Atlas (EUNE)
: You want me to give you a name that reflects your sexuality, how can it not be anything but offensive?
a name can reflect your sexuality without using homophobic slurs or anything of the like. it is perfectly possible for summoner names to reflect on a sexuality without being offensive
Declined (EUNE)
: #More good news Everyone on the finalist list will receive something, the top 3 winners will still receive the announced rewards but the remaining 13 will receive an Emote. The original plan was for it to be a random Emote, but since we're taking in suggestions from the finalist we might as well let you decide as long as it is available in the shop. However you can also choose a random Emote and have a chance to receive an Emote not currently in the shop, the decision is up to you. Congratulations to all the finalists, and remember to tell us which Lunar Revel skin you'd like, and also which Emote or if you prefer a random one instead. Once we know what you want, we'll be able to send out the rewards as soon as we know who the winners are going to be. *** #2nd round entries It seems a lot of people are interested in finding out who the 49 entries who made through the first round are, while I could do that, I'm concerned it might have a negative impact on the 123 who didn't make it, or the remaining 33 who didn't progress beyond the final round. It was incredibly difficult for us to run the 2nd elimination round when all entries were of a consistently high quality. The first elimination round we used were focused on the main criteria for the event: theme[partnership], creativity and grammar. A single entry was disqualified for exceeding the word limit. I personally don't feel comfortable singling out entries who didn't make it, it was pretty obvious how much work was put into this from the vast majority of contestants, so if you could come with some arguments to why it would be a good idea, I would really appreciate it.
Personally I think it'd be a good idea to show a list of who made it through the first selection round. I understand that it might be a bit demotivating to see you didn't make it through the first selection round. Right now those who didn't make it through are kind of left in the dark as to how their creations did. I am going to make the assumption that I am amongst others who tried this for the first time, and all I can really say is that I would feel blessed to receive any form of feedback as it'd help me to grow to be a better writer in the future.
: A suggestion for those who're discouraged by not making the final 16: don't take Riot's writing/forum staff as the ultimate authority on creative writing, grammar, or fantasy fiction. I gather it was a subjective judgement based on fairly narrow criteria in the context of a single fantasy universe (and in fairly stressful circumstances for the amount of content they had to review); not being top 16 doesn't mean your writing is poor, nor are they necessarily the best source of constructive criticism. Case in point: some official League lore isn't particularly well written - or in any case could be improved upon - and the writers' use of English isn't always perfect (there are multiple errors in this announcement post!). _This is in no way intended as a flame towards the staff._ Fanfic competitions are a great idea and take a lot of thankless effort to organise, especially with so many entries and in such a short time period. Just don't feel like Tolkien or R. E. Howard has personally trashed your work if you didn't win. Hell, if any of you want some advice from a random internet person I'd be happy to comment on your entries.
I, too, would really appreciate any feedback given to me. I found out about this contest thanks to my friends and this was really the first thing i tried to something creative. Any form of feedback would be very welcomed, as I aspire to do more of this and would like to improve - because there always is room for improvement. [Thresh and Lucian (The Corrupted)](
: > [{quoted}](name=Kuzeyli Birisi,realm=EUW,application-id=IRLJz88n,discussion-id=l3Uyd003,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-02-20T16:57:27.604+0000) > > Does Darkins and weapons count? Or can we use 2 different, but linked characters like Draven and Darius? I think the darkins and the weapons count as 1 cuz they ARE the weapons i guess...
The Darkin themselves are the weapons. The hosts are normal people who found the weapons
beachbugy (EUW)
: Someone has been down-voting everyone posts.... it seems {{sticker:sg-janna}}
I've noticed that too. This is your average EUW toxicity (sadly)
Nihilego (EUW)
: I liked the part where Thresh missed his hook but the janky hitbox connected it anyway xD
It was actually intended as a reference to all popular Thresh Highlights where the Thresh player predicts the dodging patterns and connects the hook while aiming it where his target is not yet, but you could interpret it like that too :P
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zorock (EUNE)
: ahmm.. would it work?
