions aren't on equal footing because you pump a lot more resources into one of the regions? If it wasn't for the recent introduction of Rift Rivals, I would start being concerned about Riot disbanding the EU LCS all together, and just move everything to NA. I would really love to hear some of Riot's thoughts on this matter, but I doubt they'd reach out.
: Does Urgot's reworked W apply onhit effects
Probably not, because at the rate he's shooting that would be insanely broken. From what I could count in the ability preview, he shot ~12 times (not counting the knee shotguns). You only need half that to trigger all stacks of Guinsoo's Rageblade or Black Cleaver, and can you imagine if every hit would trigger BotRK.
dawix800 (EUW)
: Star Guardian Urgot
Not before Star Guardian Yorick he doesn't.
: State your postion when you want to swap
Or you could just check their position in the player list to the left, in Picks and Bans.
: Dont read if you dont want to be spoiled Rift Rivals results
You can't really conclude whether a region is better based on a 3-4 day event, held once a year, based around BO-1s. Did LPL beat the LCK fair and square? Yes. Are they able to do it at least 7 out of 10 times? Probably not. I feel the same can be said about the EU/NA rift rivals. NA beat us yes, but it looked like EU teams were severely under performing. Next time there might be a completely different outcome.
: What's a common thing you see people do but they don't realise that it's bad
: How do i get tokens
You can't get tokens anymore. However you can still use the tokens you have already earned. To do this you have to go to the "Loot" section in the client. There you can find the tokens you have earned during the event. Click on them, and select what you'd like to craft them into.
Lesba Zyra (EUNE)
: Can you stop putting 'PROs' on the main page?!
If you have to puke every time you see the average esports player, I would advise you to visit your doctor.
DanqWxlf (EUW)
: Honor
The person in question stacked up 98 honors in previous games. But of course riot isn't going to show that ;) Just like new champion gameplay videos, where the champions are always 2-shotting everyone. They are running 6 items versus 1 item opponents, giving the illusion new champions are OP :`)
: Lol, you have no idea how lazy people are. Even on day 1 people already refuse to honor eachother when the game was good and nobody was toxic. Or are you saying that in every game you played so far everyone honored someone and the team got the collective ''honor boost''? I have only played 8 games so far and in only 2 of those games my team actually collectively honored eachother. Me personally I would honor people even prior to this system for the most minor reasons. That you don't feel someone deserves any credit is your opinion. In my opinion a toplaner deserves credit simply for playing farmville with the other Toplaner and never dying for no good reasons. Just to name 1 reason. Also funny LoL players actually speak for the entire community. A community that is so infamously toxic. Haha PS: you can only honor 1 person a game so even if someone deserves it they may not receive an honor. You would know this if you had taken your time figuring things out instead of assuming things about people that you don't even know.
From your posts I understand that you think the honor system is a free reward system, that everyone should participate in, so all players can sit at the highest honor for maximum rewards. There are players who disagree with you. Some players think they shouldn't honor players for the sake of honoring (when they believe no one deserved honors), while others don't want to participate in the honor system for whatever reason. No one is under any obligation to honor others. Yes, it can be frustrating when you feel someone deserves honors and no one honors them, but you can hardly blame others for that. The fact you can only honor 1 player is definitely an issue, but an entirely different one from not being able to honor premades. So I really don't understand your passive aggressiveness towards me, because I didn't bring it up. Finally, you say I assume things about people I don't know, but isn't this exactly what you are actually doing? You claim that players who do not honor are lazy, even though they may have very valid reasons for not doing so. You also have a very negative view of younger players, claiming its children who would abuse the honor system. Do you have a source that states younger players abuse the system significantly more than older players? You seem incredibly upset not being able to honor your girlfriend. I would suggest you spend some time outside, cool off a little. You should probably withhold from posting before you have a more objective view on the matter.
: Yeah I am seeing this aswell. Looks like that in a month or so people will be back to their old toxicity and people will likely be forgetting to honor their teammates shortly after. I could even see Riot discontinuing the post game screen where your teammates pop up after a few months because they will be getting complaints from people that don't want to always be ''semi-forced'' to honor someone. But I am staying optimistic.
