Rinart73 (EUW)
: Illaoi is broken and the last buff made her even worse
I think if you think about it, you use your brain and activate the thinking function, then you realize that there is maybe possibly a chance that there are some imbalances when it comes to Illaoi in this game which is supposed to be a team game, but it ended up with being a game where it doesn't matter if you are good or have skill or get used to a champion.
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Elo Apes (EUW)
: Do anyone have problem to open a match
Yes. My champion select in Nexus Blitz was done, but no match loading screen appeared. I tried to force shut down the client, but now it loads infinitely when I try to sign in.
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: i'm korean but no, we don't say that, that word right there you said is full of cringe not even 5 y.o korean boy is gonna use it. from where were you so sure about that? google?
From which part of Korea? This comes from the village 멀리 멀리 where I lived for four years and learned Korean. Maybe you have different dialect. Please be respectful.
Eambo (EUW)
: [Resolved] [EUW] Clash issues impacting other game modes
Do you know what they call ARAM in Korea? They call it 랜덤 총 전쟁 which translates to Random Total War. That's what Riot is getting from its player base soon if things don't start going right. Too many changes and too much instability over these past few days.
Arnoter (EUW)
: Yes, but Champ Select is buggy they say, I can search for Games and find them but I wont click Accept. I never up or downvoted in my life, tho.
It takes 5 minutes to get into lobbies and the problem persisted for a half hour before Riot reacted to it xD That was the joke in it ;)
Arnoter (EUW)
: The Game is online, ya Dingus.
Can you get into queues? Me and four other friends can't. Downvoting a fellow rose follower, tsk.
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: Game freezes for 10-15 seconds, once every match.
Try disabling your VPN if you are using one while playing. Also, you can try to enable QoS for Upload for your computer, granted that you have access to router settings. A lot of times, QoS for Upload overrides some tricky router or local network settings that cause strange problems like spikes or dropouts. If that doesn't help, can you please tell me if it also happens when you play with your PC on another network?
: You are right. They need to change. It's stressful to see the countdown with bad rhythm and it didn't use to be like this for me. My connection is, as yours, perfect... xD
You are perfect connection too, my friend? I have good ping, just big problem in countdown now.
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: bet it wasn't ranked
This post is satire. It's true and it was ranked but it's only relevant because it's in stark contrast to everything else xD
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: I think the times are already okay? Like you have 30+ seconds to make your runes, that should be enough? Right?
But the problem is that in ARAM you never really know what you end up with, and then somebody wants swap etc. and it starts right away. In all other game modes, there is 15-30 seconds after all locked in to change runes. Maybe someone reroll in last second because somebody wanted swap, and then it's nice to have some time to set up the runes ^^ And I'm really slow, maybe 1 minute enough for me, but not 5 seconds when somebody swap in the end :P
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Viavarian (EUW)
: Good. Post them here, in the bug reports section and also link them in your support ticket when asking for your BE.
Thanks, bro. I don't feel like posting pictures here, don't want to get tracked somehow ^^
Viavarian (EUW)
: That's a lie. Or if it weren't, you could demand the missing amount from Riot support. Because as has already been said, you can't get less than 810 BE from a capsule if you're higher than level 30.
I have screenshots from first 5...
Maluber (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Support on Drugs,realm=EUNE,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=hilBFOBd,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-11-29T05:47:39.189+0000) > > I agree... Just got M6 on Morgana, and god damn. I feel bad now for having wasted my 250,000 Blue Essence on the WW skin & all the Chromas and some random stuff. > Since now I noticed that It costs nearly 4k for mastery 6. And probably 5k for mastery 7... > This is definitely going to be what leads to me quitting League, since Blue Essence isn't farmable like IP was. > 50 BE for First win. And 0 for games. > Making only viable way to farm BE is levelling, which is insanely slow. > I'll have 5-10 champions to level up to Mastery 6 - 7 before I level up and get a Champion capsule. > But wait. The champions I disintegrate from the capsule? I got 90 BE for Poppy... > Great! I'll just have to level up about 44 times If I want to turn 44 Poppys into enough blue essence to level up my new Support mains to mastery 6. > Not to mention even wayyy more If I want to then get them to mastery 7... > > The only reason I play league nowadays Is because of my perfectionist obsession with wanting to reach at least mastery 5 on every. single. champion. > > And ofcourse after that I want to get them all to Mastery 7... > > But thanks to Blue Essence now being Unfarmable. > (I used to buy tons of random champ shards for IP, and then delete those for BE) > It will never be possible... > Riot, just make Mastery levels not require Blue Essence... > Like seriously, how does an nearly unobtainable currency, determine my skill mastery over a certain champion? > It's ridicilous that I should be denied displaying my mastery over a champion due to you guys making the currency unobtainable. > (Don't give me that 50 BE per first win, that means It'll take me almost 100 days to obtain enough for 1 level up. And I'm looking to get all 140? champions to Mastery 7) The currency you talk of takes the same amount of time to earn, give or take a game or 2. Meaning BE is farmable but you would rather moan than play games to level up and get that BE. You get a minimum value from the level up capsules of 810, 900, 960 or 1260 via shards and BE. If you get lucky to get a shard for your mastery then you save a huge amount of BE and I wouldn't recommend doing mastery in any other way since to save on the BE.
