: Ping bug
Its a known issue, I have the same problem, every other games runs perfectly but not league for a reason, I have tried some stuff to fix it but not successful sadly.
Domblade (EUW)
: Did I say you were? No. Don't make accusations and presumptions to which aren't true. Of course, you being a higher elo than me, you have _every_ right to degrade my tips on the basis of the assumption they mean nothing because you're _better_ at this game than me. Let alone i'm not saying you're not, but you should get my point. If you aren't going to accept what I have to say, so be it. But just because I don't _read_ around here, and I make comments you don't seem to bother to let fathom in your mind one second, and everything I have gotten back from you is a majority of dismissal, doesn't mean what I say doesn't matter. Besides that, little to no acknowledgement to what I say, doesn't really give you much reputation, besides the fact you made the thread name something stupid, to which people wouldn't take you seriously because it looked (to be honest) like someone just throwing a title out there complaining like a kid. _**no offence intended**_ So really, _what was_ the point in this thread?
wow wow chill I just said you maybe didn't read around since most of the things got discussed but other than that I wanted to hear peoples opinion and soloutions. Nothing more nothing less. Especially higher ELO Riven mains but nobody came so maybe they think she fine.
Xevestos (EUW)
: Well some minor buff to shove her in the right direction would be cool, but nothing amazing.
Mostly what I was thinking just enough to make her strong enough to survive in top especially if you get camped. (Riven is so easy to dive)
Domblade (EUW)
: Even so, having the majority of top laners doing more damage than her, she is a good teamfight engager should you have flash or both teams are very close together. Doing 2 Q activations beforehand, then Ult Cast-E-Flash-Third Q-W-Ult activate ability- (( any other things like Ravenous Hydra )) You should be able to chunk the health bars of the enemies down, or kill them, this puts them at a bad advantage in the Teamfight and therefore gives your Team the ability to clear up the remaining enemies or finish off their health bars, In a teamfight. In laning phase, you should always look for chances to poke your opponent, like if they make a mistake. Such as gangplank missing a barrel, or Cho'gath missing a Silence, it makes your chances of hitting them so much easier. This being said, if they don't make as many mistakes, you should always look for chances just to hit them with anything, like E-W-Q-AA and then use the second 2 Q's to get away.
Bro I get where you are going with this but that is one of things that works in lower elo where people dont react other than thats nothing new from you said, you think that I am some kind of bronze Riven player? you dont seem to be reading around here huh?
Domblade (EUW)
: That's why i said animation canceling, it makes the Ult less obvious, and causes less time for them to react. Point being it's all about speed. Not about how fast your ult goes, because if you play it right, it's not a problem
I get it with the canceling but won't be enough dmg, I am ofc still talking about the laning phase (ADC it is possible if they are alone) but also most toplaner does more dmg than Riven you prob end up dieing and she needs that lead or else she useless in teamfights since Riven is not the best engager.
Domblade (EUW)
: If it feels slow, then you should probably look into learning to animation cancel. That way, you are much quicker in fights and therefore they have less time to react, and the animation cancels save a lot of time in terms of their reaction to your gap close, so you should be able to land the ult fine. - From someone who has a level 5 riven, and the most mastery points on her, but doesn't main her xD
Wrote the answer to someone else but ANY or a smart person that knows Riven will go back when they see the ulti being popped whether it is in a combo or far away they will fall back and wait or if they think that they will survive then kill her. RIven will not be able to finish the enemy toplaner in 1 combo.
: I am on the subject all the time. You are complaining about the ultimate missile speed. I agree with riot's decision to make it slower as Riven is a melee champion that, if executed properly in her combo, she can hit it in melee range instantly anyways. If used on range, the enemy should have more of an edge of avoiding it. I compared it with Garen's because of their nature of finishing people off. Garen hits it 100%. You made that point. I am going to add "on slightly more than melee range". Which is what Riven can do too. Point blank, you are going to hit your ult 100% (since your target is stunned or knocked up) About Riven being OP in S3, i can also add i had my share of Riven nightmares in S4, S5 and today's season is the first one where Riven is "weak" (=read, not being able to 1v1 anybody, anytime). Riven is good in good hands now. As it should be. She definitely doesn't need a buff. And if you ask me, i'd still add a resource bar.
The target always runs away when they see the ulti so if they are smart then no you won't hit them since they run even if I try to burst them but won't get them low before they run. I not only focusing on the ultimate (R) just saying that's one suggestion that could help her back.
: ***
Sorry what? That sentence makes no sense? Get your grammar straight and come with something constructive pls. Calling me bronze? Dude you are not even gold...
3rd Age (EUW)
: huh?? his most recent wins are against a poppy and rammus top lane... lol .. and he didn't hard carry those true, but nor did he have a bad KDA and 69% winrate out of 52 games on Riven means she's still fine if a riven main like boxbox is doing THAT WELL. buff her ult and people that are actually good at riven (clearly not you) would be near 80% or higher winrate. boxbox doesn't seem to have a problem landing his ult
You didnt see the duo? right? But even so you ignore everything I just said? from that video? you showed me that video to prove that she is OP which clearly it doesnt.
