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: League of legend meta and balance is worse than ever ( in my opinion and for me at least)
It's interesting to see that almost all the hot chamions now are new or remade champions. How long has it been since riot made a champion that has not a control ability? All the new or remake champions have abilities to control enemys and sometimes it is always over op. I am a aram player and i find it harder to win a aram game with the old champions. For example, a Pyke can always kill no matter the player is skilled or not. What he has to do is just press r on enemys and he gets the kill. And his teammates get the money, too. He dashes quickly by pressing e and can get near to the enemys without being seen by pressing w. As assassin he has two very strong control abilities and it is also useless to poke him. Another example comes to the new Urgot. His w has no cd which i cannot understand. We r playing games aren't we? Why did u design a champion that doesn't need to press the keyboard at all? He can just keep w and wait for the champion himself to farm and to kill. When Zoe came out, i immediately found that she was too much brocken. Wenn she goals her qqr or e, than u r done. She gets high profits without driving herself in any dangerous situations so it's not fair at all. But riot only nerved her after she showed herself bei Pro Leagues. And Neeko. I never thought a champion can be so disgusting to fight with. She goals her e bei getting through the minions with was never seen before. We have Morgana and Lux, but it's safe to stay behind the minions to make their q hard to goal. But for Neeko is right the opposite. Neeko goals and controls u even longer bei letting her ability flying pass the minions and she gets additional bonus: the enemy is than controled for as long as Morgana's q. What a Neeko player need is only fortune. If she is lucky enough to goal u with her e, perhaps u will be immediately killed. So it's unfair to see when the game no longer need skills but more luck. I really hope that the game is more friendly to the skilled players, but not to those lucky dogs who get better champions, especially by aram. It feels really bad to be killed when the enemy not even realize how u died because of the brocken abilities.


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