scousersuk (EUNE)
: I am sorry that I upset you by asking this question if you own the skin yourself I am sure you would want something to be done just like with my championship Riven original
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: Silver V demotion?
Hansiman (EUNE)
: Dying: Yes Warding: Yes (but don't just spam out wards, use them strategically as vision helps win games)
:) I knew dying ofc, but warding is new for me. Okay, good to know!
: Is Orinanna a good champ still? Is it worth it learing her?
If you're ever wondering that, check It's statistical information of winrates on champions. If their winrate is anywhere around or above 50%, it's always safe to assume they're still ok and can be viable. Ori is at just above 50%, so ye, decent champ. If you're just looking for an OP champion (in regards to your other question) then the answer is actually the same, check and see who's top winrate.
Hansiman (EUNE)
: Greetings. Dying 8 times is still a lot if you want an S-ranking, even though you had a lot of kills. Your match history also states you never purchased a Control Ward, which won't help your score either.
Does that affect your score?
: How i cannot get s
That is a KDA of less than 4/1/2 with pretty bad farm. You should be happy with an A, to be honest..
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