Silent Note (EUNE)
: What does your report card say? What was the reason you got banned? You can't get banned if you were reported but you're not guilty.
My Report card says i was reported for toxic behaviour, which is annoying because I did my job as a support should which is to keep the team together. i gave good callouts, backed up the team in fights, put 'gj' in chat when the team got a kill. pinged objective timers, warded very hard. i ended the game with a vision score of 60 the enemy sup only had 34. just seems unfair
: "went afk in base & then went under enemy towers & died" So you said that you went afk then did int? Is that okay to do in the game? I mean i dont try to blame you or point fingers but the best thing you can do in that scenario is mute the player and report him afterwards.... And inting isnt a way of keeping your team together.{{sticker:sg-janna}}
I meant that the vel went afk in base, came back then went under towers to die. Our ashe, nasus & me tried to keep level headed so we could win our ranked game but vel wasn't gonna let us
: Yo "Very Nice People", when we getting that sweet, sweet ARAM Ranked?
There are a lot very hardcore ARAM Players out there who want a way to test themselves within the game mode. I have spoken to alot of ARAM players who feel that their MMRs are alot higher than their SR MMR & would probably quite like to see if that's true by testing themselves in a ranked mode. Including an ARAM Ranked mode would be great, balance patches for aram already exist & it would create another 'gamemode' for league.
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