shatan7 (EUW)
: Clash, wrong team?
Clash again tonight? So we wont be able to play? {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
: Again...Loss streak...
I dont mind having losing streak, it happens always (same like winning streak).. But the way sometimes lose strike happens is crazy.. I had to many games when skill difference is too big (in my team total begginer and enemy is like gold 3) and so on.. I still remember when i was in promo for gold, guy who played Akali mid, he said "warding isnt necessary" so he ended up having 0/14 with vision score 0.. Worse thing is he wasnt feeding intentionaly so u have no real reason to report him, he was just a begginer.. I needed calming pills after that game but well..
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: EUW litterally cant play support
Matching is in general bad shape.. I still dont understand why im getting matched with baboons, srsly i dont understand..
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: Some thoughts about elemental drakes and RNG
Or cant they just give free win? I mean srsly, let the thing be random, something u cant predict.. Its fun like that..
: And here we go again
I went to a bank, puted 50€ on it to spend it here for some skins like i do from time to time and i cant even log in when i come back from work? xD No i wont spend my money this time and i read on many posts that NA got free RP? Well give it to us as well RITO..
: > [{quoted}](name=Backstard,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=Faoe2HHt,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-06-25T15:50:09.180+0000) > > This is a pay to win game do not forget that.ONLY good customers get decent teams. > I am a bad customer and im currently silver,matchmaking gives me unranked feeding trolls who ragequit at 10 min while enemy team is solid. > I can barely hold on to silver 4 because i dont waste my money in trash money milking games. that's what i call a conspiracy theory. i'm a good costumer, i buy RP pretty often.. but still i get matched with Silvers when i'm gold Is that Riots fault? NOPE, my own fault.. my Winrate is below 50% and my mmr is probably a mess. stop blaming everything on Riot.
But how u can get positive win ranking when ure getting some kind of idk how to call that.. I am silver 3 atm for a second time.. I started my season out of a b2, got into s3 pretty quick, then insta after i got promoted to s3 i lost around 30 games in a row? All my fault? Dont think so.. Next, after almost droping back to bronze, i somehow menaged to climb to s4 promo and win those promo games and go to s3.. Now i menaged to slowly and hard climb (was wining like 17lp and losing 20-22) and i was getting ppl decent to my rank (s2,s3,s4 here and there b1) and the game were ok.. Suddenly, promo series, i lost one because i had bad luck with weather and my connection and just finished 2nd one where i got jungler who is level 30, never saw ranked before and he got executed at lvl 2 in the jungle also he had 0 team accordination always going solo and dieing in enemy jg or who knows where and he ended up with like 2/13.. My mid laner same story, fresh lvl 30, never saw ranked before and same story and jg, he finished game with 1/13.. So the question is, how to carry that when enemy kata is overfed and im just an adc who is dead just when kata look at me? Is it my fault? Or Riot matchmaking? I dont mind losing game to get clear, but can i lose it with a ppl similar to my skill level on both side, not like this.. When the same thing happened in higher elo they reseted everything, what we on a lower elo cant have a normal game? Put those ppl into Iron tier where they belong, for what is made if ppl with THAT level of skill ending up with high silver games? Sry but promotion for s2 im considering as higher silver elo.. Anyway, i raged here a bit, now going to get some losing streak and get even more pissed.. xD
: ***
What is this? Do u allow this on boards? Wow Riot..
: yea but you can kinda force available languages (except Korean) to appear in other regions, heck I played on Russia with Japanese language, just have to modify config files.
Wowowowowoeo.. Wait Riot, will u allow this shit? This kind of talk? This is a place for gamers, not for racist.. And what u are, albanian? And who are u here to allow anything in here or anywhere? Just another kid which didnt learn good manners from his parents..
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Father Tios (EUNE)
: By now, I've accepted that when riot says "we'll fix this thing because it's a problem", they mean the opposite: They are going to make that thing a million times worse. Assassin changes, when they were claiming to stop them from 1 hitting you, is a great example. WHY THE %%%%, AFTER 3 YEARS OF YOU CLAIMING THAT, AM I BEING 1HIT BY ALMOST EVERY %%%%ING CHAMPION IN THE GAME, RIOT? %%%%
Kinda hate it too.. Im lets say Jinxw tih like 4/0.. Enemy Zed is like 2/2 with kinda 30 cs less then me and he come to gank my lane, use R-E-Q or smth like that i dont know Zed well and im dead with no chance to do anything.. Kinda annoying..
: What kind of matchmaking is this? (Bronze & Silver vs High Platinum on ranked)
I was just playing Solo/Duo.. Im not finging myself as great player, that i am i wouldnt be in Bronze 1.. Anyway.. Just had a game with unranked mid laner (guy finished up with 30 CS, 0 vision score because "vision isnt important" for the love of the god, support had 42 because of green item), Iron 1 Teemo with also rly low CS, Yasuo who was Silver 4 totally destroyed him.. I played last time back then to S3-S4 i came back on beggining of S9 ( i was gold 4 back then when i quited in S4), i kinda remember that ppl was trying to win the game.. What i see today is bunch of unskilled ppl blaming each other all the time without knowing a basing knowledge of the game.. What RIOT can do to keep away this kinds of players from ranked? Probably nothing tho, but at least fix matchmaking, put Irons and newbies where they belong please.. Because im feeling that im smurfing on my new lvl 1 acc in first PVP game where everybody have no clue what they are doing..
Viavarian (EUW)
: That's right, they will reset in a few days when the season starts.
Thanks for the info! :)
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HH Robin (EUW)
: Giveaway! EUW Only
Well would be nice of you if u wanna gift something to us.. Well i dont want 3 skins or whatever, i would like only one at this point so more people can actually also get something.. Summoner name: Leebac Skin i would like is: KDA Kaisa {{champion:145}} Thank you in advance mate and have a nice day..


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