: Why isn't xayah and rakan activated?
The Icon from the Gif is available from 19. to idk. If it starts from today, the champs have to be released today. I guess they will come at 16-19 o'clock. Just look every hour and you'll see ;)
: what time aurelion sol will be available for purchase?
I think he will be available around 18 o'clock. Maybe a bit earlier or later. Noone can say the real time. The day has now about 13 more hours Somewhere in this time he will come out. Just wait a bit. And sorry for my bad English my language is German.
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: BUG: Shaco and the "They are coming" teaser.
It´s because the upcoming Champion has more than one form, so it appears on shaco clone. Because, simple, Shaco is also double. {{champion:35}} {{champion:35}}


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