Post full of pessimism and negativity. > [{quoted}](name=SevenKGnomeSize,realm=EUW,application-id=Mpd1UjGe,discussion-id=Nts8EPiv,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2017-06-30T15:46:04.058+0000) > But I am staying optimistic.
: New Honor System AMAZING ! Or nope not at all.
> [{quoted}](name=SevenKGnomeSize,realm=EUW,application-id=Mpd1UjGe,discussion-id=Nts8EPiv,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-06-30T14:19:36.127+0000) > > she is actually a better player than me and a main support in plat 1. These are no reasons to honor a player. There are plenty of players better than me, and there are a ton of supports, I don't honor any of them just for that. If she is so good because of her shot-calling and teamwork, and really deserves to get honored for it, she will get honored by your non-premade teammembers. If she doesn't get the honors, then the community disagrees with you. The benefits of the system far outweigh the negatives.
Icepaw (EUNE)
: There are 3 categories to honor in. 2 of which does not relate to skill. That menas you have 8 choices, even if the teamscore is 1/50, to choose from. If you are happy with the KDA, it adds a 3rd category, which means you have 12 options to honor. Are you telling me your teams are so frequently: - 4 players feeding (No skill) - 4 players toxic (bad attitude) - 4 players with poor descicion making ? Then im inclined to not believe you. You should reflect a bit upon that, and actually start reckognizing people that do good, even in miserable games. God knows this community needs a buit turning arounds. Its more toxic than a rats ass, something you yourself are stating in your post.
Just to give you an example: During my last game (while playing top), bot and mid fed during the early game. During mid-game, we were running around like headless chickens half the time, getting picked off at random, or having small skirmishes. Honestly, it was a clown fiesta on both sides. During the entire game, non of my team members said a word, even though I tried to communicate with them. I was about to honor the jungler for shot calling, because we had some good teamwork together, but at our last Baron (2 minutes before we won the game) he had to blame me for dying, because he started Baron early and I couldn't get the aggro. Who should I have honored? The jungler blew it with his negative attitude towards the end, and the other 3 did nothing to deserve honors. And such a game is not a rare occurance. From my experience, the majority of players do not talk, and a lot of players do not shot-call significantly enough to deserve honors. On top of that, feeding often leads to flaming (either from the feeder, or someone else to who the feeder than responds back with flame). At times failing one honor category can exclude all the others. A flamer can have good shot calling, but I'd rather report them for flaming than honor them for shot calling.
Icepaw (EUNE)
: No honor to those who dosent vote!
Why do I have to wait 20 seconds because my teammates did not deserve to be honored? I get punished because they didn't play to a level which deserve an honor? In most of my games I don't honor anyone, because the players don't deserve to be honored. Most of the time people play for themselves, with little to no communication or teamwork. If people deserve honors, I will honor them.
: Yor...who? The champ who is played only in arams just because players cant reroll and dont want to leave? :( Jokes aside, the last time /and maybe the only one in last half year/ i saw Yorick on the rift was from a guy who mains Garen, but an enemy took Garen so he countered him with Yorick /did very well and kinda carried the game, normal draft one/. :( This topic just proves my words that Riot just dont care about all champs
Yorick is an awesome champion, and it saddens me he is so under appreciated! While I agree that popular champions should get more skins, it feels that Riot has become a bit extreme and is completely neglecting some champions. His release date would have been an awesome time to release a new skin, but it seems Riot is too busy making skins for champions that are already sitting on a large pile of them. Fun fact: Tryndamere and Shen have the same popularity. Tryndamere has been getting a skin almost every year (except for 2013), meanwhile Shen hasn't gotten a skin in over 4 years. I really don't know what Riot is doing sometimes.