you will have to find out if it works for you. for some people it helps, for others it doesn't help at all. and make sure the music in the background is either a genre you really like or that helps you relax. for example: i like playing with music in the background. if i'm in a good mood before i start playing i'll probably be having some Glitch Hop/DnB/Hard Dance as background music because that's just what i like most and this would help me maintaining my good mood. if i'm not really in a good mood (maybe a bit tilted) my background music is most likely going to be House/Melodic House, basically any calm genre that would help me focussing on playing better and not completely losing my mind. all that i can do is recommend you to try out with different genres and see if it works and what works best for you
NewbieRrr (EUNE)
: Why the **** they care about higher elo when most players are low elo? >.> useless rito
because a lot of these higher elo players are streamers with a lot of viewers. what would your idea about the game be if you realise that some people have to wait for over an hour to play a 30 to 45 minute game time on time again?
Lizardh (EUW)
: You already can rent a skin for 7 days
you can rent a skin for 7 days if you get that skins shard from hextech crafting. this person is talking about renting a skin you consider buying for 7 days with 6300 IP. this would be a good idea IMO because you won't need insane luck to be able to rent the skin you want to rent
: Project skins
it was a special premium thing called project first strike. during the two first weeks after project skin launch (all except yasuo, which was already out) you would get this special loading screen splash art with the frame if you bought the skin!extras
: Why noone uses teambuiler?
there's actually a good amount of people playing team builder. the problem you are having here is that you are only lvl 25 and the system tries to put you in a team of people with an average of lvl 25 (let's say 25 to 27 here). there are very little players of those levels playing teambuilder. if you would like to play it i highly recommend you to get lvl 30 first, but it also helps to play together with lvl 30 friends (the system gets more flexible if you do)
Delàs (EUW)
: TF
no he didn't get a buff, he's been strong for quite some time, but thunderlords decree makes him even stronger
RageFuel (EUW)
: "Random" Skin Option
just pick a different skin. when playing with friends i even ask them which skin they prefer me to play with (in order to have nice skin sync)
: Dumbest thing you've done recently on league ?
try to 1v1 a fed {{champion:91}} as full AD {{champion:59}} while i was behind didn't work out as espected :/
: Goddamnit, that's cool! Thanks man!
no problem we're here on boards to help each other out anyways, right?
: Hi It's a bit of a tough nut to crack, and thus quite difficult on how to explain but i'll give it a shot. _Note: I do not claim this to be the truth nor do I claim how to exactly know how it works, this is a fair estimation based on multiple seasons of playing_ The points in your league are all based off of a system called MMR which stands for Match Making Rating. I'm rather sure this is still connected or highly similar to the ELO system. (Which was originally made for chess) So the point/league or whatever you want to call it, for convenience sake i'll just call it point system, is based on this MMR system. You gain MMR for every win, and lose MMR for every loss. MMR is calculated by your wins/losses and whether you lose / win against someone you should win / lose against. The point system is simply and nothing more than an _overlay_, which if correct, should about represent your current MMR. Some sites such as OP.GG show your MMR and tell you whether they correspond with your current ELO, this is calculated through a mathematical formula. At any rate: enough of the general information The elo system works like this: If you win games you gain ELO and if you lose games you lose ELO. The gain and loss of ELO is based off of multiple things: 1) "Stability" of your ELO. If you've played 500 games then you'll lose- and win less ELO because your ELO has become stable. The formula and the "system" agree on that you belong in said ELO, thus will change it less quickly if you end up having a win streak --> Since a 10 win streak might be only 1% of your total wins, it's not very impressive. But say you start off with your placements it lets you bounce up and down a lot. This is where you can get i.e. 100 elo a game win or lost, since the system doesn't know where to place you. Thus --> Less games played --> less stable MMR --> You should gain and lose a lot. 2) Your opponents. If you're ranked 1500 and your opponent is ranked 1200 you should win, because this should be a high silver playing against a high bronze. If you were to lose this game you'd lose a lot of ELO, because the game thinks that you've been a bad player this game, since you shouldn't have lost against someone who is low elo. The opposite of course also holds true. If you are ranked 1500 and you play against someone who's 1800, you lose very little (because the game expects you to lose) and win a lot if you were to win. ^ These are obviously extreme examples, but they hold true nonetheless. If your team, together, so everything added up and then divided by 5 is 1500, and the enemy is 1550 you'll lose a little and win a lot. This