: {{champion:86}} says no as well.
Oh my bad then, I thought it would trigger CotC
Fat Loli (EUNE)
: Cool build, but I would replace Collosus with for example Grasp as your E and W would let it proc constantly. It isn't really worth when your only hard CC is long CD ult. Can you tell me your usual build?
His silence also triggers CotC but any other keystone is worth much more.
Applekami (EUW)
: Should I buy a skateboard or not?
I suggest you get a longboard instead. It's much better for traveling. Here in the Netherlands I top 20km/h and I can board around 10km if I want. I've used this quite a few times to go groceries shopping or something alike. Try to go with an easy board and eventually you can buy a better one where you can do small tricks on. Hope this helped you. Have a nice day, LetMePullYou
HotDogg 24 (EUNE)
: riot nerf ryze e spell?
Heimerdinger is pretty weak atm mainly due to item and meta changes. LeBlanc is a bit too strong Kata & Yasuo are fine. Zed shouldn't get nerfed but Lethality.
Duchy (EUW)
: Can reports get deleted? If i never say any worth in chat or never flame people again?
Just mute the chat and play on. I suggest you learn from your mistakes and if you dont, then you should face the consequences.
: Why are lower elo players so toxic?
I want to improve and play Ranked but the toxicity is so high there. You get flamed even if you didn't do anything wrong.
Sherrinka (EUNE)
: How to never complain about Autofill ever again in 1 easy step
I just came out of a Ranked game as Soraka, had so much fun... Mid fed and we had no CC. Yay I had much fun dieing every second.
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Lotec 3 (EUW)
: Silver Leona Coaching + I need more Gameplays (free coaching)
Applekami (EUW)
: What's "fun" about league?
Fooling around with friends. Winning your lane due to skill (Not because the enemy is just bad) Making an awesome play / save (Yay Supports) Having nice conversations.
Phridolin (EUW)
: thought so too tbh. {{champion:74}} is funny and annoying but meh.(imo) {{champion:55}} is just OP. nothing special overall. whats with {{champion:103}} ? very steady in nearly all metas.
Competly agreed. Heimerdinger is a bit meh, I dont like to play him too. Katarina is very strong if you're good with her. Ahri is a steady option if you can hit your skillshots and she has a nice learning curve.
: Akali/Heimerdinger/Katarina
I like Akali and it fits your champions. Try to watch some guides from Youtubers like Professor Akali. Have a nice day.
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Ill (EUW)
: LF support for duo queue
I'm sure we can have a few games together. I'm always in for a chat and sometimes a game (if my friends aren't online). Feel free to add me and ask any question. Have a nice day, LetMePullYou
kiwishrew (EUW)
: Why do people like URF/ARURF?
Idk its fun to mess around with a friend. The games in which the enemies have extremly strong champions arent fun tho. Last game I had a LOT of fun oneshotting people with just my ult as Sona.
ImCrazyVex (EUNE)
: Builds and keystones for Warwick jungle?
I'm no Warwick expert but I mostly use probuilds.com for my builds and masteries. Here you can find good builds and stuff from pro players.
Rioter Comments
Lotec 3 (EUW)
: you didnt add me pls add "Loris Guides YT"
Oh woops, I added Lotec 3. Btw we already spoke on your channel, I'm Superjoosie2.
Lotec 3 (EUW)
: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KojUwsvyPRs pls send me your mf gameplay sounds good
I just added you, I'm not sure how I can send a .rolf file to you. My last example of a good game would be the Zilean Support one. (The Tahm one is a bad example since we were kidding around and throwing).
: RP contest ^.^ Best nickname
I always call my friend: Braum is shield or I keep repeating the quote: "The Heart is the strongest muscle" Or very simple Mr Moustache Have a nice day, LetMePullYou
Lotec 3 (EUW)
: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KojUwsvyPRs pls send me your mf gameplay sounds good
I dont think I can retrieve the MF gameplay since it was 2 weeks ago. I do have the match history: http://matchhistory.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/EUW1/3050414314/218705776?tab=overview
Lotec 3 (EUW)
: free support coaching
I'll leave this here so i'll remember it and add you. I mostly play Blitzcrank, Leona or Zyra as Support. Lately I have been trying other roles since I can't carry as a Support. (Look up my last ranked game as MF Support, almost the most damage done) Have a nice day, LetMePullYou
Rioter Comments
: You seems to be super clever and very inteligent person, so i would like to ask you (according to the chat log) what negative behaviour made that account to be banned. Leave that 14 days of ban in past for a second. see the chat, rethink it, Imagine what the WHOLE BRILLIANT chat was about and get back to me, telling me "this and that" things what deserved to be permabanned.
Everything I dont see a single positive point in here no gj, no wp nothing. You're only complaining about your team. Mute the people and play on, I know it's frustrating but you had your chances and now you should accept the consequenses.
: Enough for Perma Ban
I love these posts, its good to see that the system is doing its job.
: Since when do you get perma banned instead of Chat restricted
Always good to see that the system is working
: did someone now why riot do nothing about the afks and feeders ?
: Ban for what ?
It doesn't matter if 1 person reported you or 9, they all get treated the same way. I am happy that Riot still does something about flamers so I suggest to rethink your actions. Ps: if you want us to believe your story post the chat logs.
: Academic survey on player motivation (~10 min.) + Lottery (win up to 8250 RP!)
