: Most Efficient Way To Get Gold For Ultracombo Mission?
: Diana Passive
Buff Diana passive is a bad idea, the Diana passive is so broken (no saying DIana is busted, but just see her passive numbers)
Luciferrx (EUNE)
: You never played against a feed {{champion:24}} or {{champion:39}} ?? A 20 0 adc can lose the game to {{champion:266}} 3 0... With 20 kills you can lose as adc...With 4 kills you can win as a bruiser or midlaner.
If u lose as ADC with 20 kills u have a super unlucky game or u suck
Luciferrx (EUNE)
: LOL.People really believe this...Maybe thats why solo que is %%%%ed up lol..People that really believe botlane have such impact shouldnt even be allowed to play solo que. How the %%%% is botlane so impactful??I lost games with 20 kills and couldnt carry cuz i didnt got a team to give a %%%% about adc.I won games vs full feed botlane cuz i knew bot is pretty shit at the moment. Well..90% are stuck in silver so ofc they believe bot is op..Well yeh..
Bot lane is op role, a role that makes 2 guys ahead if they win lane and give their jung free drakes if they get priority can easiliy unbalance games
Noctiss (EUNE)
: Just a friendly reminder that game starts at 00:00 not 01:45
: > [{quoted}](name=Evidence,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=ZLlcljcH,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-03-24T22:20:27.502+0000) > > he just needs his heals nerfed a little and it wil be fine! It needs removed, complete and utterly gutted. Like Azir got gutted, so does the new champs that are redonk over powered cause Riot have zero knowledge on balance. Dont give a champ who steals an ult health regen, endless dashes and a point click ult steal that is 0 skill.. No sense at all, doesn't make any sense. but hey, Thats RIOT, good old' riot... They need to sort their nonsense out pronto.
Sylas without healing is probably worst champion in the gamd
Haze97 (EUW)
: Ivern doesn't do shit against Jax. If you actually wanna counter Jax play a late game skirmisher such as Fiora, Tryndamere, or even someone like Kayle who can counter him using their abilities. Early game Jax loses to pretty much every top lane champion. Malphite, Volibear, illaoi, and Jayce are prime examples of champions who shut down Jax hard in lane!
"Early game Jax loses to pretty much every champion" , thats like say Yasuo is weak early cause he have rly good lategame, thats not true
Joell (EUW)
: EUW ranked bugged?
I was in 1 game with 1 plat vs 1 master (plat player wasnt smurfing
: Nope there is many bronzes and silvers who beling in challenger, if they played vayne or tristana, and there is many challengers who played vayne and tristana who belong in iron and bronze. Simple as that.
xDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD , not even the most broken champ in the history of the game will make a bronze challenger, youre %%%%%%ed
: They will, if u boosted ur elo that way doesnt mean, u should not make people believe in it. Because its the truth.
It playing broken champ means the player doesnt deserve his elo , all broken champs should have rly high winrate like 60%, and that doesnt normally happend, and thats cause pepole who have low elo normally dont understand how to abuse broken champs to climb
Busty Demon (EUNE)
: His W isn't for sustain in lane and he already have an excute on his W. There is no need for extra healing if he already can dash every 3 sec to get sheild so no it's not a form of his power nor even needed in his overloaded kit. It's like saying zed r should heal him every time he cast it. Or Akali should heal on her second cast in R. You just like to play him XD that's why u think it's important. :P Anyway i respect your opinion. But we disagree {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
in theory Sylas should be like u said, in practice every think about Sylas except the healing (and maybe the shield) feels so useless
Busty Demon (EUNE)
: Nah. He got sheild, dash, excute and hook. He will be fine. He got enough to sustain in lane. I don't like playing against a 20% sylas gaining 60% of his life with one w. No.
He will not, Sylas healing is more than half Sylas power, removing Sylas healing is like remove Fizz e intargeability or LB w recast, it just kills the champ if u not overbuff everyother skill
: if u think that going afk or stand and act pro by picking boosted champion like Vayne Yasuo Akali irelia etc... Make u deserve to win, i understand why u are here.
xDDDDD that low elo cry, those picks even if they are busted doesnt make u instaget free elo
Busty Demon (EUNE)
: Remove assassin class. Remove lethality. Rework Yasou's kit. Nerf zoe. Remove sylas heal on his W. Rework LeBlanc. Remove {{item:3124}}. Rework Ash, Rammus, MF. Nerf 40% of Dmg in whole game. Remove True Dmg.
: True the ranked game isn't about skills, at least not anymore, that's why i don't watch ESPORTS, because i know that it's dead, if there is no possible way to win, why would i watch something illusion League Of Legends used to be fair to play, and ESPORTS was worth watching, but now all what i see is(This team have vayne, other team has jhin. Vayne team win easy next.) as well as if you played you should thank your god even if you lost if no one in your team went afk or troll or feed. Which makes ranked worse than normal, also they should at least, add the people who tryhard together in 1 team, instead of MMR or whatever they do. Like for example, if i lost the game with KDA 17/5/16 with 250 farms. Do i deserve to lose it? they should fix that, at least lose like 7 LP or 8 LP if my plays was pretty good even better than the enemy but the enemy outnumber me. Which is unfair. And they should add people who go afk or feed or troll, with people who do the same, and its simple to do, look at the player recent games, and add him to the team he is capable of, dont put this people with people who kill them selves trying to climb.
If u think KDA and farm makes u to deserve to win i understand how u lose that game...

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