PyroTom (EUW)
: Gold Jungler Looking for dynamic queue team (Plat last season)
Rektsu (EUW)
: Gold III adc Main LF Support with good Champion Pool
Would you accept a currently silver 1? if so add me ingame LeFiery Whiskers :)
: Searching like-minded partners for ranked (Silver IV-Gold IV)
IGN: LeFiery Whiskers (EU West) Main Role: Support/Top/Jungle Jungler pool: Ekko,Gragas, Lee,Jax,Shyvanna,Xin,Zac Support Pool: Alistar,Nautilus,Morgana,Poppy,Shen,Leona,Taric,Soraka Top Pool: Vladmir,Nautilus,Renekton,Singed,Rammus,Ekko,Trynd,Yasuo,Olaf,Poppy Fill: Can fill all lanes with reasonable gameplay Current division: Silver I Time schedule (GMT+1)? Weekdays: 19:00-00:00 Weekends: Whenever Access to voice communication? Yes,Skype TS3 Bandwidth Stable, 240mb/broadband
Rhotgeim (EUW)
: Silver 1 Support looking for DynQ Team / DuoQ Partner [Silver III+ and 18+]
Zoru (EUW)
: LF Duo, Jungler or Top or both (Gold+)
: Insane lags still hapenning
: Lags are back on EUW
Yeah,ping usually 30 now around 60-65 and it feels like 200,horrible --' hopefully a fix will come weekend
Flukyy (EUW)
: Mid Laner looking for duo partner
Ign: LeFiery Whiskers Silver I main top/jungle can play all roles.
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Khâmul (EUW)
: Ow,man,you're going to get downvoted just because of the "with my girlfriend".Didn't you know that internet is full of keyboard crusaders?!Here's an upvote to help
Can't have anywhere without haters! thanks tho :)
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: This video made me wanna play Garen again. P.S.DAMACIAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
{{champion:86}} Garen liked this post.
: Well... {{champion:67}} {{item:3153}} your move ^^
watch the video and you see me owning a vayne 2x XD{{champion:86}} {{item:3071}}
: why do you need immortallity if your enemy is dead?
You have a good point,carry on XD
: You called? {{champion:48}} Ohh look at all that armor... TROLLMACIA!!!!!! {{summoner:31}}
Trundle <3 the king of trolls
: what about full AD garen+maxed E :3
works too but wouldn't you rather be immortal? :D
: Wait ... Is this real life? Other people that like Garen? Could it be true ... :o Anyway, nice vid! What would really impress me is seeing you smack down an annoying ranged toplaner ;-)
Spin for the win ;) thank you!
: and because you're garen the enemy's dmg is not even that much :p
le tank lyfe {{champion:86}}
: and don't forget the ultimate disrespect after a kill (or a penta) the twerk!
twerk hard play hard hahaha XD
: it wasn't bad but could use a small bit more refining (no a expert though, so i'd say just develop a style and go with it! :3 )
will do sir,thanks xD
: Not enough spinning for the winning!
sorry! did you like it tho? :)
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: Smurf Looking for partner to level 30
Add me LeFieryWhiskers :D level 18.
: Lee sin smite top hype
I prefer teemo with smite on top :) da hype tho{{champion:17}}
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Eambo (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=LeFiery Whiskers,realm=EUW,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=y7PMRar2,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2015-03-24T13:52:34.804+0000) > > I tried reparing it twice,but it still closes after a match ends :/ Strange :-( Any errors shown? Do the processes remain in task manager? What happens if you click the lol icon in the bottom right.
Sometimes i'm getting the Lolclient.exe has stopped running,any ideas? it's just annoying to keep re-logging every time after a match. when i click the Lol icon on the bottom right after the match,it automatically closes..
: My game closes everytime i finish a match
I tried reparing it twice,but it still closes after a match ends :/
Eambo (EUW)
: Hi LeFiery Whiskers, Try running a repair from the launcher - top right, hit the "?" then run a repair. This normally fixes this issue, although you may have to run it twice to do so for some strange reason.
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: Chat disconecting problem anyone else?
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: Installing the game
Last time it took more than 1 hour so right now i'm trying to reinstall it again..and i'll see if it stays frozen on a download % again...thanks
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