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: It's his rework and this is an in development video. It's probably just the default pose when the animation ends.
I doubt it, I believe the pose is his passive. After all it is something Fiddlesticks does, stand completely still, not to mention that I remember seeing a thread about the rework where someone suggested that Fiddlesticks would place scarecrows all across the map, and enemy champions won't be able to tell which one is Fiddlesticks and which one isn't. Edit: found the thread.
Infernape (EUW)
: Her champion design is pure shit. Having a champion that is untargetable for 99% of the game that can heal and CC targets will never be balanced or even allowed to be viable in high elo and pro play (seriously she was near enough pick or ban ever since she was enabled for pro play) unless Riot takes her back to the drawing board.
This. She is an Enchanter WITHOUT the weaknesses of being one, not to mention how much power she has to erase other champions' weaknesses. And in SoloQ she can turn the carry to an unstoppable 1v5 monster and there is NOTHING you can do about it since she's untargetable anyway. Yuumi is honestly a champion that should NOT have been put in the game. Maybe is some fun mode or something sure. But this champion is just busted. Fun Fact: The guy who worked on {{champion:350}} also worked on {{champion:555}}
: Best champion for first blood?
{{champion:91}} 25% of First Bloods {{champion:91}}

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