can be because you have a smurf in your team with high MMR but low elo et cetera, reasons don't really matter. >( Other things to note: 1) You gain MMR when you duo, and no, this is not benificial. You gain about 50 MMR (from experience) thus play against better players or another duo 2) You gain MMR when you're in promo's, and thus tend to lose your promo's more. I have found that I play against people a division~ higher when I'm in promo's, so the division i'd get when I were to rank up. ) 3) Your mmr is all that matters. If it were 1800 and you're playing in silver, which doesn't correspond, you'll gain a lot of LP (think about 30-40) lose very little (1-10) and skip promo's alltogether. This happens a lot in Ranked Team's due to the extreme winrates that are achieveable here. (Think about what I said before about stable MMR, unstable because you can go like 40-10 W/L in Team Ranked, but not in Soloq) 4) How can your MMR be higher than your Division / League? If you get win streaks it'll try to keep up but your mmr will skyrocket, especially when you're in promo's. There you get wins, but not LP, so your MMR skyrockets while your LP remains the same. This is one of the examples where the defecits start existing If you have any questions feel free to ask! I think I about covered it but I'm glad to reply to any questions! -Cen EDIT: I use MMR and ELO, because in my eyes they are the same. Note that in Season 1 and Season 2 ELO was used where people would actually be rated "Rating:1650" instead of "Gold" et cetera!
that about sums it up, but i would like to add two little things to what you said. 1) when you duo Q the MMR gain and loss is adapted: you gain less and lose more, as the system sees you and your duo Q partner having an advantage over the other team (premade = better communication, especially in low ELO) 2) you don't necesarrily gain MMR when in your promotionals. the reason you get matched with and against players of a higher ELO is because the system has to verify you are good enough to fit in that ELO
Omar47 (EUNE)
: windows 10 and league of legends
i have windows 10 as well, no problems here reinstalling is probably the best option
: So for an AP Carry; Thunderlords or Deathfire Touch? For my AP supports who are Sona and Karma I use Windspeakers Blessing.
thunderlords most of the time deathfire touch is only better if you have a form of damage over time (poison like teemo/cass, brand passive,lyandries,...)
: For those who are unaware about connection principles such as myself, is desyncing something that could be improved? (I should add, I have a very good connection most of the time, it was just on this occasion I was experiencing some lagspikes). I have had poor connection before and never had a desync of the countdown during champion select, so I basically got punished for nothing. Maybe show a ping bar on the champ select screen as there is one in game since a lot of issues regarding glitches and faults due to poor connection are in champion select. Maybe then a summoner can see whether or not its a problem by riot or by themselves.
Well the client alreay automatically pops up when it's your turn to pick so you know it's your turn to pick. To prevent getting punished for not picking i advice you to already pick a champ in the very beginning of you pick phase and then see what your team picks. You can still pick something else if needed (if the guy that has pick before you wants the role u just picked). And if there's only 10 seconds left you should just pick a champ imo; you shouldn't let someone who isn't picking you punish you
: Action Replay
> [{quoted}](name=redhawk99,realm=EUW,application-id=ln3nNJrX,discussion-id=VRF0Qmmp,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-01-08T14:37:19.386+0000) > > I think that exists... not inside of the Game but there is a way you can do it, since Nightblue does it all the time. yeah it exists. it's called Replay Hud, a feature of the Overwolf app and works for other games as well. if you want to have it you need to install Overwolf and then search for "Replay Hud" in the Overwolf App Store
: An interesting change suggestion to Rek'Sai to fit more thematically
first of all, i'd like to mention that rek'sai was not only designed to be a good ganking jungler (or let's say a hunter), but also to be a very good counterjungler. the permanent bonus movement speed on your burrow is so that you can go into the enemy jungle, steal some mobs, and then get out as fast as you can. secondly, her Q doesn't slow the enemy except if you built rylai's for some reason (AP rek'sai). as far as the "rooted" part goes, as far as i'm concerned prey seeker has such a small cast time (about .25 seconds) that it won't make that much of a difference. the way it was designed is also in the counterjungler theme: you can use it to check if a camp has already been taken, and if it hasn't been taken the damage will aggro the camp and the mobs of this camp will already start moving towards you, thus making your escape easier as you are not as far into the enemy jungle. moreover, rek'sai has a relatively low base movement speed, so removing the burrowed bonus movement speed would hurt her a lot because of how she works. i really like the kit rek'sai has right now and i don't think there has to be any change, she fits perfectly in her theme in my opinion
: How the hell can a program judge players? That doesn't even make sense seriously..
