: You seem so nice but at the same time I'm shy too :c I'd like to have a duo for ranked games which I know I can trust, am silver III too but got to Gold 4 recently. We could help each other to climb :) I try to always keep my deaths low and almost never use the chat so that I don't flame.
> [{quoted}](name=Sergioshi1,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=KvHVkJVt,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2019-01-27T23:45:00.294+0000) > > You seem so nice but at the same time I'm shy too :c I'd like to have a duo for ranked games which I know I can trust, am silver III too but got to Gold 4 recently. We could help each other to climb :) I try to always keep my deaths low and almost never use the chat so that I don't flame. I would love that, I will send you a request. We can be shy together :D
Hansiman (EUW)
: The volunteers have set up a Boards Discord you can join. Instructions on how to join, and get verified, can be found [here](https://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/team-recruitment-en/nEUNsA1b-eu-boards-discord).
> [{quoted}](name=Hansiman,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=KvHVkJVt,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-01-27T22:49:27.003+0000) > > The volunteers have set up a Boards Discord you can join. Instructions on how to join, and get verified, can be found [here](https://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/team-recruitment-en/nEUNsA1b-eu-boards-discord). Many thanks. I have just joined and verified :)
: I will if I can be your second boyfriend
> [{quoted}](name=SOLIDxREBORNE,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=KvHVkJVt,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-01-27T22:45:59.680+0000) > > I will if I can be your second boyfriend Haha, sorry. I don't think my boyfriend would appreciate that.
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Cryptidian (EUNE)
: Which champion makes you feel happy when you play it no matter if you win or lose? ^.^
{{champion:497}} {{champion:16}} {{champion:518}} They are just fun and delightful,
Warix3 (EUW)
: Your Shop is not working
Me too. I am going to wait for a bit and write to Riot if it doesn't change.
Marces T (EUW)
: WTF?
I guess some people thinks it seems a bit forced? I don't know, personally I don't care about champion's sexuality. It doesn't change the gameplay at all and honestly in a game with all sorts of weird creatures (Dragons, giant frogs, whatever the hell Kog'Maw is and so on), why is the lesbian shapeshifter the one people get angry about? Neeko is beautiful and interesting character, her sexuality shouldn't be the main focus {{sticker:sg-jinx}}
NeviExil (EUW)
I have all five skins too - I primary play Sona or Kai'Sa.
: Are the abilities of the new "champions" going to be leaked today??
I'm really excited too. I think it's going to be so cool. I want to know more :D
: Come get carried
Well, interesting introduction. I'm unranked, so that's the only one I don't fulfill. I'm a support main :D ... So yeah, you probably don't want me, good luck {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: Opinion poll on which role you find more preferable to play
I feel like that myself: Support > Mid > ADC > Jungle > Top :3
: lets post reasons why all chat exists in league of legends.
"Good luck, have fun" and "Good game" is nice things to tell enemy team... I do it every game. But I think /all chat is mostly used by salty flamers :/
arialo2002 (EUNE)
: 90% players of LoL
I don't think that is how it is. I try to be as nice and positive against other people, even when things are going bad.
SgSilva (EUW)
: WHAT THE ****
That sounds so weird... Kinda funny, but also pretty annoying.
: So dominion is getting removed, Even from custom ques, WHY REMOVE HIDE AND SEEK ? ;'(
When so few people play it, it is too "expensive" to keep having servers for.
: Unfortunately Copyright is in the way :(
: Rune sale plz :D
I think it would be nice to have discounts on runes from time to time. Maybe not every week or month, but it would at least nice once or twice a year.
My Syndra (EUNE)
: RP close
Maybe Riot have had a busy weekend, some times they get a lot of tickets and I takes time to process them all. I'm sure that they will get to you soon. Get ready to make them something, because they often ask about that - I made Morgana to them xD
Deadringer (EUNE)
: When will Lunar Mystery Gifting be available ?
I don't know anything about it either. Was it there last year? I don't even remember.
: Champion banning in a full premade
It's annoying that it throw everybody out. I think banning is an important part of the game, but getting throwed out is too much. Teams can survive without ban, but I can't see why you won't ban.
: Is it just me?
I don't think so. I have played with other people, who chose fill. But I like playing support, so that properly why I don't see it the same way.
lidgar (EUNE)
: Graves auto attacks
It properly should, it's a different kind of autoattack, but still an autoattack like everybody else's.
Saksow (EUW)
: Impossible to login
Sounds like a weird problem, I logged in easily just a few minutes ago. I live in Denmark, so maybe it's a local problem.
: What will be the price of Jhin's release champion+skin bundle?
It depends on how expensive the skin is, I don't really know. Kindred's skin was 1350 and the bundle costed around that, so maybe it's the same with Jhin.
