: Searching for a buddy.
I'm not sure if you're looking for someone to teach you one or to things (I can't do that, I'm only level 22 myself) but if you're just searching for someone to play with then we could play together if you want.
Cwendir (EUW)
: Hi there Lenniac, glad to help you with your struggles on the Rift! I shall now explain the pros and cons of both Blind pick and Draft pick for you. Ok, so blind pick is pretty cool if you want to play any of the 141 champions the game has to offer, however this could also be a bad thing for you, as your enemy will be able to do the same. HOWEVER, Draft pick allows you to not only ban a champion of your chose, but also 9/10 times get the role you desire. Now to answer your questions. 1) Would it be a good idea to play draft pick although I'm not really good at the game (I heard that its way more toxic if one makes a mistake or picks a champ that isn't great at the time) 1A) I personally think either modes are good for learning. Draft pick does offer a slighlty higher learning curve, as you're able to counter pick and be counter picked. (If someone is toxic -Mute-Report. If you engage with them you will only make them more angry as they have someone to lay their anger on, don't try to liven up the mood as they will refuse and unleash more hatred). 2) Which camps should I ban when playing tf? 2A) For twisted Fate I would advise banning assassins, preffably either LeBlanc or Talon. My reasoning for this is Twisted Fate has a very high range, with his auto attacks and his Q, but when your Pick a Card (W) and Q are on cooldown you are very vulnerable to a all-in. I would also advise banning Orianna where suitable, as her Command ball (Q) and Shockwave (R) and get in range to set up a gank, even if you are behind your minions. So against a, let's say, Hecarim jungle, I would advise a Orianna ban. Most mages should be fine for you as you have greater range than more than 50% of them. (Honorable mention, Syndra can easily get to you and all in you if she lands her Q + E combo on you, so watch out for those pesky black blobs! 3) Is blind or draft pick better for learning a new role (jungle)? 3A) Defiantly blind pick, as you can pick your champion and role in the lobby select, and most people don't mind swapping roles as it's blind pick (Most people who play Blind Pick are very friendly and just play for fun). Draft pick would be the next step up as you'll be learning to counter champions that work well against yours. Hope this answers your questions Lenniac The world is a desert, I am the Oasis (Azir, The emperor of the sands){{champion:268}} Riot wannabe Cwendir
Thanks for the fast reply, you helped me out a lot :)
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