it filters out offensive words/phrases. it used to be tribunal that judged (other players, seeing the whole game chat) but that is down right now. heard tribunal is being changed and will be up at some point but don't know how long that will take
Mementor (EUNE)
: Ezreal
so you are telling you are not happy with a 1150-range sheen proc, which also benefits from lifesteal, and can be on .975 seconds cooldown if you don't miss?
: Theory for the teasers that we're watching, Jhin ?
i have a little different idea about jhin's links to those champions jinns grant wishes but while they do they also give it a twist. if you look at these champions, they all want something but they have to pay for it: {{champion:238}} wanted to be a great ninja but he got corrupted by shadows {{champion:254}} wants to keep order in piltover, but also wants to smash things {{champion:86}} wants a worthy rival (which is {{champion:55}} ), but at the same time he is in love with his rival {{champion:37}} wants a way to communicate (which is her instrument, etwahl), but at the same time her music is able to destroy things
GamesNStuf (EUNE)
: Your favorite lane and your favorite champion.
{{champion:412}} {{summoner:3}} {{summoner:14}} or {{champion:223}} or {{champion:89}} because flash is too mainstream
: Hey man, Can you show me what the full path is? (Now it just says "C:\Gebruikers\eig...") Sincerely, King Hunter.
well i removed the files as i realised it were PBE sound files (saw it because of the date it got added, was easy to remove by sorting on date added) but thanks for trying to help anyways
Dylân (EUW)
: Tried that already can't find a comfortable sensitivity no more. :(
then i don't know how to solve it... i'm sorry hope it gets solved soon
Jawbacca (EUNE)
: Leaver Buster improvment
first of all, make sure everyone has the time to stay long enough for a game if you have lower priority queue. also, if you have leaberbuster you probably have left several games. i highly recommend you to just play solo bot games on dominion to get rid of your low priority queue. these games take between 6 and 10 minutes so it is really easy to lose your lower priority queue if you have about 20 games to play without leaving. but most of all, i recommend you to not play when you aren't sure about the quality of your connection so you can prevent getting lower priority queue because of disconnect you can't help (used to happen to me several times)
Kauski (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=D4RKEVA,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=eBXu8hUP,comment-id=000400000000,timestamp=2016-01-04T22:41:20.145+0000) > > And ? Diamond =/= perfect > > heck even masters dont know everything about the game... > > And unless you fully understand the game which u dont btw(me neither) > you shouldnt come up with a comment like that to a good reply to your short qqing ... > > > Yes rengar is awful and probably needs a rework but that is because his counterplay is teamwork.... You mean counterplay for adc is to pray that he dont crit on his R right click? if he crits ur insta dead with minimal amount of counterplay lets say a situation you luckily survive because he didnt crit, you are down to 20% hp on adc + dash burned, you cant get lifesteal until very lategame due to forced build paths or ur 0 dmg, you have to go to base to heal, you were not able to attend teamfight.
counterplay to rengar for ADC is: 1) hope you have a good support (champ & player) that can deny rengar. for example {{champion:412}} flay and {{champion:223}} devour are quite good counters. {{champion:117}} wild growth on you combined with polymorph is a good idea as well, as are a well-timed {{champion:267}} bubble, {{champion:12}} pulverize or headbutt. 2) buy {{item:3026}} or maybe even {{item:3157}} (only if you have something that scales with AP and rengar is becoming an insane problem) and hope your team is smart enough to take down rengar while you are reviving/in stasis 3) play draft mode and ban rengar
: According to the chain of events, everything that ends with these teasers trigger something else to begin. You can be right though.