I've levelled up 7 times since lvl 30, and 5 times I only got 270 BE (3 x low champ shards).
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EL Dango (EUW)
: Banned permenantly
I feel for you, bro, but please don't come here with that attitude :)
: But that is how dumb these Jax players I've seen are. Sorry to only point out that one bit! ^^ I am not saying that is the 1 and only trick he has. Nor am I saying that that is the best of the best. Just that most Jax I see nowadays are shit. Very few get fed enough to remind you "oh right, Jax is evil". So, as a Jax main, do you think he could do with a "freshening up rework", and if so what would you change?
I love Jax as he is. Maybe he could do with some passive effect from e, for example 10% tenacity for 5 seconds after use.
: What do I need to do to get lucky with teams? What's the secret?
Your biggest problem is your attitude. It's really tilting to me. Before you say anything bad about that, try to think about the next thing I'm going to say. I didn't mean it. I literally only read two of the comments on your post, and in both cases you focus more on yourself and the way they write it than the actual content. My advice to you is to start every game by telling your teammates exactly this: "Sorry guys but I tilt super easy, so I'm going to mute all". Most people understand that, and to be honest, I respect that far more than having someone spam the chat with comments about whatever goes right or wrong. I'm like you. I need to write "/mute all" in chat at game start or I'll get at least one report every game for verbal abuse. Sad story, but true.
: I'm done with this coinflip game.
Just remember to flush the toilet before someone else needs to go.
: Hey, in this day and age, it's evil or be a meta-slave! ^^ But yeh, it's not the inability to beat Jax. He is massively strong but not invincible. Very few Jax players I've seen bother to hold use their leap-stun correctly. Karma just makes more problems for him by having enough kite/poke without every giving him anything to dodge himself! ^^ I'd still like to see his rework, just to bring him up to "modern standards" of Champion Design.
Lol, you talk about leap-stun correctly.... xD hahaha you made my day.. I'm a Jax main with over 1m mastery in him and I say this is the nr 1 mistake, all the way from unranked to challenger... that people think it's always better to use e then q and then e again... that's better 10% of the time, the rest of the time you are just wasting a perfectly good shield vs auto attacks and more importantly the one or two seconds you get extra from attacking and leaping before using e.
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: Dunno the math behind it but when I go into practice mode and I compare the damage from a regular AA to that of an AA after leap, it deals more damage.
I see. So it has to be some kind of unwritten lethality/mpen.
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: If I never report anyone, why do I get temp banned?
: league of legends launcher wont start Patch 7.22
I consider it quite a serious - and global - issue if the weather just DISAPPEARS. Joking aside, did you try to uninstall and download anew?
Gin Baku (EUW)
: Is Cho'Gath balanced?
As far as balance goes, I've made a review on the most and least balanced skins that Cho'gath has. Most balanced: Jurassic Cho'gath and Prehistoric Cho'gath are tied on the 1st spot as most balanced skins for Cho'gath. Cho'gath has no accessories to worry about in these skins, and the fact that he is mostly made of bones, which is a very good material for keeping the balance, result in a highly balanced Cho'gath that almost never falls. Least balanced: Lying around in various spots on the battlefield - sometimes even in bushes - you will find Gentleman Cho'gath. This skin requires Cho'gath to balance (1 a glass of wine in his left hand, (2 a gentleman's pipe in his right hand, and 3) a top hat on top of his head, which has no apparent strings to keep it attached, thus requiring Cho'gath to walk in an upright position. This being an unnatural position for Cho'gath, you will see that in the rare cases where Gentleman Cho'gath manages to not fall through the whole duration of a match, he will complain about his sore back and refuse to play with the Gentleman Cho'gath skin in the next three games.
