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: Obviously a troll post ^^
And by what mysterious power of perv detection did you figure that out?
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: "im not creepy" >> I beg to differ "sometimes im toxic and salty" >> red flag "im in silver 4 atm (trolls/afkers)" >> no, it is not the other's fault "and cam if u want" >> What would you need cam for in LoL unless it is not LoL that you want with the "nice girls" / creepy
Cant blame a perv for trying, can you?
: New team for Silver and low gold players
Age: 29 Country: Germany Main: Jungle Top 3: Diana, Shyv and Quinn (but i can play most junglers) Rank: Silver 4 Dunno how many Champs i have but 50 sounds about right (i sunk most of my ip into that bottomless pit that is runes :D) Im a bit rusty, havent played much lately, but i'd welcome meeting some nice new people^^
: All i want for the new year is a group to play with
: Looking for Friendly Peeps to play with^^
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: Locked in a game that didn't start up.
Well its possible to play now^^. Ima stay way from TT for the time being tho.
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: Black Market Brawlers is boring!
Well the thing imo that it allows you to play a more objective focused game around the buffed minions. It's just that you need a team for it to be effective and to pull of the more flashy plays with some of the new items. In solo q its just the usual 'everyone runs around like a headless chicken and greeds on kills' thing, maybe a bit more snowbally since the minions are quite good at pushing on their own when you get ahead in upgrades. I actually like it and i hope they won't pull it, since it clearly took a lot more effort than just setting cdr to 80 % and removing mana costs. Besides you can always play classic if you just wanna fed and rage at randoms like usual:)
: Yes. You should in fact be punished for trying to use a Mac for Gaming.
Well, i guess not everyone has defines himself over playing games. But you go ahead and feel like someone cool. God knows you probably don't have many of those moments^^.
: I never said it´s cool, but nobody wants to play with people whose computer will die at the beginning of the game. I don´t like the fact that the Tribunal is gone either, but that´s a different matter.
My CLIENT, not computer usually dies after new patches. Should i be set on permanent low priority q because i happen to play on a mac?
: Well if you don´t help your team at all for half of the match, it´s just fair for you to get punished. It´s obviously not fair but imagine how shitty it must be for the people you get teamed with. Get a better computer/internet and you won´t be punished anymore...
So its cool to get punished for technical issues, but when i troll like a bauws i get away scot free because the tribunal hasn't been up for a year. Sounds like how things should be.
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: > [{quoted}](name=Luò rù jiàn,realm=EUW,application-id=ln3nNJrX,discussion-id=4JnYE0or,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2015-07-22T16:24:40.118+0000) > > Mac client is still under the "beta" agreement. > > I reported a lot of mac bugs on the support and it went on the development team, they said they got no date for a patch tho. > > I think we just need to wait. But **how long **we have to wait? I just want to know it...:(
I remember a Video where they said that they're fully supporting the mac client. Just saying^^'
: To my knowledge, this issue was NOT reported on the PBE forums in the last 4 weeks. So i guess there are not so many players using a MAC. Anyhow, i would not expect RIOT to fix this before 5.15. Btw the bug was reported over at the NA boards aswell, if you want to take a look: [here]( It seems that there is no workaround known just yet, so i guess you guys will have to wait for RIOT to fix this.
I played with my mac on the PBE and got no problems. So i guess they did some last min changes. I don't think they won't be trying to fix that asap, it's a game breaking bug after all.
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: With your bear Tibbers?
Sure, or whats your favorite aminal?
MJF1030 (EUW)
: True xd, but i was speaking about ww1 and 2
The problem with european nations is, that they all started wars with neighbors and they all won or lost them at some point or another (even denmark). The same goes for slaughtering minorities, i remember reading that paris streets where supposed to be red with blood during the bartholomeus night....
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: Good or bad?
Very comprehensive^^, must read for aspiring bottoms:).
Declined (EUNE)
: A Guide to Understanding the Dynamics of Bot Lane.
Rich (EUW)
: I don't think he wants us. {{champion:32}}
Do you wanna play{{champion:1}} ?
: I call myself a gamer because I love to play games, ever since the Atari I've been playing games. However, you need to be able to differentiate between the "online community" and the "live community" which are two completely different things. One you will benefit from and one you will not. Online community: Regardless of who you are, unless you're an online God, you will be forgotten and whatever you have done in the past will also be forgotten with ease. You think if Faker quits playing people are still gonna care about him 2 months after he quits? Nope. Also, the online community don't know you nor do you know them, its just text. Another thing is that even if you get this whole community to love you and write
Ah well the golden atari days, those poor controllers didn't stand a chance..... Social gratification remains the same, even if it comes from anonymity. I mean, you're posting here and you wouldn't do that if you wouldn't derive satisfaction from the facts that your thoughts are recognized, even if its only a faceless stranger like me, who's in it just for the sake of the argument. Basically all I'm saying is the you shouldn't go so hard on the kid, he's just trying to find friends{{champion:32}}
: Okay... You may feel satisfaction for apologising and gaining a public (LoL) approval but there is no point. I dont understand why people on this game treat each other as if they're employees and as if they're friends, when in reality the chances of you meeting anyone you play with are slim. Basically, all I'm trying to get at is that people are forgetting that this is a game, not a job, not an internship. A GAME.