well if i'm correct ekko, illaoi, rek'sai,... got announced about a week after their teasers. now don't say illaoi had a teaser, she had a special one... a very special one (you would know a lot of her lore pre-release if you read the harrowing stories)
: "Jhin: The Deadeye" is to be released in a few hours?
he didn't say "something would happen" at midnight tonight. all he said was when the teasers were gonna come online and go offline. what is going to happen at midnight tonight is that the vi champion page will be reset to normal it might be usefull to learn how to interpret stuff said by someone correctly (not meant offensively)
Dylân (EUW)
: Mouse sensitivity feels "Off" or unusual
have you already tried to change your mouse sensitivity on your computer? settings -> devices -> mouse if this doesn't work, go into a custom game and try to combine changes on all the different settings untill you find something you are comfortable with
: Oh wait no. We're both wrong. He's probably talking about the ! that you get when rengar is nearby. But there most definitely is a gamebreaking bug where Rengars ulti doesn't make any sound effect for the enemy team while he's invisible.
as far as i know rengars ult isn't supposed to make any sound effect for the enemy team, except what he says right before he enters stealth
Durfain (EUW)
: Can we disable Rengar? I found a gamebreaking bug
because you don't fully seem to understand rengar, i'll give you some details: standard leap range: 600 6 or more trophies leap range: 725 range with rapid firecannon{{item:3094}} :750 (less than 6 trophies) or 875 (6 or more trophies) rengar ult warning radius: 1250 distance to travel for rengar to reach you while warned: at least 375 units rengar base movement speed: 345 rengar ult bonus movement speed: 15% (30% if 20 trophies) youmuu's {{item:3142}} active bonus movement speed: 20% rapid firecannon bonus movement speed: 8% boots movement speed (assuming he takes ionian boots of lucidity with alacrity enchantment): 25 (tier 1), 45 (tier 2), 65 (tier 3) wanderer mastery movement speed bonus: 3% trinity force movement speed bonus: 5% let's state he doesn't have his 20 trophies yet but he does have his youmuu's ghostblade and his trinity force for the real oneshots. this would mean he gains 15% movement speed from his ult. stating that he has his tier 3 boots he will have a standard movement speed of 345 + 65 = 410. his ult, youmuu's and rapid firecannon are all additive movement speed bonuses, which would leave him at a movement speed of 410*(1+0.15+0.20+0.08+0.03+0.05)=410*1.51= 619 when his youmuu's is activated. this would mean you get a .6 second warning for his ult if he does have his 20 trophies his movement speed will be 410*1.66=680.5. this would mean you have a .55 second warning for his ult. incalculating the human reacion speed of at least 200 milliseconds (.2 seconds), you would have about .35 to .4 seconds to react. this is of course while he doesn't have any other movement speed bonuses. i know this may sound offensive, but even for high level players it might be difficult to notice and react to this little exclamation mark above their heads in such little time.
: Demote cuz of 4 afk
Sometimes this kind of stuff happens. There's not much you can do about it and raging/complaining won't help you out (sadly). The best you can do when a game is leaning to the bad side is to talk positive and encourage your team. Hope that you can motivate them to give it their best and win the game. Try to not say negative stuff in chat. Just keep on trying, if you deserved the gold 3 you'll get back there soon. After a game, no matter if you lost or won, evaluate what you did wrong and work on those mistakes to improve. It might seem stupid but it really helps out a lot. I wish you the best of luck getting there again!
Shawkins (EUNE)
i like the idea about the training option. the champion select i don't really like that much because we already have a new champion select that is being made, and sounds way better (no offense) than what you proposed. about the "mission": it is a decent idea, but we already have the first win of the day bonus for an adittional 150 IP. if they Riot would add missions, i would like those to be role-specific missions (for example: support -> get 20 assists in 1 game, tank -> take 50.000 damage from champs in one game while having at most 10 deaths,...). This way there would still be something very unique about the missions, which is a nice addition. And lasst but not least on the matchup system: League of Legends actually has an active matchup balancing system. This is based on "hidden MMR" (MatchMaking Ratio). For Ranked gameplay it is possible to find this MMR on [](, for normal games you cannot find this. This hidden MMR is based on the amount of games, and wins you had, and on whether those wins were solo queue-up, or team queue-up (and how many queued up together). When you queue up as a team, the hidden MMR chosen for all of you is about the average of the MMR of all players queueing up together. You will, in championselect, get matched with and against players with an MMR in about the same levels. You should also note that when queueing up as a team, you are very likely to play against a premade of the same amount (or 1 more or less) of players as your premade.