: Some questions about custom games
Alëks (EUW)
: Yes, I did. I'm very passionate about this game given the fact that it helped me a lot in life, with depression and such, coming online and playing with some of my friends was the best thing ever.
He's trolling, but oh so subtle that some relatively average people will also jump after him :) Btw, I'm glad the game helped you, I've been through something similar and I know that LoL can be very rewarding, but more often than not, I believe that its playerbase is causing more harm than good, unfortunately.
Alëks (EUW)
: You're talking about toxic players yet from your post and the fact that you are honor level 0 proves that you are toxic. Talking ingame isn't a necesety and don't know why you put it on the list. Honor system rewards players that are always positive and helpful, witch with my deduction skills I presume you are not. The game is fairly balanced as it is. A vote kick is not a good idea and it never will be. If you press Accept you have accepted that you will be available for the next 20-40 minutes and play the game till the end, the abandon function is a bad thing. Valid point there, I have flashed a lot of times because of a jumping corpse.
: And this game does not deserve a player base
: LOLClient is really buggy
I support this guy.
: Bruh five hours a day? Bad advice. 8 hours for sleep and you already only have 11 hours each day. If you have work, which is in the best of conditions 8 hours, you'll only have 3 hours for EVERY SINGLE other activity. If you had to play league 5 hours a day to leave silver elo, leave LoL instead.
I agree with everything you said. In my post, it doesn't really stand out very clear, but my intention was also to point out that there is one thing called "healthy" and another called "climbing". That's why I mentioned that it might be healthy to take a break.
LazySlav (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Lawetz,realm=EUW,application-id=VnI9tlaf,discussion-id=g1TE5JAl,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-10-12T16:55:11.273+0000) > > Three letters: MMR. MMR in normal games?
Three letters: Yes.
: How do i get out of silver?
I wish I could give you a simple answer, but the reality is probably that you have a silver mmr because of your performance, and the game detects that so you get few lp for winning and lose few lp for losing. I'm shovelling in lp every time I win, because the game thinks I belong in plat. Every now and then, I lose 2-3 divisions because I play while drinking, but who cares. Silver, gold, plat, if you can't enjoy playing in the league you're in, and if being the same rank as your friends is so important that you feel the need to post in here, I'm going to give you one piece of advice: Spend at least five hours on LoL. Every. Single. Day. You'll get into a rhytm where you don't tilt as much and you automatically correct all of your big mistakes because your brain is accounting for more and more variables. Taking a break can be healthy for you, but if you REALLY want to elo climb, marathon is the only answer. The climb doesn't lie in 2 wins consistently every two days. Nobody does that. People who climb have a 51-54% win rate, and when they lose a game, they go on the toilet, maybe take a leak or stay there for an hour watching Designated Survivor or Lucifer or some other show, and then they go directly back to their computer in search for another game.
Axiay (EUNE)
: Matchmaking in normals
Three letters: MMR.
Lawetz (EUW)
: Please randomize more after failed champ select
One of the reasons this is upsetting me is the high rate of champion selects that never end up becoming a game. Just today, I've had four failed champion selects, one remake and one game where a player deliberately waited for three minutes before leaving the game, making a remake impossible. In the light of these events, I've submitted one report and pressed cancel on the game pop-up screen twice. I have a feeling that riot has algorithms that detect players who press cancel, and I also have a feeling that these algorithms to not discriminate between slowpokes/indecisive people and those who simply don't wish to encounter the troll in their team in the next champion select.
Ìxeas (EUW)
: I try to wait 30-60 secs before queuing again. I had enough of "Yasuo main don't ban or I troll".
It sounds like you have the same thought trail as I do. I wonder if you have a suggestion to why riot decided to make this design? I like leaving and re-entering the queue as well, but it's hard when almost all my games, I have less than one second wait before a game pops up. Used to be 5-10 minute waiting time, now it's persistently instantaneous.
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