Dixi Pixi (EUW)
: So i finally got japaneese on my Eu West client and....
I don't think so, but it could be fun, if you could.
Meladd (EUNE)
: I waited 24 hours still no response
They are often a bit slow to respond, but I'm sure they will do it, before it's too late. I have done it before too and I only had two days left, but I still made it and have my Arcade Fortune :3
ion cloud (EUNE)
: i don't think it will be huge changes, it probs will be something like the ads update were they change 1 or 2 ability and not something like a poppy or sion rework.
I know, but still.
prof1cy (EUW)
: Today in the preseason update, they announced a rework for all immobile mages, probably coming mid 2016, similar to what they did with Marksmen. Guess that includes Fiddle, Annie, Brand, Veigar, Malzahar, Morgana?
No... Not Morgana D:
Bombardox (EUW)
: Garen , Vi , Sona , Zed got animated portraits but why ?
They look so pretty. But I think they are in hibernation or something like that.
: Which champion did you have the most fun with in 2015?
I don't know. Properly Kindred, it's a really funny champion {{champion:203}}
Phyrz (EUW)
: Merry Christmas! Ho ho ho ho ho..
Merry Christmas! :3 Sounds like awesome gifts! I got a Neonred Razer Kraken Pro and Razer Naga Mouse, but also some books, a giftcard, nail polish and a bracelet. So it was pretty cool! <3
TriPhoenix (EUNE)
: Merry Christmas
Merry Christmas! :3
: Merry Christmas everybody!
I celebrated Christmas yesterday, but Merry Christmas! :3
Cosantoir (EUW)
: Happy Christmas everyone
: riot so "coool"
Well, when you flame then of course you get banned.
Lsayu (EUNE)
: I don't think so. It says disabled after all, so it's temporary.
But he's completely gone from the shop too. Properly a part of the event, but still pretty weird :)
: Champions you own, but don't play
{{champion:92}} -Was the first champion I bought. I loved to play her and planned to main her. I really not care about her anymore and only play, when I have no reroll In aram +I don't know how to play top very well. {{champion:9}} He isn't that strong anymore and I don't like him jungle
Rendi (EUW)
: ***
: i still dont understand why everyone is indiscriminitely allowed to have kids.
Nope. Because people have different ways of parenting - of course, some kind of parenting aren't the best. Like anti-vaccine. But still. And what if someone got pregnant, would you just force them to abort the baby? And enforcing the rules would never be possible.
Tarkamacska (EUNE)
: Actual on-release Tahm Kench QQ
I have only played against him one time. I found him annoying as hell. Every time the ADC got low on health, he ate them and ran away. Also his gray health and health scaling can make him hard to play against. I don't think that he's bad. But I have only been against him one time, so I don't know much.
: If Riot removed the delay from Event Horizon, I'd actually play Veigar again.
Erazem321 (EUW)
: f%+k u riot
It properly not helping your case, when you say "Fuck Riot"...
LiftLift (EUNE)
: Bringing smite on mid is like giving up one summoner spell. You have to play even more def in hard lanes and u give them a handicap in easy lanes so really wouldn't recommend it. But it's good when ure ahead
Yeah, I know. But I still kinda want to try playing it.
: How much time have you spent on League?
264 hours, it says. Well, it's one of the only "multiplayer" I like, so it's fine I guess.
Too Tanky (EUNE)
: Most Fun Junglers ^_^
Haha. I still prefer Karma mid, but my boyfriend sometimes jungle with Morgana (It's the only way he can play her). :)
Mido Ash (EUNE)
: Chat & Ranked Bans.
If you are toxic, you get banned.
: It happened again..this community is slowly decaying
People can be really rude about other peoples pick, if it's not the meta or it's seen as a troll pick. It's so silly and stupid. But also it shouldn't result in a ban after just one game, and chat restriction depends your behaviour. So you must have been toxic in same way at least. And you can just add me, if you want play. I honestly don't care what you pick as long you do something with it. - Just be nice and play, then it's all good.
: EUW players when they lose.
I have never encountered that problem. I don't think all players are like that. And the report system is important, so we can get toxic players banned. I don't think it should get disabled, because not all players abuse it and the ones, who abuse it, their report "value" goes down most of the time. I never been reported by enemy team in a ranked, just because we won (I have only tried six ranked, all won, so not that much, but still). And "EUW players" is properly not correct either, because I think every server have their fair share of flamers, trolls and other toxic players too.
: i can't belive
Never leave. You still have a chance to win and what you define as a trollpick, can actually be pretty legit.
: I don't really think you need that item at all, I have tried Diana recently with a new build which is bringing Smite on mid, and believe me I have experienced a new statisfaction. You'll like the true damage too ;)
Sounds nice. I will try that out.
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