Wexx666 (EUW)
: Why I can't kill minions
How long have you played this game? In the beginning I sucked at farming too and eventually you'll get better at it. Some champions are much harder to farm with for example: {{champion:34}} (Anivia). Just practice more games with a certain champion and you will get better at it. Dont waste time on bot games, just play normals.
VoidMastar (EUNE)
: hes not getting nerfed in 7.2 :D . but yeah hes %%%%%%ed. also only counterplay to brand is flash.
Really? Thats stupid but with Brand you can use minions to dodge his stun.
: Own champion sorting for champ select. (Idea for client.)
I would like item sets to come back too. It's so annoying to go to the 'all items' tab just because you want to buy a different non-recommended item.
: ye, well, what to do? this is how I got welcomed into this game, my first games, and the following, and the reason I only played dominion vs bots, they always flamed me, no matter what I picked, telling me how bad I am, and that I should afk, or sell my account, so that was quite fun, the community raises its own.
There are some nice people in the community but with your attitude you won't meet them. I've meet tons of nice players. Be nice and you'll meet nice people. Just because others do it doenst justify your actions. To put it in perspective: if everyone jumps off a bridge, do you follow? Even when you know theyre wrong.
VoidMastar (EUNE)
: {{champion:90}} :D
God he is so stupid, If he won't get nerfed next patch I will be so mad. I thought I would never say this but I prefer Brand over Malzahar. Atleast Brand has decent counterplay.
ThePikol (EUNE)
: We can start looking for new champ announcements soon :D
I hope I it will be a good one, I hope a support which changes the botlane meta.
: yeah, well im playing in eune, the home server of all the kids and toxic people, so yeah I honestly do bealive that there are alot more toxic people on this server than non toxic.
Youre part of the problem.
: I did good with him in the beginning, most of my games have been me carrying, with positive stats, and wrecking the enemies, I bealive im soon level 5 with yasuo soon, and only one game went total shit, yet I dont main him, because I dont see a reason as to why I would, he dont match the requirements, altho he is fun sometimes. anyways good luck, just telling u this, u will be the "noob yasuo feeder" for a very long time, u will not give up, which is sad, because ur teammates will lose more games because of you, than u will win :/
What is your problem? He just wants to learn a new champion and you keep demotivating him with: "you'll feed and play bad". nobody plays the champion perfectly in the first try. He only plays them in normal premade games. And WOW youre such a good player because you win with Yasuo and have no negative games. You must be challenger for sure.
Eveninn (EUW)
: Hmmm... I never really did learning from watching others, but that might just have been my mistake. :o Imma give it a shot for sure.<3
Good :) His videos are also quite entertaining (for me).
Eveninn (EUW)
: I'll be the best Yasuo! \o/
You should watch few videos of Yassuo/Moe he is a challenger Yasuo one-trick. Good luck on learning him!
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HunQ (EUW)
: Bachelor thesis survey; takes 3-5 mins and you can even win a 20€ RP card
Rioter Comments
: I hate how a game just becomes a death sentence the moment vayne reaches full build
I agree Vayne is terribly strong but with good coördination and good focusing you can beat her. {{item:3075}} also helps a lot. http://matchhistory.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/EUW1/3018232642/218705776
Rioter Comments
Giani A7X (EUNE)
: @Meddler Reasons to bring back Normal Draft
I dont get why they would remove normal draft. If they want less queues why not remove Blind Pick and keep Normal Draft. Blind pick only causes toxicity and with a bad connection you will likely be forced to Bot.
Gojiraw (EUW)
: Alistar's AD on ulti made a lot of sense. You were going in the middle of enemy team, combo, then keep on auto-attacking. With Blitzcrank works like an E "aid", so it will pull his combo faster. Attack speed helps with the animation speed on his E, so he will be able to E>ult faster than normal. It's not game-breaking, but it's something. It makes sense. It wouldn't make sense if you would get tenacity. You usually use your W to position yourself for using your abilities. If you are cc'ed in any way, you are pretty much done, with or without tenacity.
I agree with you on the first part but the Tenacity was just a suggestion to improve his W. The tenacity was also meant so that slows woulldn't stop him as easy. I am not sure if Attack Speed improves the animation speed.
True Sight (EUNE)
: No. His w attack speed is what makes him relevant after his q + e + r combo. In no way is it lackluster, and never should be removed. Unless a complete rework is done on him. Also his attack speed buff was implemented because Riot originally wanted to make him a top laner.
They intended him to be a toplaner but he's played as a Support. It is extremly lackluster, you're only able to do 2-3 auto attacks in the first 5 minutes of the game. After that timing you won't ever use the Attack Speed except when you're pushing turrets. The Tancity will make up the useless part of his ability after 5 minutes. His Q,R,E combo is fine and he is supposed to do just that, lets take Alistar for example. He uses Q+W and his passive and he is done with his combo. Blitzcrank isn't supposed to be a damage dealer but a iniator.
: What are your common mistakes/areas for improvement?
As a Support main (Blitzcrank) -Trying to save people in horrible situations. - Too much hooks which may lead to a death of a ally - Not knowing how to play from behind as Blitzcrank.
Rioter Comments
: Should i still play with them?
Normally I play with friends too, but always normals. Sometimes I invite one of them to play with me in Ranked. (if the other two arent online). Altough one of the friend sucks in League a lot I never invite him to ranked. Good to see another Dutchman here. Have a nice day, LetMePullYou
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