A game that people spend a lot of time playing and (maybe not in your case) has an impact in their social life. I know a lot of young people who define them selves as gamers, its only natural that they try to become a part of their games community. League is by design a game that you have to spend absurd amounts of time playing to even remotely grasp all of its different aspects, let alone even master them. This makes it easier for people to form emotional bonds, even if its just a game. Ultimately, apologizing/showing respect at work is very logical (for reasons i won't go into), having outburst of regret in a league forum is just stress relief.
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: Having a Bad game and being told to kill myself
Hey^^, sadly events like these seem to be all too common... The only advise i can give you is to start looking for people to play with^^, the boards are full of nice people who look for others to casually (or not^^) play with. It takes a bit of effort to make the virtual handshakes but its more than worth it to play without team mate who try to convince you of suicide. Also, in my personal experience team builder is much less toxic, people generally have more of a training games attitude and forgive bad plays easier.
: I dont understand why you're apologising. You got chat restricted as your punishment which is more than enough. Also, THIS IS ONLY A GAME, its not your job or workplace where you have to apologise to your co-workers and manager. I love how @Karmoon once said that in a professional world if you flame you'll get kicked out in the streets. Well, thats true but in the real world if you get insulted the admin system or HR will automatically take action and look into it. 2nd) Real world you're getting paid to feed yourself, gain shelter and live. Here, you're paying to enjoy a game... So I wouldn't apologise if I were you. Gaining this communities approval will get you nowhere in life. The truth is bitter.
Non-egomaniacs apologize for their mistakes sometimes, its considered closure for past mistakes^^. Publicly admitting you've done something wrong can be very liberating.... And as you can see, the man has gotten an almost entirely positive response, isn't that nice^^.
Rich (EUW)
: I find it strange that you complain when other people take your farm-- See points 2/3/4 but then you have a go at lanes for getting angry when you take their CS? (6) When I play ADC I hate when the jungler comes in, decides to stick around for 10s after he's ganked just to take some of my farm.. Just as a side note-- I don't personally steal the jungler's farm and if those golems are looking tasty as I pass I'll always ask if I can take 'em rather than just doing so.
FYI, Farming the Jungle doesn't yield as much gold and xp as laning does, even IF you clear every camp every time its up you only get about 2/3 of what has spawned in a lane in the same time (assuming you even CAN clear the camps that fast). So yeah, taking a few minions after a gank is actually a good idea most of the time, especially considering that jungler need to invest in vision quite heavily. Possibly less so in bot, as adc builds have this horrible problem of being a bit too expensive. But if you think about that these 3 minions will probably end up a ward in the jungle (something you'll profit from too), can you really say no?
MJF1030 (EUW)
: The french wouldn’t have to defend any capital if their weren’t idiots to attack them...
Tell that to Napoleon or Louis VIX :P
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Temp3te (EUW)
: I speak french to my mate whe I DuoQ, because speaking english to a french person makes me feel awkward. He might not speak a fluent english either. People learn German, Italian, Spanish, etc. at school, and it's all fine, english isnt a holy language everyone MUST know. It's universal but sorry, other languages worth being learnt too. If I have something to tell the team, I write it in english. NEVER have I seen a french person saying he is bothered by, for example, spanish speaking people. This frustration looks like some kind of english speaking people superiority complex, going mad and sometimes feeding although we only casually talk to eachother. PS : to the people joking about french people surrendering, this is just as fun as saying americans got black slaves to boost their account and German people go punch some jews in their basement when they lose a promo. So much fun hahaha{{champion:36}} EDIT : I DOWNVOTED MYSELF. NOTICE ME SENPAI. IM JUST LIKE YOU. OPINIONS ARE BAD. MU(N)CH LOVE AND BAGUETTE.
Look bro, even though it might feel awkward to talk in a foreign language even if its not game related, other people don't know that you're just joking around. They'll feel that you're refusing to include yourself in the team, and league is mostly about team play. English might not be the holy grail, but its the modern lingua franca, even though your teachers told you something different. It might not seem much, but people will lighten up instantly if you're giving them the impression that your actually trying to communicate...
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: Yea I think the better joke about Germans would be that they always start fights that they never win :P
Well, the french could never hold their capital in those fights anyway :D. Just sayin....


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