: Yes, that's the point of the missile speed nerf. To be able to dodge it. It's enough already that it's a huge AD steroid buffing your entire kit, including defenses and range (while being MELEE). It's also a ranged execute that is.... AoE. Before the Garen rework, his single-target execute couldn't even compete with the absolutely overloaded bullcrap that Riven has. If it was only an execute, ofc, give it speed and damage. As long as it's something that buffs all her other abilities with lategame scaling (which are, let's be honest, ALSO overloaded as fk) WHILE being a 1000 damage AoE execute, AT LEAST give us a chance to dodge it. If it were up to us Riven hating players, we would nerf her to the ground. Riot is more fair, they only slowed the projectile on her ult and gave her ult a meaningful cooldown. And you want her BUFFED now? How about increasing her cooldowns to 15 seconds at rank 1, so she feels similar to guys with mana.
Don't compare Garens ulti with Rivens those are not the same (excutes wise yes) but other than that is not, garen will hit 100% while Riven has to stun if you want it to be close to 100% and + Riven ulti doesnt deal as much as Garen even tho Garens is much easier to hit your logic doesnt apply there sadly and im not talking about buffing the dmg why do you turn it around when the time Riven was OP thats like season 3??? stop changing the subject.
3rd Age (EUW)
: boxbox just came out with a video. Watch it. Here i'll link it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AgSKmHzXOYw Now if after watching that, and you still think riven needs a nerf, then clearly you aren't playing her correctly.
Firstly the video Those matchup are those were Riven wins I see no Poppy-Fiora-Rene-Darius-Nasus-Trundle-Mao etc and those scenes are mostly when he is a head with a lot of kills which is normal for any champ to outplay someone when you are fed. So where am I suposed to look at those greedy plays? bad decision? Secondly http://na.op.gg/summoner/userName=kaihua Look at thess stats from Riven normal KDA and then look at poppy :) if you look at the match history the ones were he is ahead is mostly because of getting camped by his duo "TSG Gomu" so no, Boxbox is only making it work cause of freaking getting camped. but nice try
: Riven used to win or go even against EVERYBODY in toplane. Today's Season is not really knitted for Riven's needs so.... either drop Riven as she has seen enough playtime to be still hated in S8 or man the fuck up and agree you cannot 100-0 people since level 2 anymore and ACTUALLY TRY TO WIN. The ultimate missile speed got reduced for a reason. Now it's not guaranteed to hit and needs Riven to actually have skill.
Bro do you know how easy it to dodge that ulti? but more important than that even if you are boxbox I could still easily take him down and he wont do much for the rest of the game if I can t alone just need that 1 gank just 1, you have to do so much as Riven to get the same lead as some other toplaner and even with that it wont be enough. Do you understand what I am trying to say?
Skere (EUW)
: Riven is balanced imo
Do you see any Rivens in your league winning lane and then game? pls tell any toplaner that loses against her and if Riven gets ganked ones do you think she still can carry the game? Not trying to be rude want your honest opinion. (Have you tried her?)
: It's exactly like Eeten said. Champions without a resource bar are incredibly hard to balance. Sometimes even a rework doesn't do the trick (see Garen). The problem with them is that most of those champions such as Garen, Mundo, Riven, Katarina, Tryndamere, Renekton and etc. (I know the last 2 have a resource bar, but their abilities don't expend it) is that they're pretty old and their kits are very binary and simple. Which means that any kind of buffs to them automatically puts them in the OP bracket. And that's a problem, because other champions in the OP bracket have affixed mana costs and a lot of them are skillshot or outplay reliant. What's more, most of the currently OP champions in lane (Fiora, Graves, Quinn, etc.) run out of mana pretty fast and have at least 1 long cooldown. In comparison, the champions I mentioned above have relatively short cooldowns on all of their abilities. That means that they will literally never be pushed out of lane if they received any kind of buff and will eventually amass unrealistically large CS leads. The only way I see Riven being viable again is a large-scale rework on at least 2 of her abilities and a resource bar similar to energy.
I can see the problem but if the missile speed from the ulti could get buffed it would not make her OP but in the middle of the toplaners. You still need to get the enemy toplaner low and since many other toplaners are much much stronger than Riven in general (almost all of them). The only places where I can get a huge lead and carry is from Gold and then down from there and that is not mostly because of how the don't know how to shut down Riven but because of my map control and game knowledge.
: If you die/get stunned/they move in the time the missiles reach them then you aren't going to get any better with faster missile speed.
If the missile speed got back to the normal speed it would give Riven enough to actually win lane since most matchups are lose situations, you can mention every toplaner and she will lose that matchup. The jungler just need to gank ones and Riven is out of the game.
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