: Riot has confirmed that Yorick will recieve a new skin THIS YEAR. **Im not talking about the Reddit leak that showed up btw. That Arcade Yorick is just a rumor.** But just to let players know, RIOT is making skins for YORICK, CASSIOPEIA, SWAIN (and I believe Mordekaiser, dont remember right now). THIS YEAR, 2017.
This year? Do you have a source on that? [Here](http://nexus.leagueoflegends.com/2017/05/dev-state-of-skins/) it states that the skin will be released within 12 months. So that may well be April 2018, which is way too late in my opinion.
Altiverse (EUNE)
: Arcade Yorick incoming!
Arcade Yorick would actually be really awesome! 8-bit ghouls :o
Necroniss (EUNE)
: What is the cost of...
Unfortunately, Bulgarian is only spoken by a large minority of the european population, about 9 million people. It finds itself at the bottom of the list of the 100 most spoken languages in the world. On the other hand, using the same exmaple you used, Turkish is listed as the 22nd most spoken language, with 63 million native speakers. I don't expect Riot to translate anything in Bulgarian, as they would then also have to translate into other minor european languages. This would mean they would have the client/website a large number of times, in all sorts of different languages. This is really inconvenient for them.
Rioter Comments
: Which is better? Great mechanics and decent micro/macro, or great micro/macro and decent mechanics?
Macro > mechanics It doesn't really matter how mechanically skilled you are if the opponent team out-rotates you, dropping towers left and right while avoiding most fights. Meanwhile if you can survive laning phase with decent mechanics, macro can win you the game.
: if i buy both passes will i be able to do both sets of missions for riven and yasuo or only one
If you buy both passes you can do the Novice & Master mission line for both Order & Chaos, so you get all 4 exclusive mission lines. You will just have to switch between icons to make progress in either the Chaos or Order missions. Whether you are able to do the daily missions of both sides with the passes, I'm not sure.
: What happens if you start your missions with the riven summoner Icon and by the exclusive pack of Yasuo. Or can I change from Riven to Yasuo without any problems ?
By buying the Chaos/Yasuo pass, you aren't restricted in the daily missions you can play. You can still play either Chaos or Order daily missions, depending on your icon, and you can switch between them daily. Just equip the other icon before you start any of the daily missions.
: Questions about Events & Missions? Find your answer here!
2 questions: If you buy the loading screen border for either of the champions, but don't actually own the associated skins at that time, do you get the border as soon as you unlock the skin at a later date? Or do you need to have the skin unlocked during this event to be able to get the border? If you own both of the VS passes, can you do the daily missions of both sides every day (opposed to having to choose either chaos/order)? The FAQ states: "This does not apply to the VS. Passes, which allow you to play for both sides if you choose to purchase both." I assume this is meant for the exclusive missions (Novice & Master of Chaos/Order lines), but better to check :)
: Uh...Cosmic Dragon Swain! I want it now!
With all the new Cosmic skins being released (Cosmic Dusk Xayah, Cosmic Dawn Rakan & Cosmic Blade Master Yi, in addition to Cosmic Reaver Kassadin), I can totally see a Cosmic Bird Swain (or dragon) happen.
: I'm pretty sure I read that Swain is in Riot's rework list, and champions that are going to get reworked in the near future usually don't get skins until the rework happens.
A Swain rework has been rumored for years now, yet he's still not in the 'upcoming rework list'. I don't think he's going to get reworked anytime soon. 5 years is simply way too long, rework or not.
: Fun fact: Tyrant Swain is the only Swain skin that is not using his cane to walk, since this skin shows Swain at the peak of his power before he was injured in battle. But I would still like a new skin...like the long-discussed Dragon Swain. Or ANYTHING with some some cool effects. There are so many possibilities for Swain....RIOT PLEASE!
Oh wow, I never noticed that before. Learning something every day.
: Fellow Swain main here, I feel you, bro. I'm also waiting for a new skin for Swain. In the meantime i just play Tyrant Swain. Not on the same level as many new skins, but the best (imo) Swain has to offer currently.
Tyrant Swain is definitely his best! But would love to see something new for a change :)
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