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Ro2Be (EUW)
GripaAviara (EUNE)
: Well it isn't impossible, just damn hard and well totally based on luck: the opposition to be stupid or picks to be wrong
well... our team was kassadin + tristana + rek'sai + leona (jax afk) ;-)
teinekin (EUW)
: Why do we have to lose LP if someone has left the game?
4v5 is not impossible to win, you just need to want to win, with the whole team, and communicate very well trust me, it works and when you get the victory screen it's very satisfying
you cannot blame it on the server if only your game has that problem, you should go check your router and stuff at home
: thanks for letting me know ;)
Eshu (EUNE)
: Exactly - my example was based on Lissandra max mana regen on 18. On a - lets say- Swain the item would be worse as his max mana regen is 20 (so he would need 500 mana missing to make athene's effective) - but then again Swain wouldnt really build it or with a ROA making it more effective... more paths to get away with it. Also Athenes refunds mana on kills or assists giving you enough fuel in teamfights - more demand more return - while the morello is a fixed mana regen. I do not say it is a bad item - but in terms of manaregen it is likely to be better on many champions. So the only part what I refuse is the OP's assumption that it is a "trap"... Just because it cannot be built on everyone just offered as a choice doesn1t mean it is a trap... just as you don't call archangel's a trap because it didn't work on katarina.
i actually came to this thread just to see the OP's stupid reasoning ;-)
Eshu (EUNE)
: Well probably it is an item designed for mages and not ad carries. On a mage being 250 below max mana is not an uncommon situation. and from then on athene's provide more.
still depends on your base mana regen, if you have for example 5 base mana regen with a mana pool of 500, morello will give you 10 mana regen per 5 and athene's will give you 7.5 per 5, which means it will be more effective on mana regen if 2% of your missing mana is more than 2.5 (when you are missing more than 125 mana)
: I don't act. I literally was in the middle of a mental breakdown when suddenly that rubics cube post appeared on 9gag to cheer me up. My life is almost nothing but a product of happenstances. By the way great username!
ty for the username compliment and sorry for the comment, i'm kind of pissed because i had a rough day :3
: EMM WHAT ? :D what runes ? masteries ?
you can see it in the match history
Jabarian (EUNE)
: Jungle items
to be honest, you don't really need to get the full jungle items: if you have the improved smite you gain +30 gold from each jungle camp (scuttle crab as well), and if you say you don't get gold from jungling there is something wrong: you probably suck at farming the jungle and your ganks are not very effective - a good gank results in 1 or 2 kills for your team, giving you between 150 and 600 gold (1 assist or 2 kills) - taking the scuttle crab gives you 65 (machete) or 80 gold (improved smite) - any other jungle camp of lvl 1 gives you at least 77 gold (gromp, machete) and at most 106 (buff camp with improved smite), and these values increase over the course of the game really, you should take a look at your jungling, as i often have gold enough to get a pink ward and 2 green wards in addition to my items and pots, giving me the ability to ward for my lanes as well
: So i guess no one?
i use it, but not very often as i prefer using skype (mostly play with friends)
: **Any** 3rd party application that interferes with the game between the moment you click on the queue button until you leave the game is illegal. people can get banned for using curse voice and riot said it several times already. unless riot has changed their opinion about it very recently (which I'm not aware of), using curse voice will get you banned.
riot has changed their opinion about it, but it was like 3 or 4 months ago the big problem with CV was that you could see cooldowns and timers you were not supposed to see (teammate ults, dragon and baron), right now it is just a voice chat with an overlay on the ingame client that gives you the chance to reduce/increase the volume of every participant in the chat session moreover, most high ELO streamers use it (boxbox, ryanchoi, bjergsen,...) and they have not been banned yet -> your argument is invalid
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